coming clean

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This is a very dirty q&a.
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My favorite episode of Anthony’s series -I Spent A Day With Multiple Personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder):
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Cameron Cota
Cameron Cota - 6 måneder siden
“Do you believe any conspiracy theories?”
Ghost frantically shaking the apt: IM WORKING ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VanityFlash - 3 måneder siden
This made me laugh, good job XD
Larry Works
Larry Works - 6 måneder siden
It's getting easier to separate them from what's really happening.
Tmntlovepizza - 6 måneder siden
You’r makeup looks sooooo good
Zeii Mey
Zeii Mey - 6 måneder siden
Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson - 6 måneder siden
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 6 timer siden
Use dish soap and olive oil to get out the stains
Amanda Kristine
Amanda Kristine - 18 timer siden
A Canadian accent and Minnesotan accent are different. But more importantly, Sarah Palin never said she could see Russia from her house 🙄🙄🙄 That was Tina Fey on SNL. Jesus
Allison Ayotte
Allison Ayotte - Dag siden
I honestly couldn’t picture calling you by ur first name ( not telling)
Jesse Simpson
Jesse Simpson - 2 dager siden
Must know where you got the avacado heat pad! 😍🥑
G0th1cG4m3rG1rl - 2 dager siden
Mykie you could be a movie makeup artist
Staci Crouch
Staci Crouch - 3 dager siden
Yes! Diva cups are awesome. Totally agree about the learning curve, but once I learned it changed my life!
Kyia Nevvare
Kyia Nevvare - 3 dager siden
That is a beautiful wig, where did you get it? I would love to buy one. The color is amazing.
o0Avalon0o - 4 dager siden
"Look how smally collection is!"

I'm down to one brush. Kabuki all the way.
Kathryn Kelly
Kathryn Kelly - 6 dager siden
The Food Theory channel recently did a video about the Chucky Cheese conspiracy.
Trouble Blue
Trouble Blue - 6 dager siden
Have you tried head and shoulders shampoo and a small mesh strainer for your brushes? Might help with the dirtiest ones :)
°•B u b b l y P a n d a•°
If my period was a person. Mykie is what it would look like😂
Brittany - 6 dager siden
Get the cup my god it is fantastic
Karina R
Karina R - 7 dager siden
Gingers are pretty
Martha .F
Martha .F - 8 dager siden
As a ginger, no. We all get bullied
Inspecting Immunology
Inspecting Immunology - 8 dager siden
But I have seen 'temporarily out of order' on an escalator at the airport. I was really confused.
PHOEBE BRANDON - 8 dager siden
As a ginger, I can confirm that we either get bullied or sexually yelled at 😂😂
Renée Skaugen
Renée Skaugen - 9 dager siden
For the record (this goes for the name Mykie too just fyi) your first name is really cute and I think it suits you ^^
Outta respect despite you saying it before, and probs everyone knowing already, I won't actually say the name (nor would I ever refer to you as it if I ever had the lovely chance to).
Allisen kay
Allisen kay - 11 dager siden
My friends and I just joke about my hair
madinskincareland - 11 dager siden
Me watching on every video: why does editing doesnt exist in real life???
Homo horror erotica Goddess
Homo horror erotica Goddess - 12 dager siden
Omg faboulouse luv that lipstick 💄
Lauren Higgins
Lauren Higgins - 14 dager siden
I love your videos and how respectful and how inclusive you are. I love your old, tutorial heave content and your new random Mykie fun content. Plus I don't like my name either. There are too many of us!!!
TheeBabyDollJenny - 14 dager siden
MYKIE: If it doesn’t end up in the final edit, then here’s an ad - jokes on you, I put an add there either way!
Me, with YouTube Premium: Ha! Sure. Ok. 😜
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 14 dager siden
Mykie: "I can do some accents but I can't talk good"
Me: "Point taken"
Asta Mølle
Asta Mølle - 15 dager siden
Im a ging and i have never been byllied but again im only 11
Ihatemyself 777
Ihatemyself 777 - 16 dager siden
Still haven’t watched that movie. Never will.
Mercurian Wonder
Mercurian Wonder - 17 dager siden
I feel like your opinion on the Ross vs. Rachel thing changes depending on romantic maturity
Lord The_animal_lover
Lord The_animal_lover - 17 dager siden
I tried the diva cup but it hurt so I stopped using it
Diana Montero
Diana Montero - 18 dager siden
Mykie, this is THE hair color.
Aylexx G
Aylexx G - 18 dager siden
pls just dye your hair this auburn color :')
Aylexx G
Aylexx G - 18 dager siden
Juno Birch & Mykie is a collab ill be penitently waiting for. also this makeup look.. FUCK
Effie Bump
Effie Bump - 19 dager siden
YOU LOOK SOOO PRETTY ps love you so much
Alexa claire
Alexa claire - 19 dager siden
this has to be my fav wig 😍
Hazel Love
Hazel Love - 21 dag siden
I'd really live for you to do a ling fitness video topic. Pleaaaasseee I love you so much!
