Answering Your TOUGH Questions

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I told you to go for it, and oooh you did. Here are some answers to the many good questions you zombaes asked me. Let me know if you'd like a follow up to this at some point with more questions like this, or an elaboration on some of the stories mentioned in here.
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Glam&Gore - 2 år siden
PLEASE READ: I just want to remind people, because this seems to be a touchy subject enough that my words aren’t actually being listened to- at no point in time did I suggest medication to treat anxiety was the wrong choice, or unhelpful in general. I only said, and stressed, that it was the wrong choice for ME, and elaborated on why. I also said I wasn’t necessarily recommending the same alternative methods that worked for me if you’re in a similar situation. All I’m doing is telling my story of how I got through rock bottom, because that was the question. There’s a stigma against medication, yes, but there’s also a stigma against alternative forms of mental health treatment because they’re considered “useless” even when there’s a ton of science to back up the mental health benefits of meditation and CBT. CBT has been proven as effective as anti-depressants, but doctors don’t often offer this as an option or tell patients of its benefits before writing a prescription. Meditation has been proven time and time again to physically change the make up of the brain. It won’t be enough for everyone in the same way that medication won’t be enough for everyone, but rather than sling mud at the opposite side of what worked for you, we should be coming together to end the stigma of treating mental health, in general. We should be focused on letting people know there are MANY potentially helpful options. Do NOT spread false info about alternative treatments in the comments or they will be deleted because they’re harmful to people looking for options and before you keep going at me for not personally taking medication, watch what I said again and realize I never said anyone should stay away from medication other than myself.
Arianna Maxwell
Arianna Maxwell - 15 dager siden
That was very long but agreed
TheButterflyChaos - Måned siden
I don't think CBT or meditation is "alternative". It is recommended in quite a few cases. Also, if you combine the two it's a bit like DBT, which is used for mood regulation (like helping to deal with anxiety among other things in borderline personality disorder). CBT is GREAT for phobias, and would be recommended for that over medication. Sometimes you need both therapy, meditation and meds. Whatever works, works
Asia Palmer
Asia Palmer - 3 måneder siden
I had the same experience. Especially when doctors usually heavily medicate those with anxiety or depression. Pills sent me in a downward spiral and I felt so free when my mom agreed to take me off them
dustine crump
dustine crump - 4 måneder siden
i love pans laybrinth
Lilith Biskup
Lilith Biskup - 5 måneder siden
I cannot believe that what you said in your video didn't make that clear for some people. Mind blown. Sorry you have to be so careful with your words and overstate everything
Charlotte Bergstrom
Charlotte Bergstrom - 11 timer siden
petition to have her legally change her name to Mykie
Kasey Barrell
Kasey Barrell - 19 timer siden
Thank you, I appreciate you stating if you don’t like someone’s make up videos, you don’t watch them 👏🏼
Montana Cunningham
Montana Cunningham - 8 dager siden
What’s the second channels name
Rainbow Girl
Rainbow Girl - 8 dager siden
Are you pregnant
Mikayla Caron
Mikayla Caron - 12 dager siden
I LOVE your makeup in this video! Your hair, the background...the whole thing! 😍😍
Sexy TrashPanda
Sexy TrashPanda - 14 dager siden
You make me feel kinda funny, like when I'd have to climb the rope in gym class
Arianna Maxwell
Arianna Maxwell - 15 dager siden
Am I the only one just starting at her teeth asking myself ‘HOW ARE THEY SO PERFECT?!’........
Danielle King
Danielle King - 7 dager siden
I just keep staring her friggin gorgeous eyes!!!!!
Winter Love
Winter Love - 17 dager siden
Omg did she just say her favorite foods was a child 😳 😱
David Bloxham
David Bloxham - 18 dager siden
im doing homework
deadmeme club
deadmeme club - 23 dager siden
If I was her on the first question I would pick tati
RAINBOW skittles gacha
RAINBOW skittles gacha - Måned siden

