Choosing my Ghost Hunting Partner in the IT Funhouse

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Meet Spencer (hairstylist & bff) and Peter (cameraman & bff) as they face off in the IT Chapter 2 Funhouse to win the title of ghost hunting partner for this year's Halloween series!
This video is in VIRTUAL REALITY or VR 180 which means you can watch it in a VR headset for the full 3D effect, move your phone around to view the entire 180 degree plane, or drag the image around when viewing on a desktop or TV.
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Runtime: 11:29


Glam&Gore - År siden
I was SO fluffing excited to get a virtual reality camera to be able to shoot this in VR 180 for you zombaes! I’m a HUGE fan of the technology and think it will come to change a lot of what we do in the world, so I’ve been dying to help intro VR to those of you who are new to it!
With that said! If it’s your first time seeing VR on youtube, here’s some pointers!
On a desktop or TV: you can grab and drag around the screen to see more! Or leave it centered
On mobile: you can move your phone to look around, but you can also drag the view to where you’d like it (say if you go from sitting to laying down and still want to watch). If mobile watching feels weird, try landscape mode so it fills your whole screen to cut down on any dizzy effect- or sit your phone down and drag the screen to center it. Then it won’t move at all. If that’s not enough, watching on a desktop is probably better for you because it keeps it stationary no matter what.
Headset: this is definitely the coolest way to watch!! Cardboard headsets are very inexpensive and easy to find online so you can just slide your phone into it and watch that way! If you’re really fancy, a real snazzy headset like an Oculus makes this look SsoooOooOo freakin dope!
Oh AND! If you’re having trouble with potato quality playback- check and make sure your quality settings aren’t on auto and are set to the highest available. This is shot in 5k which is better quality than my normal videos so it should be crystal clear for you!
Hope this helps, zombaes! Anyone can watch VR comfortably, you might need to play with some of these options! Thank you for letting me take us outside our normal 2D box a bit for something I’m really passionate about!
Ulla Taylor
Ulla Taylor - 11 måneder siden
Love it
Puff - År siden
@Alexandria Coach the first thing that popped up in the vid was a warning.... 😒
Puff - År siden
OMG the Halloween series in VR is going to be SICK!! I'm so excited!!!
The little Things
The little Things - År siden
Glam&Gore ok I loved this idea but as someone who has had multiple concussions it hurt my head... and I’m going to cry if I can’t watch all of ur Halloween videos/ all the spooky videos b
Esmeralda Forace
Esmeralda Forace - År siden
Hey mykie can you do this one normal too
Hazza Nezza
Hazza Nezza - Måned siden
This reminds me of when two boys would fight over a girl in high school
Wild Pippi
Wild Pippi - Måned siden
The thing is we've already met Peter, anyone else remember his appearance in madly in love series
Lena Rock
Lena Rock - Måned siden
PLEASSSSSSSEEEE make more of these 360 videos
Maura Tierney
Maura Tierney - Måned siden
this funhouse gives off major killer klowns from outer space vibes and i'm here for it
KYLIE OZAKI - Måned siden
stop trying to make juggle happen peter
Richie Loves Eddie Spaghetti
Big sad rn :/
Liv is Patrick
Liv is Patrick - Måned siden
I think I had too much fun with this
Dark Lake
Dark Lake - Måned siden
I just re watched this and let the NINE minutes ad roll for your ad revenue!!! I'm your FAVORITE Zombae now aren't I 🤣🤣🤣
P.S. I totally would have demolished them both on the Stephen King film adaptations question!
miakia0502map 0502map
miakia0502map 0502map - 2 måneder siden
Y'all missed christian
miakia0502map 0502map
miakia0502map 0502map - 2 måneder siden
My mom dose shirts and I have a shirt that says lover loser
miakia0502map 0502map
miakia0502map 0502map - 2 måneder siden
To be honest I've been upset with it for like 2 years
cloudy & baguette
cloudy & baguette - 3 måneder siden
no one:
not even ripley:
mykie: *flirts with pennywise*
KoalaLover CJ
KoalaLover CJ - 3 måneder siden
I keep tilting my phone down and then thinking they need to pan the camera up and then realize it’s 180°
Lucy Momo
Lucy Momo - 3 måneder siden
Neither of them stayed Misery 😭
rurounibabe - 3 måneder siden
I don't mind it being vr but it actually made me nauseous and that upsets me
Devyn Delgado
Devyn Delgado - 3 måneder siden
Watching this in that effect made me sick. Had to stop watching it
Brigida Olmsted
Brigida Olmsted - 3 måneder siden
I've never had issues with flashing lights before, but for some reason this video made me so nauseous and I have the most intense pressure behind my eyes
Brigida Olmsted
Brigida Olmsted - 3 måneder siden
Why isn't it 360°??
Keto Made Me Do It
Keto Made Me Do It - 4 måneder siden
Can you make it so we can see around you again
Lillian Wogomon
Lillian Wogomon - 4 måneder siden
Are we just gonna ignore the flashlight that went flying and the hand that picked it up at the end
Alex Marie
Alex Marie - 4 måneder siden
As soon as I saw the weird camera style and I turned moved my screen I g a s p e d
Ash Dark13
Ash Dark13 - 5 måneder siden
When pennywise said he wanted your soul you should have said "sorry I'm a ginger" lol
Brenna Webb
Brenna Webb - 5 måneder siden
I would’ve had a panic attack at the walls that closed in
Mikayla Blow
Mikayla Blow - 5 måneder siden
I flirted with Beetlejuice at a haunted house so I felt Mykie when she flirted with Pennywise😂
rhiannon brielle
rhiannon brielle - 6 måneder siden
get you someone who laughs at you the way peter does at 2:18 that was pure
Veronica Sagiao
Veronica Sagiao - 6 måneder siden
I used a cardboard set and that jumpscare
Samantha Ball
Samantha Ball - 6 måneder siden
I really love these styles
julia nic
julia nic - 6 måneder siden
Peter definitely won the juggling round
GoldenFantasia - 6 måneder siden
I love how good-humored all the actors were!! Bless!!!
HumourDelight - 6 måneder siden
Jerson Raymon
Jerson Raymon - 6 måneder siden
ashling moran
ashling moran - 6 måneder siden
wow thats so fun and scary
Becca - 6 måneder siden
You lowkey hitting on pennywise scared him off lolol
JamaicanRain - 7 måneder siden
I ADORE your 180/360 videos!!! This is the future - watching vids and it BEING LIKE YOU'RE THERE. It is FLUFFING AMAZING.
Elizabeth Rhoden
Elizabeth Rhoden - 7 måneder siden
i was like, “WHY IS THE CAMERA SHAKING SO MUCH” and then i realized it was 180z
Renee Wagner
Renee Wagner - 7 måneder siden
Spencer won
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller - 7 måneder siden
🤫🤭 Spencer juggles like me! 😄👍
the names Chelle
the names Chelle - 7 måneder siden
Man I now need to buy a headset for Halloween 👻
Oh, I'm gay now
Oh, I'm gay now - 7 måneder siden