FX Makeup Artist Reacts to MRS.DOUBTFIRE

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Reacting to and commenting on the 90s classic, Mrs.Doubtfire, focusing mainly on the makeup & my eternal love for Robin Williams.
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Laurel Fisher
Laurel Fisher - Måned siden
please ruin love mykie
4Xissues - Måned siden
Oh My!! @mykie u would be SO JELLY!!.. but I met Robin Williams in New York! 🤗😎
Makenna Yeary
Makenna Yeary - Måned siden
Mykie should make her self a dinosaur
vic noble
vic noble - Måned siden
I want my love ruined so badly
Stephanie O'Regan
Stephanie O'Regan - Måned siden
Yes please!!! 😆😆
SnowKitty1200 c
SnowKitty1200 c - Måned siden
Yes please
celticofaerie - 10 timer siden
YES I want to hear Peter's opinions on Rom Coms fer shuure
Jessica Myers
Jessica Myers - 11 timer siden
I came to this video after watching the facts about your favorite movies, and then you referenced that video here too. full circle
Isabella Camoçato
Isabella Camoçato - 15 timer siden
*we’re in a pandemic, peter*
Gamer Girl E
Gamer Girl E - 16 timer siden
I know it’s random but I want her to react to Descendants 3 for the part where Mal turns into an old person.
Ava Jasmine
Ava Jasmine - 21 time siden
I love how chill her videos are like with music and everything like they don’t all have to be dramatic to be enjoyable
JennMichelle - 23 timer siden
A rom-com with you two....sorry, too much hawtness. 😲🥵 So... DO IT! 👍 I’ll watch. No, I’m not weird—it’s a rom-com, sheesh, what did you think I was thinking, that maybe I was...not. 😁😁😁
JennMichelle - 22 timer siden
Back to the vid. I miss Robin Williams. He was one of my all time favorite actors. And he will always be...RIP Mork.
Emily Shelley
Emily Shelley - Dag siden
Any other bun heads get low key stage fright with the nutcracker in the background? 🤣
crissy cattuzzo
crissy cattuzzo - Dag siden
I’m new to the channel and i’m obsessed!!! Is it just me or does anyone else think Mykie looks like several celebrities? Just the videos I’ve watched since subscribing a few days ago I’ve seen, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jenny McCarthy, and in this video I see Anne Hathaway. Is there a video where she does something with looking like celebrities? Mykie is beautiful, funny and talented! I can’t wait to see all the videos! Yay!
Rachel Gessner
Rachel Gessner - Dag siden
I remember watching this movie for like the 1000 times like two years after it came out which was also like two years after my sisters dad left and just crying because in the movie robin williams did everything and anything for his kids and my sisters dad was out of their lives and I was literally in like 5th grade at the time and I’m 34 now and still can’t watch the movie because of that
Ari - Dag siden
That hellooo ending did totally make up for it
Kristen Danielle
Kristen Danielle - Dag siden
Speaking of Ve, reacting to the final morphs from Face Off would be awesome!
luna b
luna b - Dag siden
i vote for a video of mykie creating her new life cast!
Kayla Granillo
Kayla Granillo - Dag siden
How tf am I barely seeing this. How did I miss this. My dude 2020 hates me.
OG Crazy Cat Lady
OG Crazy Cat Lady - Dag siden
What about The Bird Cage?! Its free to watch on YouTube!
RadMad - 3 dager siden
oh no we cannot make a video abt mrs doubtfire and not talk about transphobia sweets no matter what ur specialty
Cristina R
Cristina R - 3 dager siden
I just followed because I love watching Mykie talk. The more you know about yourself.
Katie Walder
Katie Walder - 4 dager siden
React to she’s the man!! Xx
LooksByVicks - 4 dager siden
I love this movie and I cry every time I watch it
Malorie Zastrow
Malorie Zastrow - 5 dager siden
As a trans woman, I can tell you that no trans woman would ever pee standing up. This is a terrible stereotype that happens in the minds of people who are only guessing what trans women are like.
sophia ogilvie
sophia ogilvie - 6 dager siden
Erika Clark
Erika Clark - 6 dager siden
I will create an army of youtube channels just to watch you incorporate the peeing thing into a makeup look.
Lauren May
Lauren May - 6 dager siden
Could you compare different zombie films makeup
That would be cool
Zoey Beard
Zoey Beard - 6 dager siden
You should rate Halloweentown fix makeup
Alison Gregory
Alison Gregory - 7 dager siden
There is a documentary on Robin Williams and it just makes you love him even more seeing his true loveable character and how amazing he was not only as an actor and in every movie but in true life but warning it will make you cry so bring the tissues lol but defiently worth a watch
Jennifer - 7 dager siden
The Dobler-Dahmer Theory from How I Met Your Mother xD
Brianne Marie
Brianne Marie - 7 dager siden
Daniel’s brother is Harvey Feinstein, a Tony winner and drag icon. He was the perfect person for the part! Also his voice was perfect for the movie!
Cali Meuchel
Cali Meuchel - 8 dager siden
angel Rees
angel Rees - 8 dager siden
where anothony
Jessica Holcomb
Jessica Holcomb - 9 dager siden
Please do the video about what's problematic in 90's rom-coms.
Mackenzie Gish
Mackenzie Gish - 9 dager siden
U gotta use the funnel in a FX look
KayP0ps - 9 dager siden
I’m not crying you are! I struggle to watch anything with Robin in now, it’s bitter sweet. Thank God we (those of us did that did) grew up in the 90’s. We had some iconic shit ✌🏻
Angela Roth
Angela Roth - 9 dager siden
Please ruin love pleeeeeease
Paulette Perea
Paulette Perea - 9 dager siden
Mykie could you review the Grinch makeup?🌝✨💗
Helen Badillo
Helen Badillo - 10 dager siden
My favorite part is Mikey fangirling over the lifecast
XxRandomLittleElfxX Does gacha
I love this movie
tamaki_kiri.cosplay 8
tamaki_kiri.cosplay 8 - 11 dager siden
Im trans ftm and nonbinary
Ambulism - 11 dager siden
I would love to watch you review Pan's Labyrinth. The SFX make-up is so good in that film I have no idea how Guillermo Del Toro does it. He's so amazing.
Pixie Lilium Brock
Pixie Lilium Brock - 11 dager siden
THE CUTEST THING JUST HAPPENED. My two year old said "helloooooo" back to you in the same way then called you Minnie 🥺❤️ (as in Minnie mouse)
Mackenzie Gish
Mackenzie Gish - 12 dager siden
This is one of my favorite movies