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My lovely friend, Chrissy Costanza, puts her trust in me and volunteers her perfect lil face for me to do her fx makeup while I'm blindfolded. This was WAY WAY more difficult than I expected it to be. Sorry, Chrissy. But thanks for taking pictures, Chrissy.
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DOING FX MAKEUP BLINDFOLDED Feat. Chrissy Costanza halloween makeup mikey sfx makeup blindfold makeup challenge glam and gore
Runtime: 27:55


Megan Cater
Megan Cater - 27 dager siden
I watched this video when it was first uploaded and now I'm back rewatching it in 2020 and I'm realizing that this is THE video that introduce me to Against The Current I now they are one of my favourite bands!!!!
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Elizabeth Bradshaw - Måned siden
Freaking weird! This was MY first Mykie video too!
Romina Witschnig
Romina Witschnig - Måned siden
I literally had the laugh of my life right now🤣🤣🤣
Willow Cooper
Willow Cooper - Måned siden
Dunder Mifflin!
i don't know anymore
i don't know anymore - Måned siden
346 people (at the current time) have never pooped in their life
Robin Reynolds
Robin Reynolds - Måned siden
I've watched you since before we were zombaes too. You're awesome.
Ophelia._.Trades Adopt Me
Ophelia._.Trades Adopt Me - Måned siden
Who Else is on the toilet...
SamLes Creations
SamLes Creations - Måned siden
I love the Amanda show references with the teeth!
Milady Malady
Milady Malady - 2 måneder siden
Mykie : Is it still recording??? Chrissy: I take my job seriously. *Camera stops recording completely unnoticed*
# Koala
# Koala - 2 måneder siden
I remember stumbling upon this channel so long ago its so sweet to watch her channel grow and her confidence grow😁❤
Lee R.Y
Lee R.Y - 2 måneder siden
This whole video just screams :"don't be shy, put some more!"
Josselin Salgado
Josselin Salgado - 2 måneder siden
Every time my eyes focus on Chrissy, Mykie looks like Hulk Hogan
Smol child Abby
Smol child Abby - 2 måneder siden
Me *sees Chrissy costanza*
adamaranda - 2 måneder siden
plz do another video together
reighn hkgdvk
reighn hkgdvk - 2 måneder siden
you can literally see her peaking thru the bottom of the blindfold
Storm Portis
Storm Portis - 2 måneder siden
It looks like if Freddy mercury's chin fell off sksjsk 🤭
moo_ - 2 måneder siden
Chrissy is the reason why I started watching mykie. Chrissy always talked about Mykie on twitter and defended against people saying mykie wasn’t actually making her own props. Can confirm she was a creep 😂
Amit Restatcher
Amit Restatcher - 2 måneder siden
I wish I had friends that are weird like me😕
Zoe Kaltsidis
Zoe Kaltsidis - 3 måneder siden
The camera stoped recording when it was bruising time sooooo that can mean IS REAL BRUISES
Maxine Calyptus
Maxine Calyptus - 3 måneder siden
They're both so cute!
Depressed and Sad
Depressed and Sad - 3 måneder siden
I can't spell
Depressed and Sad
Depressed and Sad - 3 måneder siden
I'm an og so zombiey
xX naoise.D Xx
xX naoise.D Xx - 3 måneder siden
Mykie:hi oh sry how dare i
Izy Alli
Izy Alli - 4 måneder siden
It’s 2020 and I still love this video
Blu_Raz_Slurpees - 4 måneder siden
we stan jirous singing voice
Annoying orange Pair
Annoying orange Pair - 4 måneder siden
You should do someone's sfx using drunk goggles
Alfred cam
Alfred cam - 4 måneder siden
Me: watches this vid in 2020 as a weeb* THATS WHO DID KYOKA JIRO SINGING VOICE
Gracie Hancock
Gracie Hancock - 4 måneder siden
Elvis Lover
Elvis Lover - 4 måneder siden
oh no
Platinum of the south
Platinum of the south - 5 måneder siden
Can you make more vedios with Chrissy again, please.
Leah L
Leah L - 5 måneder siden
Plot Twist: Chrissy felt so wronged by Mykie teasing her about pictures, so she willingly let the recording stop, so as to validate her pictures! 😂😋
Leah L
Leah L - 5 måneder siden
This video is giving me soo many vibes lol like big sister little sister vibes 💙 BFF vibes 💚 and cutest couple vibes ❤️ Such an enjoyable chemistry! I have a smile on my face during this whole video! 😆
Retardo Renoldo
Retardo Renoldo - 5 måneder siden
After seeing the Trisha paytas video about her “disorder”, this makes me less triggered and happy. Btw I have DID
Abby Cullen
Abby Cullen - 5 måneder siden
With the bling fold you give me the other mother vibes from Coraline for some reason
Jessie Raburn
Jessie Raburn - 6 måneder siden
337 people have never pooped in their lives....
Abigail Mcgowan
Abigail Mcgowan - 6 måneder siden
“I know the palette like the back of my hand” picks brown instead of red
Kalina Czerwińska
Kalina Czerwińska - 8 måneder siden
I haven’t even realized before that I was a zombae since the beginning of your channel. Wow and I still adore you 🖤 and why didn’t I catch that first time I’ve watched this video xD like... a year ago
Marc Abraham
Marc Abraham - 8 måneder siden
If you live blindfolded for a while, you develop abilities similar to Daredevil.
Your mind makes an image based on echo location, changes in air pressure, heat, etc.
You can even sense people and objects behind you.
Hannah Moser
Hannah Moser - 8 måneder siden
27 minutes of lauging
Hannah Moser
Hannah Moser - 8 måneder siden
omg when this came up I thought Chrissy is sooo cute. after that a friend showed me atc and I started stanning. then I went to concerts of them and fell in love. and now im freaking out watching this lmao. the fangirl in me sjjsjs