Bratz Doll Makeup Challenge (With an SFX Twist💀)

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My concussed take on the Bratz Doll challenge.. glam&gore style so stay till the end for the sfx twist!

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April Roach
April Roach - 15 minutter siden
i slammed a car door on my finger
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen - 2 timer siden
I got a concussion when I was 10, I fell at school and hit my head on the asphalt and nothing seemed to happen so the nurse was just like ok.. and then I went home and puked everywhere lmao
S0ULESSB0NES - 4 timer siden
You need to put credits for the photos you used that weren't stock.
Colourful pup
Colourful pup - 12 timer siden
Mykie is describing how far apart the eyes are like they are this far apart
O. O
Kayleigh Burke
Kayleigh Burke - 15 timer siden
oh honey..... just wait for 2020
Cookie Gamer3704
Cookie Gamer3704 - 18 timer siden
The chewed look definitely is not trypophobia triggering idk what your talking about
BunBun Ella
BunBun Ella - 4 dager siden
also are those your natural eyes or contacts. they are *gorgeous*
BunBun Ella
BunBun Ella - 4 dager siden
Oh give that barbie to my dog. I'll think you will *like* what you see.
McKenzie Sanderson
McKenzie Sanderson - 5 dager siden
Hey Mikey do the symbol of Spirit Halloween like make your self and is the spirit Halloween on the thing
Elle Dietrich
Elle Dietrich - 6 dager siden
I was biking to school and I fell off my bike and the chain dug into my led so I got eight stitches and some glue
{*Bloody*} {*Moonie*}
{*Bloody*} {*Moonie*} - 6 dager siden
“Do you know what the in side of a Barbie head looks like?”
Me: oh I rip off them when I was four
Me: is that normal

(This did happen)
Erica Folange
Erica Folange - 7 dager siden
If she only knew what 2020 had in store.
madinskincareland - 8 dager siden
2020 comes next, Mykie.
annie bremer
annie bremer - 8 dager siden
Year from hell in 2019! If only you knew what 2020 had in store for you!
Lia Oquendo
Lia Oquendo - 8 dager siden
For some reason her eyes look like they’d taste like ice cold water.(I know this is weird lol but that’s what I was thinking.)
Memphis Gulley
Memphis Gulley - 9 dager siden
Mykie in 2019: This has been a year from hell
2020: honey, you got a storm coming
YzArtistry - 10 dager siden
Speach 100
I love you Mykie sorry, my name is also spelled funny.
emma rackley
emma rackley - 10 dager siden
Watching this in 2020.
Mykie why did you ask what comes next?
Luna The Wolf
Luna The Wolf - 11 dager siden
I just showed my mom this at 18:40 and she's like "Is she real?!"
Noooo, she's a figment of your imagination😑😂
Ilona The artist
Ilona The artist - 11 dager siden
1:46 mykie: whats gonna make me feel like craking my head open is normal 2020: covid 19
Jamie Crawford
Jamie Crawford - 12 dager siden
Mykie: 2019 is the worst year

Sienna - 13 dager siden
Me watching this in 2020
Caitlyn Ferling
Caitlyn Ferling - 13 dager siden
I would SO do blonde roots
Alexa Hunter
Alexa Hunter - 17 dager siden
2019 in not if your in 2020
Lauren Gray
Lauren Gray - 17 dager siden
I woke up to this video playing and I really thought it was monster high that was playing 😂
U.y U.y
U.y U.y - 18 dager siden
Nooo! My trypophobia started to kick in 😫
Lillian Williams
Lillian Williams - 18 dager siden
2019 glam and gore next year this will be the 2019
Kate Bivins
Kate Bivins - 19 dager siden
2020 came next
Ashlynn K Huttman
Ashlynn K Huttman - 20 dager siden
my teacher did she was a softball coach and when her students were practicing and hit her so she was gone for a few days so ya
gingie - 20 dager siden
2019 is the year of hell...
2020 peeps..🥺
CantThinkOf AGoodName
CantThinkOf AGoodName - 20 dager siden
“2019 has not been good for me”
Girl you might change ur mind when you see what 2020 has in store
RawR 101-ER
RawR 101-ER - 20 dager siden
Me and My Babe just watched this video. loved it.
the story I have about my head injury is grate. For starters two weeks before I turned four I broke my leg learning to ride a bike, greatest birthday present EVER. I was like Five or Six and me and my older brother were pitching baseballs to our dog. He was swinging the bat and I was handing him the baseballs. WEEELLLL, I miss heard him and stood up as he was swinging back. He nailed me in the left side of my of my forehead. The moment the pain hit me I started running to our house since we were in the far back of our yard. It was the first time in my life I our ran my brother. I stopped half way through the yard and my smart self moved my hand form my head. I watched as three spurt hit the ground, it was then I saw that my brother was right behind me. So we start screaming for our mom who has a medical back ground, we get in the house and our mom and dad are yelling back at us trying to figure out why we were yelling. The moment my mom saw the blood running down my face, she grabbed a wet wash cloth to whip the blood off my face. It was about ten minutes later, before my dad was SPEEDING the whole to the hospital. All the they did was put medical grade super glue on the inch long gash on my head. To this day (I'm a whole adult) I still have the scare and a knot on the left side of my forehead. If anything even taps that knot I get a headache for like the next week.
There is my fun head injury story.
Allie Bug
Allie Bug - 21 dag siden
I think she means 2020
Auri M.
Auri M. - 21 dag siden
I've had three major injuries in my lifetime lol. And i'm not even counting my sports injuries.
1. Ironically enough, I split my head open too when I was like 2 years old on the corner of my dresser. (not like, my skull, but my mom said you could see my skull so. Yeah.) I think I like, fell out of bed on It lol
2. When i was about 5-ish, i tripped when my grandparents were redoing their patio and scraped my shin on a brick. I don't remember anything after falling down, being in pain, and not being able to stand up myself XD i didn't blackout, that's just all my brain remembers of it.
3. When i was like, 11, i sprained my wrist while rollerskating. Funnily enough, i apparently nearly broke it. Yeah...super fun lol.
virtuo sy
virtuo sy - 21 dag siden
10:49 "i think you should take me to the hospital" she says after literally acting how i do on a regular basis :) we love having adhd
Fluffy PrincessAngel
Fluffy PrincessAngel - 22 dager siden
2020 watching this like 👁👄👁
shayla bayla
shayla bayla - 22 dager siden
Mykie: "what comes next"
Me : 2020
BRI - 22 dager siden
at the beginning of the vid you look like Regina George
iks de
iks de - 22 dager siden
23.17 its looked like my skin after eating chocolate
Siimplyblxssom - 22 dager siden
2020 has not been good for anyone