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Watch me talk about how cold it is in New York City (well, New Jersey) for 15 minutes while I do my makeup! Did I mention it's cold? It's really cold.
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
NYX micro brow pencil in espresso
Patrick Starrr x MAC Glam AF eyeshadow palette
Tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette, maneater pen eyeliner, maneater mascara
Any rosy lip liner + chapstick/gloss

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Ophelia - 2 år siden
I thought the thumbnail said „KFC Edition“ and I was like she’s gonna do it, she’s gonna draw on her eyebrows with a chicken wing
Sherilyn - 2 år siden
omg mykie please do a get ready with me in kfc
kit aitken
kit aitken - 2 år siden
Ophelia ya me to!
AudOldEnds - 2 år siden
This is a totally logical conclusion to jump to
Sophie Ray
Sophie Ray - 2 år siden
HAHAHAHAHAHA! This has made my life!! I also have a NOburn Channel😁🙋🏻💕
mirthe haan
mirthe haan - 2 år siden
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb - 24 dager siden
I was like "what's she talking about 20 degrees is a really nice temperature" and then I remembered farenheit
Paula Hatch
Paula Hatch - 4 måneder siden
Amanda Azzarello
Amanda Azzarello - 5 måneder siden
More glam videos PLZZZ
C. Underwood.
C. Underwood. - 7 måneder siden
Marc Abraham
Marc Abraham - 8 måneder siden
What's amazing is snow porn.
That's right, completely naked girls in the snow.
Anaston Barnes
Anaston Barnes - 9 måneder siden
Haha I’m from Canada and we use Celsius here, so at first I was really confused when you were saying that 20 degree weather was cold😂
Majda Fayj
Majda Fayj - 10 måneder siden
Girl, you're entertaining yourself by torturing it !!! At least use a moisturizer and a lip balm to hydrate and also to not edge early. Thank you.
Wendigo Whispers
Wendigo Whispers - År siden
"KATIE! Look at the monitor..." Oh, this video. I love Mykie. So cold!
Whalium - År siden
“Technically we’re not. We’re in New Jersey” New Yorkers are offended
BakeFace - År siden
OMFG MYKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂 I should have known...glam AND gore.👌
I love your content and miss you very much.
Omega Moon
Omega Moon - År siden
(Mikey) Don't try this at home
(Me) Can we do it in the park¿??
Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah - År siden
You'z savage! Do this on a rainy pls? LOL LOL!
Person Person
Person Person - År siden
**laughs in canadian**
Resa Chiic Covers
Resa Chiic Covers - År siden
omg you did the shining snow meme thing at the end xD
Charlie Crawford
Charlie Crawford - År siden
I've been being watching your channel for the last 2 days. You are so talented and fun to watch. Would love to see you do glam and gore for the different mythical Gods and Goddesses.
Sophie Mcdoogal
Sophie Mcdoogal - År siden
As a Canadian this is the daily routine
Cody Duncan
Cody Duncan - År siden
When her frozen eyeliner is still better than my best eyeliner...
Yalenni Vasquez
Yalenni Vasquez - År siden
Late as frick but this is LITERALLY in front of my house. Like she’s deadass across the street and I had no idea. Smh
LimeCats Yeet
LimeCats Yeet - År siden
It's -25 Celsius here in Canada eh
The Boo Factory
The Boo Factory - År siden
I live in New York and trust me the cities are way warmer than the middle of nowhere.
Cheyenne Archambeault
Cheyenne Archambeault - År siden
Me in the morning talking to myself in the mirror
Eileen V
Eileen V - 2 år siden
I've forgotten what the cold feels like :')
Gaby Blink Mamamoo
Gaby Blink Mamamoo - 2 år siden
Girl I bloody love you!! How does this video not have more views?! You rock xx
MistySpring -
MistySpring - - 2 år siden
I wonder how many people missed out and clicked off the video before seeing the end? :) ❄⛄
Shasha - 2 år siden
14:12 scares the shit outta me !
Lizzie Cottrell
Lizzie Cottrell - 2 år siden
Watching this in August in Texas 😂😂😂
Molly McDonald
Molly McDonald - 2 år siden
For some reason that bit scared the crap out of me... loved it lmao
Meaghan Drum
Meaghan Drum - 2 år siden
Her main mistake is not staying in California for winter and visiting during the summer
Snow Wolf
Snow Wolf - 2 år siden
I’m watching this in August lol
Dawn Kenny
Dawn Kenny - 2 år siden
Wats warm for u I fined 18 degrees warm in the UK 5 degrees is cold
Kay N.
Kay N. - 2 år siden
I live in WI, so I can relate all too well to this lmfao
I frickin hate the cold T_T
Also Mykie, you are always so pretty!
Crystal Beans
Crystal Beans - 2 år siden
Lol i jumped at the end!
ibetrollin you
ibetrollin you - 2 år siden
Lmao love the ice princess
Bree Rodriguez
Bree Rodriguez - 2 år siden
Her shivering while doing her eye makeup is literally me everyday... Because I have yeah 😅
Dazzlings - 2 år siden
Most hilarious beauty tutorial?
ms lastnamea
ms lastnamea - 2 år siden
Eyebrows are sisters not twins but WHOA THEY DO NOT LOOK THE SAME AT ALL !!!?
coffeegirl18 - 2 år siden
The eating each other film is the one about the football team that had their plane crash in the mountains.
Luna Lena
Luna Lena - 2 år siden
I am watching this in the early summer. In Germany. (Its hot atm). In a room without air conditioning. YEAH
Tina Short
Tina Short - 2 år siden
If this had been eyes would be watering,,snot would be running,, I'd have to pee 3 times and all the tears and snot would be frozen on my chin!!!! Good job Mykie!!!!