first time DRAG MAKEUP transformation

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For as long as I’ve been doing makeup, both as a hobby and professionally, I’ve never once attempted the art of drag makeup. In this video, I finally try it for the first time. And somehow forget to use highlighter which means I give myself an overall grade of F. Drag makeup is really freakin difficult & I’ll be leaving it to the pros from here.
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Vaia Tsepouras
Vaia Tsepouras - Dag siden
Anthony: 420 was last week
Me: No, it was last year in the Lizzie Borden House!
Anyone remember that from the ghost hunting series?
Madelyn Herteen
Madelyn Herteen - Dag siden
Oh my god I saw this video and said confs to someone and they said “bless you” I died!
CHECKM8 - Dag siden
in my opinion (and this is in no way shaming mykie, i f*cking love it)
but doesn't she basically do drag on the daily?
Kasey Barrell
Kasey Barrell - 2 dager siden
I’m also intimidated by drag queens, they’re fucking gorgeous and the damn confidence they all have.
animal crossing
animal crossing - 3 dager siden
rina m
rina m - 4 dager siden
i loved it
rina m
rina m - 4 dager siden
she has like the perfect teeth.. .
Dominique - 6 dager siden
luna b
luna b - 6 dager siden
she looks like morgan mcmichales almost lol
Avalon Zukowski
Avalon Zukowski - 8 dager siden
Omg i love you two!!!
Cyphro H
Cyphro H - 8 dager siden
So pretty. Well done on the drag-up. Looks amazling
Blue Treble
Blue Treble - 9 dager siden
I'm not super confs period.. Not just today or any other day.. Life has changed me
Erykah.Eats - 10 dager siden
Goodness I’m just so obsessed with you
Jay D
Jay D - 10 dager siden
"I also love Willum...cause he roasted me" that change of attitude and smile KILLED MEEE LMAOO! I swear she has the most beautiful smile!!!
TheJXP5 - 10 dager siden
Y'all, I accidentally texted my MANAGER to see if she could clock me in illegally lol My friend usually does it when I'm late. I'm supposed to be a professional working at a hospital. There is no redemption. I am freaking out and clicked on this video randomly to see if I can refocus or pretend it didn't happen. I hope I am not fired. The "that's what she said" jokes are very comforting. Idk who this girl is but Thank you 😭
Phoebe Clements
Phoebe Clements - 11 dager siden
Mykie: I never said I’d be good at this
Mykie: I said I would try
Me: ...
Amy - 11 dager siden
Such a beauty! I love watching drag
Brandy Bivens
Brandy Bivens - 11 dager siden
oh they know what that means
Andrea Farnum
Andrea Farnum - 11 dager siden
"I'm having a year actually" Who doesn't relate to this.
Andrea Farnum
Andrea Farnum - 11 dager siden
I almost wanna do this for Halloween. I think it would be great fun
My life with reborns
My life with reborns - 11 dager siden
I am 13 and I know what that means
J. Amb
J. Amb - 12 dager siden
She is so hideous without makeup. Like yuck
Destiney B
Destiney B - 12 dager siden
4/20 was last week
MARY ne - 12 dager siden
You look like a drag version of marilyn monroe
Katie Brown
Katie Brown - 13 dager siden
i just want to know what kind of face paint makeup she uses for her gore makeup
Catherine Vest
Catherine Vest - 13 dager siden
All this look is missing a marlyn Monroe beauty mole😍
这种 ρ α м ι 这种
这种 ρ α м ι 这种 - 13 dager siden
I lowkey want to marry your relationship...
Female Eijiro Kirishima
Female Eijiro Kirishima - 14 dager siden
Same I love sims 4!!!
NeelTheSphynx - 15 dager siden
You forgot to highlight and yet there's still highlights. Baking freaking works.
NeelTheSphynx - 15 dager siden
I'm havin' day-I'm havin' a week-A whole year actually.
Yeah I feel that...
Fuckin' mood.
FiReAn - 16 dager siden
Mykie is pretty much the lovechild of Katya and Trixie and i'd love she did a makeup episode with them lol
Abby Orton
Abby Orton - 16 dager siden
Take a shot for every sexual innuendo in this video
Noor Girl
Noor Girl - 18 dager siden
Omg she looks like my 6th grade math teacher lol
Punch Buttfacey
Punch Buttfacey - 18 dager siden
Mykie and anthony flirting throughout the whole video called me single 9827827 times.
ʝıռx sռıքє
ʝıռx sռıքє - 18 dager siden
10:36 the way she said "Okay" tho hahaha
Mandy Waynick
Mandy Waynick - 19 dager siden
Meanwhile I can't get regular foundation to not look cakey....
Eveline Murta
Eveline Murta - 22 dager siden
in love
Victoria Clemente
Victoria Clemente - 23 dager siden
I like you so much, man...Anthony is so amazing too...u two are the best
Goldenmaplearts12 - 23 dager siden
That's a A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ from me!
Zakky Wak
Zakky Wak - 24 dager siden
You look amazing!!!