Exploring SALEM & The LIZZIE BORDEN House in 360 VR

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Come with me, Peter, Mark and Spencer as we go exploring around Salem, Massachusetts, and the Lizzie Borden House in a 360 degree VR tour! This video is done a bit differently than the Grand Canyon/road trip VR video, so let me know in the comments which you like most and why!

Watch the other 360 video where we take a roadtrip from LA to The Grand Canyon in Arizona, here! (complimentary 360 VR car wash included in your viewership): noburn.info/id/video/va2XnLWGlKl8gn4.html
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Just Q
Just Q - 10 måneder siden
Voiceover Mykie: This is downtown Salem
Video Mykie: Look at my stick! It has leaves! ☺️🍁
McPufferson - 6 måneder siden
@CreepyGirl2397 That is WEIRD.
Margarita Lopez
Margarita Lopez - 6 måneder siden
@CreepyGirl2397 ?
A Villarr
A Villarr - 10 måneder siden
@Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes back the video up to about 8:40 and scroll left till you see that cabinet. focus on the bottom of that cabinet near the floor...you will see it! it took me so long to find it too! spooky! :)
Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes
@CreepyGirl2397 I watched for that part many times after seeing this comment and I don't see it. lol I don't understand what you're referring to as I focused on the spot you talked about... :(
pattie khalil
pattie khalil - 10 måneder siden
@Glam&Gore can you go and make a 360 degrees video on Eastern State Penitentiary
Autumn Green
Autumn Green - Dag siden
360 videos are awesome
Autumn Green
Autumn Green - Dag siden
Fricken amazing! Love the video!
Noah Tribley
Noah Tribley - 19 dager siden
I get the 360 video but it’s so shaky on YouTube. My phone is propped up and sitting still and the video is rocking all over.
Peter Buckman
Peter Buckman - Måned siden
Did your husband pack up the good stuff ,? Rubber bags plus female needs stuff ,
에르난데스테레사 - Måned siden
5:02 POV: You are a ant
SugarLemon_Gacha - Måned siden
iT wAs JoHn!!!
E Harland
E Harland - Måned siden
We are studied the crucible at school and gyles Corey was always my favourite
HollowedJes - Måned siden
Mykie: "There's something eerie about the site of a horrible tragedy getting turned into a touristy destination spot years later."
Me, a fan of Death Mother, Caitlin Doughty: "Witch to Kitsch!"
Daniel Chirino
Daniel Chirino - Måned siden
Please make more of these ghost adventures style videos!! I love them so much!!
Princess Alex
Princess Alex - Måned siden
10:05 when i looked at the house i literally say the curtains of the two windows above the door open
It's maybe just somebody that opened the curtains or is it a gHOst
Sweet Lunatic
Sweet Lunatic - Måned siden
Awesome views, loved that cemetery atmosphere 😍
Mary Hiano
Mary Hiano - Måned siden
Yorkshire lass Diaries
Yorkshire lass Diaries - Måned siden
Omg this gave me flash bash backs to a film I watched as a kid called Rosemaries baby. It terrified me
Shadan Arshadi
Shadan Arshadi - Måned siden
Love this videos❤️ that was so cool
Valerie Holmes
Valerie Holmes - Måned siden
This is so cool
Alexa C
Alexa C - Måned siden
Please tell me I’m not the only one watching it in 360 even tho I don’t have a VR set
N S - Måned siden
Buzzfeed unsolved and Mykie should collab
Lixie Vella
Lixie Vella - 2 måneder siden
Wait a damn minute... that carpet isn’t the same
Dabbing Unicorn#1
Dabbing Unicorn#1 - 2 måneder siden
Everyone: watching the video like a normal person and using their VR headset.
Me: watching the video at 12am while holding my phone, owning a VR headset, but I'm too scared to wake my mom to ask to set it up. Also searching for dogs in every area that people are.
Death R.I.P
Death R.I.P - 2 måneder siden
I want all the 360 videos!!
Kylie Coker
Kylie Coker - 2 måneder siden
I love the 360 videos because it feels like I'm there with y'all. FRANDS. Especially during quarantine when we can't really go anywhere, it's like I'm on the adventure too!
Kylie Coker
Kylie Coker - 2 måneder siden
I also love how many of us talk to you as though we ARE the camera during this. Like, "Oh no help!" when it falls over. Or, "Peter COME BACK" when he leaves us places.
K a y
K a y - 2 måneder siden
its crazy looking at where im from through a 360° , like could i get in a car and drive 5 minutes to where this is and seenit 360° irl? yes. but why do that when i can just do it from my bed!
Olivia Tyner
Olivia Tyner - 2 måneder siden
"And it's behind a Wallgreens" yeah, the oldest building in Beverly, MA is across the street from a gas station, it's kinda this thing with Mass, where we build our towns around historical locations, but really don't care what actually gets built around that stuff, and it kinda ruins the vibe half the time
S P A C E A B E L L E - 2 måneder siden
“If they walls could talk they would probably say iT wAS JOhN!” More like if Abby could still talk oh wait she did WATCH THE BORDEN HOUSE VIDEO TO GET WHAT IM SAYING
charli grace damelio
charli grace damelio - 2 måneder siden
If you are reading this

Never forget..

It was JOGN
DJ Tiblier
DJ Tiblier - 2 måneder siden
why am i more scared of spencer than anything else
Lahcen Atiqi
Lahcen Atiqi - 2 måneder siden
Ghost dont existe
Abigail Walker
Abigail Walker - 3 måneder siden
i just spun half the time
Yvette B
Yvette B - 3 måneder siden
I am going to send this video to my boyfriend who is obsessed with the game Towns of Salem. He will absolutely love this! Plus we use "Yellow Zombae" on eachother because I spam him with your videos 😁. He enjoys them too.
Cookie Cool
Cookie Cool - 3 måneder siden
No one:
No one ever:
Mykie’s fangirls: OMG IVE NEVER GOTTEN SO CLOSE TO HER **hyperventilates**
Cookie Cool
Cookie Cool - 3 måneder siden
We all know what happened at the Lizzie Borden house...

Steven Meekings
Steven Meekings - 3 måneder siden
It was John oooooo
Joanna Twiselton Jones
Joanna Twiselton Jones - 3 måneder siden
the detector under the camera was going crazy
Catherine S
Catherine S - 3 måneder siden
The grave at 5:31 : ** commence S P L I T**
Sebra Heiniger
Sebra Heiniger - 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or did you guys also see the flickering light. Go back to 7:04 and look around. It was probably a camera, but I just noticed it.
•Alexa• - 3 måneder siden
Who else noticed the thing you blink on and off in the intro ???
Jasmine Parson
Jasmine Parson - 3 måneder siden
im scared now i turned the camera and i imedietly got staired at
Jayden AC
Jayden AC - 3 måneder siden
If you plan on doing more ghost hunting this year (if we aren’t on lockdown), we NEED a full video mash-up thing of every single ghost hunting in 360! It would be EPIC
くコ:彡 - 3 måneder siden
me spinning my screen around for twenty minutes straight