Gabbie Hanna Turns Me Into Gabbie Hanna

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Like the title says! ..... we tried.
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Annita Verata
Annita Verata - 2 år siden
The thumb nail literally looks like y’all just came from the Jersey Shore
Jillian Organek
Jillian Organek - Måned siden
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug - 2 måneder siden
This might be the most likes I’ve ever seen on any comment ever
Meadhoh Jerrels
Meadhoh Jerrels - 3 måneder siden
bussy 6969
bussy 6969 - 10 måneder siden
Alana Parham
Alana Parham - 10 måneder siden
Hey😂 I live right where they filmed😂
Honestlyidk - 23 timer siden
28 minues of gabbie interrupting ad trying to kiss mykie
Honestlyidk - Dag siden
only here for mykie
Claire Francis
Claire Francis - 3 dager siden
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 7 dager siden
25:10 this is what youre looking for
Crunt Nugget
Crunt Nugget - 7 dager siden
them Abby got some biceps dam looking good Abby
Peyton Davis
Peyton Davis - 9 dager siden
Im just gonna say it. This is rotted.
Natalia Martinez
Natalia Martinez - 11 dager siden
Rewatching this video, Gabby seemed really pushy. Consistently asking Mykie to kiss her, or trying to without consent is kinda of an asshole move.
TaylorVerse - 13 dager siden
Dont worry Mykie. I do them on my face 😘
Misuto Catsat
Misuto Catsat - 14 dager siden
So what if I’m the monsterrrrr~~
Denise McNutt
Denise McNutt - 15 dager siden
Why does mykie look like rosanna
Denise McNutt
Denise McNutt - 15 dager siden
The eyes are cute tho
The Disturbing Panda
The Disturbing Panda - 15 dager siden
Wow, actually never expected that they would ever make a video together. Spontaneous collabs are always a shock
Caitlin Speer
Caitlin Speer - 23 dager siden
The fact gabby thought her head was smaller lmao like boo look in the camera 😂😂😂
Alec did a thing
Alec did a thing - 25 dager siden
i climbed out of my head and watched myself implode a thought without a body outta be the shot to take q load of my brain is poisioned and im searching for the antidote but every time i find it my defences scream oh no you dont woah
grace heart
grace heart - 26 dager siden
i am very uncomfortable rn
Rose Smith
Rose Smith - 28 dager siden
Well this is awkward ......
Sam Samma
Sam Samma - Måned siden
Did she get super sunburnt ? Haha
rili84 - Måned siden
okay, i don't really follow the gabby hannah drama but she seems really ehm, bossy. i skipped ahead to when they start and shes poking mykie really hard and the way she wanted to show that abd contour and her rude talking. idkm this doesnt seem like a fun collab. more like mykie accepting whatever
Erin Landry
Erin Landry - Måned siden
It's not the vice it's you Gabby
Billy Midgley
Billy Midgley - Måned siden
y are they so cute together. (i ship them)
Billy Midgley
Billy Midgley - 26 dager siden
@League_of_special_stuff mate I'm only 14 I'm just saying my opinion and I like gabbie so plz don't
League_of_special_stuff - 28 dager siden
first off don’t ship real people it makes em uncomfortable and gabbie is super controlling , she has been cancelled recently and look how many time’s she speaks over mykie like-
Ruthie iphonegoole Duke
Ruthie iphonegoole Duke - Måned siden
Hannah looks bright spanking red and her yellow hair like good lord

Iridian Morales
Iridian Morales - Måned siden
This is probably the only video I haven’t watched in your channel until today lol
-Danii- Perez
-Danii- Perez - Måned siden
You don't think that is weird or wrong that gabbie tried to kiss her so many times? What if a man does the same to her? Mykie was totally uncomfortable and gabbie knew that
Karen Sánchez
Karen Sánchez - Måned siden
This video kinda aged like milk
Pink Cocaine
Pink Cocaine - Måned siden
Mykie avoiding the powder is exactly how my nephews act after asking me to do their makeup😂
Mo Ha
Mo Ha - Måned siden
Gabbies face after Mykie told her she put the fangs in Ripplys mouth haha
Elizabeth Lownds
Elizabeth Lownds - Måned siden
Wow, Gabbie is unbelievably rude.
TombGirl - Måned siden
Awful woman
nanette gray
nanette gray - Måned siden
Natures Dragon
Natures Dragon - Måned siden
gabbi hannah is a horrbile person ..... god
꧁•LCSantos•꧂ - Måned siden
She's like "that" auntie
kaydence dobbs
kaydence dobbs - Måned siden
Mykie over here lookin like Gru
nanette gray
nanette gray - Måned siden
I thought she looked exactly like Gabbi
Zoey Nalett
Zoey Nalett - Måned siden
Me: just scrolling through youtube
Also me: realizes that mykie looked like my 6th grade sciance teacher in the thumbnail P.S. sorry if i spelled sciance and thumbnail wrong
Rachel Tomey
Rachel Tomey - Måned siden
Your glam and gore Barbie is a TickTock trend with aqua’s Barbie girl and then the new not your Barbie girl for 2020 ( I Think that one is by Ava Max) you should totally watch it on TickTock because they do the whole full glam Barbie and then they do the postop Barbie and I was like that’s Mykie from glam and gore that’s where they got it
Ari - Måned siden
she doesn't have to gore it up, she's already a monster.
Ari - Måned siden
Mykie doesn't have to gore it up, because Gabbi is the monstAR
Ari - Måned siden
gabbie is the monster
thomas g
thomas g - Måned siden
what if im the monster
Art Fart
Art Fart - Måned siden
MusicElle gabby probably 👁👄👁
MusicElle - Måned siden
Ari are you talking about Mykie or Gabbie?
Yoni Van Cleemput
Yoni Van Cleemput - Måned siden
Idk why but Mykie looks more like Alisha Marie to me
Kassy Theile
Kassy Theile - Måned siden
The maturity level is worlds apart... I would be honored to work with Mykie anyday... I would run from the other one... Just way way to in your face
Mikaela _
Mikaela _ - Måned siden
Everyone should stop trying to interpret and or pretend to know how mykie felt throughout this video. Clearly these girls have been friends for years and feel safe and comfortable around each-other. Just because you don’t like gabbie hanna because of childish drama doesn’t mean you know her personal life or how her friends feel about her.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith - Måned siden
“A certain feature people mention to you” me: her narcissistic personality
RoxiEe - Måned siden
Who else watching in 2020 when everyone hates gabbie?
Amanda Garten
Amanda Garten - Måned siden
You are so right. Misunderstood is the perfect word for her. She's the only one in her shoes so no one will understand. (If you know what I mean) 😉 I'm one of the few who ❤️ loves her a lot. I love both girls.
Kiran Rampersad
Kiran Rampersad - Måned siden
not everyone hates her, i certainly don't. she seems nice, but misunderstood.
Charred FrogLegs
Charred FrogLegs - Måned siden
I'm watching in 2020 but I don't know anything about hating the Gabby person. I think I've only seen her in a small handful of videos ever. But I live under a very comfy rock 😁
Gacha Nerd
Gacha Nerd - Måned siden
Brooo I love gabby honestly is my favorite song everrrrrr