Getting Rid of 80% Of My MAKEUP COLLECTION

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Spark lots of joy and declutter ALLLL the beauty products and ALLLLLL the fx products with me Marie Kondo style using her Konmari Method.
Not spons but Marie's book is The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up

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Glam&Gore - 7 måneder siden
What would be the hardest category of your makeup to get rid of?!

Clearly mine is blood. 🩸
Maggie Brown
Maggie Brown - Måned siden
Lip stuff I don't use 99% of it but I love it oh and mascara. Those are two of the only things I wear so I keep and get tons
Cali Meuchel
Cali Meuchel - 4 måneder siden
DEF lipstick... 🤷‍♀️
emy r
emy r - 5 måneder siden
eyeshadow 😭
SUPER SARA qxz - 7 måneder siden
Lipsticks! I can't survive without them
Sarah Lynn
Sarah Lynn - 7 måneder siden
My hardest would be my glitters Ahahaha so seeing you toss glitter broke my heart hahah
Leigh Green
Leigh Green - 4 timer siden
At 7:54 she flashed us 😂
Clarissa Cuartero
Clarissa Cuartero - 2 dager siden
me slightly ocd to mykie in 1s: OMAYGAD WHAT A MESS !?
o0Avalon0o - 3 dager siden
Is there a full version I can play in the background so I don't have to suffer through Cleaning alone? Plz ♥️
MEGGERS126 - 3 dager siden
That was incredibly satisfying to watch you do!
grace eddings
grace eddings - 4 dager siden
how old are you are u 30 that is what Google says
Whimsical tunes
Whimsical tunes - 4 dager siden
Your videos “ sprak “ joy in me☺️
Cordelia Chas
Cordelia Chas - 6 dager siden
9:18 does anyone notice the red dot behind her? It's been there for a while now.
Meowana - 8 dager siden
human kind is so excess. all that effectively now rubbish was spent resources on, manufactured. as if there are no more important things on Earth to do rather than produce bizillion brushes so that 1 lady could use it...once...maybe
Cetera Sorensen
Cetera Sorensen - 8 dager siden
was anybody else expecting her to go grab anthony??/
Jaidynn Bickler
Jaidynn Bickler - 10 dager siden
hi peter
Jaidynn Bickler
Jaidynn Bickler - 10 dager siden
also eye shadow sparks joy for me
Cahti Coulson
Cahti Coulson - 10 dager siden
its the old ass Mac makeup bag for me.
Grace Williamson
Grace Williamson - 10 dager siden
Are you sending the first item of the sfx to a woman’s shelter or Katie? 😅
Ranger Halt
Ranger Halt - 11 dager siden
that amount of makeup is my dream
Meagan Wymbs
Meagan Wymbs - 11 dager siden
Peter should start a YouTube channel where he just tears apart big blockbuster movies
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 12 dager siden
When she was looking for something that sparks joy, I totally thought as a joke she would hold up a jar of scare wax
Homo horror erotica Goddess
Homo horror erotica Goddess - 12 dager siden
Woe u had a lot your natrualy fabulouse u dont need wear tons
Libby Houdek
Libby Houdek - 12 dager siden
Makeup product that sparks the most joy for me: Eyeshadow. I am an absolute crackwhore for the stuff and own way too much for one person who does absolutely nothing with it other than paint her own face, which I don't even do that often because shoutout to depression and quarantine.
Lucija Knežević
Lucija Knežević - 13 dager siden
Title : Getting rid of 80% of my makeup
Mykie: I got rid of 60% of my makeup
Me: Wait-
Mattox Smith
Mattox Smith - 16 dager siden
Love that mykies inner frog has come out in this video
(She spent a lot of the video squating like a frog)
Lydia Krow
Lydia Krow - 18 dager siden
When you said "when M.A.C. started sending me PR" I thought you were going to finish the sentence with "I threw it right the hell away because it's garbage." Haha but you didn't.
Cassidy Rae
Cassidy Rae - 18 dager siden
Every time I see you wear your merch I get instant regret for not buying the joggers you made 😢
Ashleigh Creech
Ashleigh Creech - 19 dager siden
"eyebrow products are so expensive"
"foundations and concealers are so expensive"
Sherrie Havens
Sherrie Havens - 20 dager siden
I watched the whole video and I don't even wear makeup!
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha - 22 dager siden
6 months later she still hasnt used the huge foundation brush
Lacey Sisson
Lacey Sisson - 23 dager siden
Does anyone know what kind of leggings mykie wears??
gingie - 23 dager siden
She was talking about how she needs her jaclyn hill brushes as I'm doing my eye look with her palette
Melanie Moody
Melanie Moody - 23 dager siden
Why don't you do a giveaway
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida - 23 dager siden
how does her back not KILL after this
Paula Herron
Paula Herron - 24 dager siden
Chris Humphrey
Chris Humphrey - 25 dager siden
I love that you’re donating your un-used makeup to a women’s shelter, but perhaps the next time you get some extra PR makeup, you could do a give away to us Zombaes that are building our kits?
Mana Smith
Mana Smith - 26 dager siden
Lipsticks, I went through my overflowing makeup drawer today and found lipsticks were the hardest to get rid of
X - 26 dager siden
Man I always thought she was so cute her voice haha her intro ❤️
Rachel Price
Rachel Price - 28 dager siden
Is peter that guy that secretly is in love with you but just wants you happy and knows you aren’t in to him and he just would do anything for you regardless and keep his feelings for you a secret? 😭
ChaoticMoonN1bd - 28 dager siden
I thought she said Katamari method. Like the video game where you roll things in a ball. All I could think is that is an odd way to do this...
Fat fluffy Bunny
Fat fluffy Bunny - 29 dager siden
Tbh if I made videos & got pr makeup I'd look at it,if I want some and if I don't then send all of it,fresh to a women's shelter
Matilda Fries
Matilda Fries - Måned siden
So I just realized that Mykie is the human I am the very most jealous of. She's pretty, she's dating Anthony Padildo, she has suuuch a cool name, she's good at makeup, and she has literally the best personality ever. (From what I can see on camera anyway)
Bandaid Baby
Bandaid Baby - Måned siden
One of my most beloved make up products is mascara
Nora Mero
Nora Mero - Måned siden
I want to see Katy cleaning those brushes
Ashlyn Vemo
Ashlyn Vemo - Måned siden
so when Mykie was running her hands through her hundreds of brushes on the ground... was I the only one who remembered Halloween as kid and doing that with my candy?