Fire Blast
Fire Blast - 24 dager siden
OK, but Anthony literally proving he listens to Mykie shouldn't be a big deal but God it is wholesome. Faith in humanity restored.
And that makeup though... phew... girl you could be the real life Poison Ivy and it would 100% suit you.
Emily Jones Hearts
Emily Jones Hearts - 24 dager siden
I know I’m like really late but I feel your pain. ;w;
Tai I.
Tai I. - 25 dager siden
Is no one gonna point her wearing blush?????
Plastic Dinosaur
Plastic Dinosaur - 25 dager siden
Instead of getting bullied for my natural firetruck-red hair I always got complements. I still do but I’m public and during school I get complements.
gingie - 25 dager siden
FELLOW GING HERE me and my brother always get called stupid for being gingers when I'm over here like, that's a blonde sterio type ur the only one looking dumb, also I always get told I have no soul because I'm a ginger cuz it's a sterio type for gingers kinda really annoying because im actually really nice is what everyone says so far knowing me so I dont really understand😐😘❤
Layal A. N.
Layal A. N. - 26 dager siden
... is mykie wearing blush?
HOPEWORLDIAN - 27 dager siden
Off topic but may I please know what hair dye are you using? Did you bleach? Is that a wig?
HOPEWORLDIAN - 25 dager siden
@Rosey Bagnara oh... Thank you for letting me know ☺️
Rosey Bagnara
Rosey Bagnara - 26 dager siden
I'm pretty sure shes wearing a wig in this one 😊
Michelle Johns
Michelle Johns - 27 dager siden
I think my house hunted. I don't know why I said that 😂😁😂😂😂
Tiffany Lovett
Tiffany Lovett - 28 dager siden
The whole "do the carpets match the drapes' line made me SOO incredibly insecure as a redhead. Even into my adult hood Nd have been married now for 14 years it's still something that I struggle with on the daily. People can be such dicks and not realize the consequences of remarks like that. Or the "you must be a freak bc you're a redhead". I've heard then all and they all fucking suck!
Shannon Rourke
Shannon Rourke - 28 dager siden
Omg I'm ginger and the thing that the guy said to you, I've heard it so many damn times! I've had random men come up to me and say gross shit about me being ginger and asking if they can touch my hair/skin and like damn it sucks so much! Some people suck
Sunflower - 29 dager siden
Lmao I have to see my gas lighter basically every day until I'm 18
M Book
M Book - Måned siden
"to all my ladies and non ladies that deal with shark week" mykie said trans rights
addie allie
addie allie - Måned siden
1:04 kind of ironic that she's wearing a lot of like blood red
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce - Måned siden
she made me want to dye my hair this color
Alanah hi
Alanah hi - Måned siden
My aunt is a nurse and my cousin has piercings that she's gotten mainly purely at home with medical grade needles
Kirsty Pollock
Kirsty Pollock - Måned siden
Mykie is giving me heavy Jinkx Monsoon vibes in this video
Samantha B
Samantha B - Måned siden
I make my own pizza dough a lot and NEVER have I had anything come out looking like Chucky cheese pizza.
Aqua Wolfy
Aqua Wolfy - Måned siden
Wait did Katy actually have covid?
PlumRose Dharma
PlumRose Dharma - Måned siden
I love your smile so much. I love how glowy and vibrant your personality is, like a pretty flower.
Jess N.
Jess N. - Måned siden
Oh that tail story was tame. Lololol the pregnant story was worse. I could picture a kid doing that. while gross, it’s a good story and I giggled. I’ve pooped my pants many times (yay IBS) and I get it.
go away
go away - Måned siden
Literally she's gorgeous in this video I love this aesthetic on her ❤️🖤 oh and the video is great too lol I'll stop being creepy now
Julia Knerler
Julia Knerler - Måned siden
Love the hair and lipstick
SabrinaTheEevee - Måned siden
I'm in love with this makeup look and wig ❤❤❤❤
Charlie Miles
Charlie Miles - Måned siden
Isn’t it irroic the vid s called come get clean
Dakota Bullock
Dakota Bullock - Måned siden
she is a whole flex
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald - Måned siden
Does she say hello zombies like that to sound like nikki tutorials because it sounds just like Nikki's hello and hers sounds like that because she is dutch. Or is is mikey also dutch?
