1 hour glam transformation *EXTREME CATFISH*

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Catfishing myself with an extreme glam makeup transformation for all da cute boyz. From potato to extra e-girl in 1 (read: 2) hour flat.
Leah's video that inspired mine:

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Kikifeisty - 44 minutter siden
ooohh love the wig
Julia Milhahn
Julia Milhahn - 2 timer siden
Wich Fundation do you use??????
treebles - 4 timer siden
i looooooooove baths! 🖤🛀
Tchorni-Michelle Quinnzel
Tchorni-Michelle Quinnzel - 8 timer siden
I love your attitude, perfect and inspiring 😊 I wish I could do make up like that!! 😊😊
Lavender Violet
Lavender Violet - 10 timer siden
Most annoying girl on the planet.
Izzy Trevino
Izzy Trevino - 13 timer siden
Get a Covid "antibody" test to see if you ever had Corona.
Arskak Ar
Arskak Ar - 17 timer siden
Ha ha ha love the dance she does without any makeup!!
Tina Perera
Tina Perera - 22 timer siden
I'm a stay at home mom so I wear full glam to the park or the store. You know, just to feel awesome and get some makeup therapy in.
I take baths also. Just when on my period and I'm cramping or when my husband says to cause I need alone time.
Tina Perera
Tina Perera - 22 timer siden
Guys: we want natural beauty!
Girl: takes makeup off
Guys: not like that!
:Girl with a no makeup makeup look walks by:
Guys: like that!!
Girls: but that takes a lot of makeup...
Guys: shutup
Karens do it too
Grace C
Grace C - 23 timer siden
Whitney Wonders
Whitney Wonders - Dag siden
Skitdora2010 - Dag siden
I purposely picked out my new home for the whirlpool tub. Showers don't relax the muscles like a hot bubble bath soak does, and I still like to use bubbles to sculpt myself a bigger pair of breasts and the corresponding bubble beard.
Hannah Bowman
Hannah Bowman - Dag siden
Really appreciate the music on this video!
richieboy09 - Dag siden
Well i thought you looked beautiful at the start! then when you done your makeup, omg! i could feel the drool dripping closer to the floor lol & then when you said she wanted to "Change your forehead & chin!" im like "WTF....... NO WAY" You look fantastic just how you are! & trust me, it's your bf thats having the result not you, im js lol & then @ 19:19 when i saw them pics of you! You are every beautiful woman a man could ever dream of! & i swear that!
I like watching ghost hunting vids & i just watched one that you done is how i found your channel...
& what i do is i say "On the Regs" instead of on the regular... lol So you say it like that & you can make it popular but never forget you got that from meeeeeeeee... good day 😀😊
Carina Snape
Carina Snape - Dag siden
I'd like to have a little chin... Mine doesn't look that big when I look neutral but when I smile though... Google "witch" to get an idea
Carina Snape
Carina Snape - Dag siden
Really nobody:
Her dogs: 👀👀👀👀😳😳😳
DIY Deanna the Crafty Magnolia
You're so damn cute!
Rosalie Stone
Rosalie Stone - 2 dager siden
Mykie or anyone else who knows! Whats "mykies favorite eyeliner" thats in a pot and doesnt smudge!!?? I saved it to buy but my daughter outed the tab and now I cant rewatch every episode to find the one she stated this in
jentancatalan 26
jentancatalan 26 - 2 dager siden
I love your video, you are so real! Xoxoxo
Tay Ciampa
Tay Ciampa - 2 dager siden
I relate so much. I too look like a potato without makeup , I'm so glad I found this chick. She owns it. And I really respect and appreciate her
Kaitlyn Mueller
Kaitlyn Mueller - 2 dager siden
Omg the part where she shows other pics of herself near the end...there is an actual potato on the bottom left 🤣 I'm new to her channel and i already love it!
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos - 2 dager siden
You look like Liv Morgan!!!
Glowesc - 2 dager siden
That forehead omg
M Gasser
M Gasser - 2 dager siden
Girl... it sounds like you had COVID. I hope you got tested❤️
Keira Mason
Keira Mason - 2 dager siden
I paused to see all of the different people MYKIE can be and when I saw the potato I died laughing😂😂
leilani lopez
leilani lopez - 2 dager siden
CreepItSurreal - 2 dager siden
You very OBVIOUSLY had covid-19 now in total retrospect.
babybean2019 - 2 dager siden
Her dogs are like , omg hoooman puts us doooown .
Sanoodle -
Sanoodle - - 3 dager siden
Where did she get that wig from? It’s gorgeous!
Sara Degnan
Sara Degnan - 3 dager siden
i know im late but shut up I HEAR CORPSE 🥵
Jaci Firmin
Jaci Firmin - 3 dager siden
Woah she had covid
Ra5h The Creatrix
Ra5h The Creatrix - 3 dager siden
can we just be friends?! ghad you are naturally funny, naturally you. this is great!
BZ - 3 dager siden
These lashes are amazing. Anyone know which ones they are or could be?
ishita gupta
ishita gupta - 3 dager siden
Those glasses give mykie a real Jeffrey Dahmer look
Frances Calderon
Frances Calderon - 4 dager siden
"It's rlly rlly cute"
No shit, sherlock🥺
You look so cute barefaced and in sweatpants like how-
micala newland
micala newland - 4 dager siden
I love how the eye shadow went from orange to like an entirely different color (shadowy glitter white?) and I don't know how that happened even though I watched this xD
Sarah Girard
Sarah Girard - 4 dager siden
This was great!!! Thanks
Mary White
Mary White - 4 dager siden
Sounds like you had covid-19 right before the epidemic hit hard. Probably test positive for the antibodies.
Holly Kramer
Holly Kramer - 4 dager siden
So this is my first time seeing one of your videos and I swear we could be best friends lol We are so similar in how we act and the things we say. You are officially one of my new favorite channels 💙💚🧡
Elizabeth Bentley
Elizabeth Bentley - 4 dager siden
I know this is a kinda old vid did you ever get the COVID-19 antibody test to see if that's what you did actually have?