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I disguise the Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson, to look like they're not identical so they can go out on Hollywood boulevard and interview fans incognito. Which disguise would fool you most?
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undercover brother sfx fx makeup glam and g mikey
Runtime: 16:12


Glam&Gore - År siden
Plz excuse my quietness in this video- it was 9am (not a morning person) I got less than two hours of sleep and I’m still concussed/ not feeling great 🥴Hope you enjoyed the x2 FX makeup though! Which disguise was your favorite?!
Kamryn S
Kamryn S - 3 måneder siden
Omg you are beautiful 😝
Scott Scott
Scott Scott - 4 måneder siden
gabriella - 4 måneder siden
it’s rlly low likely that you are going to see this but you are honestly the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen in my life. like honestly you got really lucked out. i wish my ugly ass would look like you you’re sooooo pretty. grayson was my favorite cuz he’s my bae. you did a good job on both tho. ily :))
martianmatt82 - 7 måneder siden
I like the 2nd one you did
Jocelyn Moreno
Jocelyn Moreno - År siden
You should never appolagise for somthing you can't help... get some rest
Elizabeth Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin - 11 dager siden
They could have been turned into jason Momoa
todobakudeku stan
todobakudeku stan - 18 dager siden
Awe there so young
Madeline Horton
Madeline Horton - 26 dager siden
How come when they look completely different I can’t tell who’s who but hen they look identical i can tell who’s who
Cheyenne’s Plug
Cheyenne’s Plug - 27 dager siden
Maddy Lastrapes
Maddy Lastrapes - Måned siden
ethen looks like that 70's show era Ashten Kutcher, it weirds me out so much lol
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald - Måned siden
The twin on the left still looks like himself the other one looks different
Maggy Fraggy
Maggy Fraggy - Måned siden
omigosh i never realized Glam&Gore was the one who disguised the twins until i saw this on my recemended!!!
Ash banana
Ash banana - Måned siden
He looks like the creepy stalker version of Ashton Kutcher
Emma Washok
Emma Washok - Måned siden
Ethan looks like if Ashton Kutcher played Jeffrey Dahmer.
BananaGaming 6471
BananaGaming 6471 - Måned siden
Them: "Richard from Friends"
Me: "Francis from Blue Bloods"
Melina Foronda
Melina Foronda - Måned siden
Eathan looks like Ted bundy
Merci - Måned siden
Just me or does ethan not look that different?
global scarlett
global scarlett - Måned siden
omg- ethan reminded me of jeffrey dahmer
Ciarra Rose
Ciarra Rose - Måned siden
At 12:24 he literally looked like and laughed like Pauly Shore
iam robynn
iam robynn - Måned siden
Do you know what this is?
Sour cream
I can't 😂😂
jaexlyn - Måned siden
4:44 I DIED
Vernon Not Chew Tho
Vernon Not Chew Tho - Måned siden
I thought the title said disgusting the dolan twins
Bibble - Måned siden
They kind of look like Ant and Deck when they have their makeup done for an under cover prank..
claire holman
claire holman - Måned siden
she is giving off a lot of cooler older sister vibes
Dustin Kline
Dustin Kline - Måned siden
Speaking face id can they unlock each others phones
Anastasija Stankovic
Anastasija Stankovic - Måned siden
this vid was posted 4 days after my birthday
Maggie Sweowat
Maggie Sweowat - Måned siden
Kept waiting for her to say "THATS WHAT SHE SAID!" LMAO
Just a little HEHE
Just a little HEHE - Måned siden
You just got......

ItzChloePlays - Måned siden
I keep getting this channel in my recommended and I don’t even watch beauty stuff
ruby’s sfx
ruby’s sfx - Måned siden
k click not interested then lmao
Vick Rice
Vick Rice - Måned siden
Victor Cheese?????? I am friggin laughing so hard
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff - Måned siden
Ethan looks like Ashton Kutcher!!!!!!
Sam Bruce
Sam Bruce - Måned siden
You should have the Dolan twins do your fx makeup
Josephine Kimberly Moses
Josephine Kimberly Moses - Måned siden
Ethan looks like Jaspal
Ana Ionescu
Ana Ionescu - Måned siden
I'm only now watching this video cause I was convinced these 2 would be assholes, but they actually seem really nice, so I'm sorry for my preconception
Roslyn Parris
Roslyn Parris - Måned siden
A collab I never thought would happen
MUSIC TINGZ - Måned siden
Joaquin Phoenix is that you
Scarlet M
Scarlet M - Måned siden
Why does she actually look pretty good with a moustache? 😶
Delilah Parisi
Delilah Parisi - Måned siden
Eathan before the wig looks kinda like Freddie Murcury
Poppy Productions
Poppy Productions - Måned siden
eathan looks like ashton kutchur (or however youspell it)
Art Fart
Art Fart - Måned siden
No it’s not Ashton kUrTCHuR it’s Kevin Malone
Anna Hume
Anna Hume - 2 måneder siden
4:45 🤣 I’m dead
Geni trepto
Geni trepto - 2 måneder siden
Ethan looked like Jeffery Dahmer omg
Jennifer Tetreault
Jennifer Tetreault - 2 måneder siden
Her: do you know what this is
Ethan: sour cream
Zoe Power
Zoe Power - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else think that Grayson kinda looks like peeta from the hunger games, but with facial hair?
Zoe Power
Zoe Power - 2 måneder siden
M- “do you know what this is?”
E- “sour cream?”
Michelle Rivera
Michelle Rivera - 2 måneder siden
she looks so different here