Kayla Ennard
Kayla Ennard - Måned siden
I had my industrial and my navrl peircing at the same time. The industrial was the most painfullest in the world
Noa The Aardvark
Noa The Aardvark - Måned siden
"cut out sugar"
as im eating 5 mini chocolate croissants
A panda gamer
A panda gamer - Måned siden
you are amazing in every way possible never let anyone say otherwise!! love you!!!
Tom Los!
Tom Los! - Måned siden
You know mykie is a good girlfreind when she links her favorite video of Anothonys seires *your amazing*
Millie Millipede
Millie Millipede - Måned siden
I can’t be the only one who absolutely ADORES this look on Mykie.
Colleen Anne
Colleen Anne - Måned siden
A true dedication to Halloween since forever 💕
Delilah Lunar
Delilah Lunar - Måned siden
HEY MYKIE, give us an Armchair Detective about fitness and food
sara briner
sara briner - Måned siden
giving me strong fire priestess vibes in this vid lol
Thelma Marie
Thelma Marie - Måned siden
The first question is too relatable. 😂😂
Caroline Witherspoon
Caroline Witherspoon - Måned siden
I have DID and remember seeing anthonys video I was really nervous to look at it but once I did I felt like I'm not so alone and I mattered:)
Babyphat Ash
Babyphat Ash - Måned siden
i was 7 when she was 14 and my brother was born in 2004 lol btw im 22
Brelyn Miranda
Brelyn Miranda - Måned siden
does anyone know the name and color of the wig she has on and where to get it from? its gorgeous af and i need it in my life 😍🖤
Denise Storer
Denise Storer - Måned siden
my sis is a ginger and she did not get bullied as a kid
lorelai prewitt
lorelai prewitt - Måned siden
are you and anthony still together
Katelynn Marsh
Katelynn Marsh - Måned siden
Omg i laughed so hard, im from canada and we dont speak like that lol
O-Oart - Måned siden
12:03 can confirm tweens are disgusting -a 12 year old
Niayii kawaii
Niayii kawaii - Måned siden
9:29 just made my day. 😊❤️
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro - Måned siden
Raven Rose
Raven Rose - Måned siden
You remind me of Harley Quinn
Marne E.
Marne E. - Måned siden
I can confirm that as ginger (and a short one) I have never gotten bullied so it is possible!👍🏻✅ But I am also a leprechaun so idk if that has anything to do with it🍀
The Pastel Robloxian Girl
The Pastel Robloxian Girl - Måned siden
@ 10:47 I think she was looking for the word "pre-teen"
unicons rl
unicons rl - Måned siden
Uou literally said they covered up tje aliens and we just found out they are real and have been to earth a lot
Deceit Sanders
Deceit Sanders - Måned siden
"To all my ladies and non–ladies that deal with shark week" *ugly cries*
Evelyn Salt
Evelyn Salt - Måned siden
I love your wig!!!
You should do a video about the wigs you own
Love you Mykie
Speedy Bean
Speedy Bean - Måned siden
I was like isn’t her real name Stephanie and then remembered that was her TINDER name!!!😂
Owen Greene
Owen Greene - Måned siden
I’m getting Rowena from “Supernatural” vibes from this outfit, love it!!!
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro - Måned siden
She reminds me of red velvet cake
Hanni C
Hanni C - Måned siden
im gonna watch the shitty movies illegally
Nonomous - Måned siden
I too bought the James Charles set and now use both sides aas a brush holder.
Emily Broadstone
Emily Broadstone - Måned siden
As a ginger I only got negative stuff said a couple times in highschool but I wouldn't call it bullying. But yes I've been asked if the carpets match the drapes and other really ignorant and stereotypical stuff as an adult
Katie Loves School
Katie Loves School - Måned siden
As a ginger I was never bullied as a kid
definitelynot Athena
definitelynot Athena - Måned siden
the rick riordan quote oh my god
The Book Report
The Book Report - Måned siden
I relate so hard to the name thing. I go by both Sophie and Phee, and it gets complicated when my partner and stepkids are around my parents and my parents refer to me as Sophie and the kids are like "who?"
Equally, sometimes my partner will refer to me as Sophie to other people and I'm like "ooo that was weird"
Kassidy Horne
Kassidy Horne - Måned siden
I'm not sure if you have seen supernatural but you look just like Rowena in this episode.
Paula Hatch
Paula Hatch - Måned siden
Peaches Thesordid
Peaches Thesordid - Måned siden
That hair color on you is amazing.
Bella hamlet
Bella hamlet - Måned siden
Love how she is has a red wig on and red lipstick while she is on her period! XD
megan maccatherine
megan maccatherine - Måned siden
Anyone else washing their brushes in quarantine with alcohol- BTW this is the best way to clean them!!!
Lee R.Y
Lee R.Y - Måned siden
Wait a it just me, or is mykie wearing... *blush* ?!?!
BizZzaR - Måned siden
Whats gaslighting?