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Everybody knows the best thing about being post- halloween, is the highly discounted candy- but can the same be said for highly discounted, normally overpriced, halloween makeup? Or does it all just kinda even out? TODAY WE TEST THAT as I turn myself into a nightmare version of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog.
I also talk a lot about the haunted halloween series - answering your questions with behind the scenes info, storytime for things I missed, extra footage , & creepy updates on what's happened since.

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Electro-Light - Symbolism [NCS Release]
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Glam&Gore - År siden
Which video of the haunted series was your favorite & why?

Haunted hotel?
Haunted ship?
Haunted ghost town?
Haunted prison?
Haunted village?
Haunted forest?

Kylie Rubel
Kylie Rubel - 15 dager siden
Glam&Gore Salem and “it was Jon” place
MICHELLE BLAKE - 3 måneder siden
Can you try to hurry up😊
Kaydi Roberts
Kaydi Roberts - 4 måneder siden
Jenny Haskayne don’t it is a pandemic
Queen Potato
Queen Potato - 4 måneder siden
Glam&Gore Haunted Ship
Vicky Conkie
Vicky Conkie - 6 måneder siden
Haunted ship
Katie Mauer
Katie Mauer - 3 dager siden
Jersey is the best!!!!
Macie Mikota
Macie Mikota - 6 dager siden
She needs to do a world haunted series right after covid! Or during, although the options would be limited because of border closings...
Alaina Salathe
Alaina Salathe - 12 dager siden
a concept for when you next do the halloween series: IT (derry)
Olivia Kent-Rettig
Olivia Kent-Rettig - 13 dager siden
How dare you make my Alexa go on 😡😡
Jamie Crawford
Jamie Crawford - 14 dager siden
Mykie: o doesn’t show up in our alphabet it’s only a

Also Mykie: “doring my trip”
AnyaRose - 16 dager siden
There’s a new one: “doring” instead of during
Avery Grayce
Avery Grayce - 22 dager siden
18:39 sounds like she was about to cry
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 23 dager siden
Probably no haunted series this year because of THE VIRUS lol
Juliette Sorum
Juliette Sorum - 29 dager siden
Baby ghost doodoodoodoodoodoo Baby ghost doodoodoodoodoodoo Baby ghost doodoodoodoodoodoo, baby ghost
Borky Bork
Borky Bork - Måned siden
Mykie: I’m hoping to do the Halloween series again next year

Next year: **corona intensifies**
Rain Wolf
Rain Wolf - Måned siden
Haha philly im not a philidelphian but i am a pennsylvanian and my class made fun of our teacher cause he was from philly and he says wooter
janice perla
janice perla - Måned siden
I love you video with the Halloween discount you look like a beautiful Orange Fox
Lilykate106 - Måned siden
she just turned on my Alexa
Erica Potts
Erica Potts - Måned siden
Come to Ohio the hail can be up to half the size of a baseball
Emily Snell
Emily Snell - Måned siden
In Australia we don’t know what r is
Morgan Pollard
Morgan Pollard - Måned siden
You call THAT significant chunks???? Have you not heard of the baseball sized hail down in Canada??
Keira Weber
Keira Weber - Måned siden
Every time you said Alexa mine went off
Charlie Adam
Charlie Adam - Måned siden
Out here saying forehead, forest and orange like a 'normal person' and then watching mykie for so long then you out there saying farehead, farest, and arange. Thanks! Jk love saying it like that. Love you 🧡
Edit: also yes this is like nearly 2 years later and I've already seen peter but at this point there was a sneak peak at Peter! Lol 🤣
Charlotte Munday
Charlotte Munday - Måned siden
Sneak peak-ter
Bunnygirl18 - Måned siden
At 18:41you sound like you're gonna cry, are you okay
Millie Millipede
Millie Millipede - Måned siden was John........
Silver Striding
Silver Striding - Måned siden
You say orange like an Australian (from an Australian). I think the usual American 'ORRRRRRange' is weird and dramatic lol. And forest, same story
Izzy1234 - Måned siden
I miss the careless whispers
CHLOE HAYWOOD - Måned siden
i say it like that too! Arange
Mark Stephens
Mark Stephens - Måned siden
Hahaha! Jokes on you I changed my Alexa’s name to Echo!
-Stormy Gamer-
-Stormy Gamer- - Måned siden
Hey I say coumpuss instead of compass
Serafina Fool
Serafina Fool - Måned siden
The shopping portion of this video, makes me wanna go to America in November and take advantage of the deals.
Bar-Sela Art Goddess
Bar-Sela Art Goddess - Måned siden
I have been to the Roosevelt
Bean Bag
Bean Bag - 2 måneder siden
Oh my.. cursed tails
Michael Schrage
Michael Schrage - 2 måneder siden
I have been in more hail storms then that and almost all of them hade bigger hail to
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen
Maya Lewis-Wolfsen - 2 måneder siden
what happened to that arange face paint: you threw it at the shopping cart
Sarah S.
Sarah S. - 2 måneder siden
It’s ok if u pronounce things wrong mykie cuz I’m Mexican and if I was a big yt I would be speaking Spanglish
Skye's Tales
Skye's Tales - 2 måneder siden
Mikey: *Plays clips of the audio glitching in a video*
Marble Hornets fans: F l a s h B a c k s
MMorgue Music
MMorgue Music - 2 måneder siden
This color was such a look 👌🏾👌🏾
Noah Parsons
Noah Parsons - 2 måneder siden
the queen mary probably felt so strange because its an old ship making many sounds and vibrations.... maybe a vibration of 19HZ...…...hmmmmmmm
gabriella citrolo
gabriella citrolo - 2 måneder siden
Nardine W
Nardine W - 2 måneder siden
I replay a lot of parts because I suck at focusing on what's going on, each time I replay it I feel like I get scared more just because of the music playing in the background ( even though this is just a makeup video with her saying kinda scary stuff every once in a while)
Dumpster Racoon
Dumpster Racoon - 2 måneder siden
"That's not a ghost, that's Trevor"
-Mykie, 2018
Catherine Johnson
Catherine Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone else see that extra hand while she was pulling back the curtain at 23:24
Samara - 2 måneder siden
The furries are present.