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Drive with us from LA to Flagstaff, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon, all in 360 degree VR! Also, if you ever wondered what a carwash in virtual reality looks like, I got you. Also also, all the embarrassing stories come from Katy... no surprise there.
This format is a bit different from my usual videos for both obvious and more subtle reasons- this should just feel like you're along with us for the ride so make sure you use whatever device you're watching on to look around and see the whole scene!
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Synergy Starrchild
Synergy Starrchild - 10 måneder siden
I’ve always wanted to be a dashboard hula girl, and now Mykie has blessed me with that opportunity 🖤
__ Emerald CopyCat __
__ Emerald CopyCat __ - 14 dager siden
Hayley XxKendall_Playz1xX
Hayley XxKendall_Playz1xX - Måned siden
16:45 a bird pooped on the window
Molly Brooks
Molly Brooks - 4 måneder siden
Lisa Fairchild ?
Sam S
Sam S - 5 måneder siden
@Lisa Fairchild thats a very smart idea but sadly im on my Xbox :(
Sam S
Sam S - 5 måneder siden
yes i like being a hula girl who's head is just an eye ball
richieboy09 - 13 timer siden
This is the first VR vid i've ever seen lol its good aint it..... Trouble is now i've gotta watch it about 10 times to see all the different views lol You ask where were from, well Im from London England.
Whats devil dog road? I really like that VR, i enjoyed that :)
Scarlet M
Scarlet M - 20 timer siden
I did know the s was in 360° and I was like "WHY TF IS IT MOVING
꧁omg꧂ - 22 timer siden
I still watch this just to spin around my room while my parents realize I was a mistake BAHAHAHA
BBP - Dag siden
Me just looking at Mykie, when ever she is talking.
popszyplayz - Dag siden
I moved my phone and nothing happened
Laurence Lagacé
Laurence Lagacé - 2 dager siden
birdshit on the windshield time stamp: 16:45. That's all I have to say... love you guys!
Madison Matthews
Madison Matthews - 2 dager siden
lol at 16:44 the bird poop went on the window 🥰
Alex Sorrentino
Alex Sorrentino - 3 dager siden
the bird pooped on the window between 16:44-16:45
Finis Tempus
Finis Tempus - 3 dager siden
I actually like the 360 view!!
Maya Kate.
Maya Kate. - 3 dager siden
16:43 there ya go, the bird poop has arrived
Brittney D
Brittney D - 4 dager siden
Bring the 360 back!
Isabella Fimpel
Isabella Fimpel - 4 dager siden
Love this 360 thing
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker - 6 dager siden
at 16:45 is on bird shizz impact
carlee - 6 dager siden
16:44 (bird shit)
carlee - 6 dager siden
mom! i'm hungry
carlee - 6 dager siden
i have been wanting to go on a road trip for weeks now, tank you
Eliza F
Eliza F - 6 dager siden
it looks like you guys drove through mojave! That's the area i live in
K Lazz
K Lazz - 6 dager siden
I’m binging your videos since it’s quarantine and this one made me feel like I have friends again lmfao
Faith Simon
Faith Simon - 7 dager siden
I literally got to the part where they were cleaning the windshield and I just "Who the hell is cleaning it." Moves camera. "Oh, it's peter." moves it back. Has the thingy hit the windshield. "Peter, stop it."
Kelley Harmon
Kelley Harmon - 7 dager siden
Do you have fall where you live?
Me I live in upstate ny of course I freaking do lol
The Goudas
The Goudas - 8 dager siden
I liked looking at the cars in front of them the bird poop was at 16:46 hope your happy Mykie. At 24:50 look down at Peters hand it is distorted
Josie Jorgensen
Josie Jorgensen - 8 dager siden
Josie Jorgensen
Josie Jorgensen - 8 dager siden
Sorry one more edit to make: The bird pooped on the windshield at 16:39
Josie Jorgensen
Josie Jorgensen - 8 dager siden
edit: The bug hitting the windshield happend at 16:39 🤣
Delaney Queen
Delaney Queen - 9 dager siden
I live in Arizona
C!mple English
C!mple English - 9 dager siden
Davida Washington
Davida Washington - 10 dager siden
Not in like a creepy way but I know where u live
Suliel - 10 dager siden
i waited forever to watch this because i just wasn't interested but.... it's cool i like it. It's chilled
katha - 10 dager siden
I'm so confused with the fact that you dont listen to music in the car
Nakina Hanssen
Nakina Hanssen - 10 dager siden
I haven't been in a carwash for the longest time, I have been blessed
Wren Bab
Wren Bab - 10 dager siden
i l o v e 360 content honestly
Dkskkdeo Odo did jdjrisic
Dkskkdeo Odo did jdjrisic - 11 dager siden
Me just spining around
GretchyJane XD
GretchyJane XD - 12 dager siden
16:44-16:45 is when the bird shit on the window
kenzy - 12 dager siden
There are 666,652 views...
Shei - 12 dager siden
Don't watch this when you got a headache, people. I click on this without knowing it was 360 video. This should have a warning ⚠️ for people to get sick because if they have a headache while lurking on youtube. I didn't look at the thumbnail cuz it was autoplay after another video. Notice that I didn't watch the full video. Cuz if it bit painfully watching when I got a headache. Probably will watch when am well again. Again warning would be nice in the title. Or before the video.
Gianna Bray
Gianna Bray - 13 dager siden
Love that the views are currently 666k for now at least.
Stormy Skies
Stormy Skies - 14 dager siden
Was the video blurry for anyone else?

just me? ok
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 16 dager siden
A nasty comment lol
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 15 dager siden
In all seriousness though, love you and all of your content. Hope you are doing good
Rockity Gacha
Rockity Gacha - 16 dager siden
16:44 is when it happened
Mack riggs
Mack riggs - 17 dager siden
The bird shit on the window at 15:58
Grace Foster
Grace Foster - 18 dager siden