5 minute crafts *cough cough*
Kimiia MSP
Kimiia MSP - Måned siden
mykie, i will say this even more...
your flaws make you an important babe
Hampton Ivy
Hampton Ivy - Måned siden
Ok i definitely thought you said "Unless you know my favorite food IS A CHILD" at first instead of "as" 😂
Shawnda Newby
Shawnda Newby - Måned siden
Ur real name is pretty & is mykie ur middle name? & ur beautiful ^~^
Heather Chisholm
Heather Chisholm - Måned siden
I once asked a gas station cashier how far along she was. She had a very round stomach and any time she had to move she was holding her lower back like a pregnant lady does and i was just excited because i had just had my daughter a couple months before. But she wasn't pregnant and said her youngest was 10. I felt terrible about it. I covered super fast and told her it was because of the way she held her back. I'm still so embarrassed. It was the one and only time i made that booboo
Martin Shelley
Martin Shelley - Måned siden
Still BEAUTIFUL and Love You For Being Beautiful
Michelle Robberts
Michelle Robberts - Måned siden
Anyone know what actor she talked about??
Shadan Arshadi
Shadan Arshadi - Måned siden
(This comment is mostly for the part of anxiety) In this moment I think I lost myself in a way but watching some of your videos (spatially this one) made me think that I'm not in the end of the road and i have to keep going and good things will come. So thank you for teaching me that. ❤️
Macie Malm
Macie Malm - Måned siden
"unless you know my favorite food is a child" i laughed so hard XD
Theashortnose YT
Theashortnose YT - Måned siden
So 5-minute Crafts...
Gacha_ MoonLight
Gacha_ MoonLight - Måned siden
i watched your candy cane queen vid, and at the middle tword the and i saw MAJER pain and sand ness in your eyes, but also ripley was so cute
Trin Murray
Trin Murray - Måned siden
I really really love her makeup here. I wish she did a tutorial on this look....If she did I missed it.
It probably wouldn't work on my eye shape anyway.
I have been thinking of trying to recreate it but I will probably fail.
NICOLE HORNER - Måned siden
When I was pregnant I was huge! There was no way people couldn't tell, but people would still ask "Are you pregnant? "
I hated it everytime and would respond with "no"
The look on their faces will forever make me laugh.
Hailey Bourne
Hailey Bourne - Måned siden
12:25 me over here crying lol
Sara WasHere
Sara WasHere - Måned siden
So, on the topic of anxiety. I'm struggling really badly with it right now and I struggle with meditation due to the PTSD and intrusive thoughts. Any pointers that you know of that may help?
Brooke :3
Brooke :3 - Måned siden
jessica visser
jessica visser - Måned siden
i need help...I have REALLY PALE skin and idk where to buy or how to get pale do you make your foundation lighter????
spoon goblin
spoon goblin - Måned siden
Maybe mix with kinda thin white cream paint if you have it :)
Sara Trabeih
Sara Trabeih - 2 måneder siden
Wow, your words on mental health were extremely intelligent and spot on!
I know people will spin them out of context and say you're against medication, but try to listen people.
I am so glad you were able to understand the root of that though pattern and able to expect and bend them
ian de la pena
ian de la pena - 2 måneder siden
mykie you’re absolutely gorgeous! personality and physical appearance equals wifey goals 💯 thanks for being you never change!
Charlotte H. Blackmon
Charlotte H. Blackmon - 2 måneder siden
The part where you were talking about wanting to make people happy even though you were having a rough time just like hit so deep, I teared up, I love it
Hope Wolf
Hope Wolf - 2 måneder siden
I love your name
Jenny Castiblanco
Jenny Castiblanco - 2 måneder siden
Please do the pale man ... on somebody else...
*sneeze* katy *sneeze* 🖤🖤🖤
sinper wolfy
sinper wolfy - 2 måneder siden
April 19 is meh birthday🎂🎂🎂

I know it passed
Hania Jamshedi
Hania Jamshedi - 2 måneder siden
whats with the dislikes? :/
Banna Fam2047
Banna Fam2047 - 2 måneder siden
Imagine she was actually pregnant but didn’t want ppl to know yet 😂
Selena Lin
Selena Lin - 2 måneder siden
So I googled pregnancy crowning. And for some reason, I went to the images thinking it would be something appropriate instead of going to the People also ask section and I am now forever scarred
Phoebe B
Phoebe B - 2 måneder siden
G Bear
G Bear - 2 måneder siden
For any one who knows witch video talks about her casino experience I would love to watch it!
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw - 2 måneder siden
I hit rock bottom the thing that helped was having a good boss that understood! I am on depression meds and Xanax So I can make it through a week.