HAUNTED VILLAGE : I Did My Halloween Makeup In Sleepy Hollow

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I do a glam and special fx halloween witch makeup to go with the folklore of this quiet creepy town and then go ghost hunting at haunted churches and cemeteries that are hundreds of years old, nbd. Hold onto your heads....
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cynthia spencer
cynthia spencer - Dag siden
shes SO scared BUT look lmao do you realize how effing scared and JUST as freaked out someone on the outside seeing all that- would be? lmao seeing a hooded figure with that face and those eyes....lmao they'd be more scared of you then you of them lmao
cynthia spencer
cynthia spencer - Dag siden
When she said "WHADDYA LOOKIN AT, WHADDYA LOOKIN AT, WHADDYA BOTH LOOKIN AT" and looking back and forth and back and just tweakin out LMFAO- I had to re-watch it and pause it because im loosing it laughing to myself- just...omg lmao....XD
DJ Candy Kiss
DJ Candy Kiss - 4 dager siden
MYKIE!! you should do this series again this year!
KiariaBlack - 8 dager siden
Watching these videos after the Careless Whisper scandal.... All the videos are muted at the end lol
Gray cosplays
Gray cosplays - 9 dager siden
I scare you, you scare me, let’s go to Disney land to hide a body.
Kaitlyn Daenzer
Kaitlyn Daenzer - 17 dager siden
I'm thinking Robert Loggia is the same actor that laughed at her for being a ginger 😠
Emily Plewes
Emily Plewes - 18 dager siden
Lmao! I'm moving to Sleepy Hallow NY on the 15th of September. I'm very excited.
em - 22 dager siden
I smoked a joint at that lighthouse a week ago, didn't know it was haunted, but its creepy as fuck
The Pastel Robloxian Girl
The Pastel Robloxian Girl - 22 dager siden
at 22:24 i saw a orange glowing dot in da ghost cam...A GHoST LIghT
Lindsey Kathleen
Lindsey Kathleen - 23 dager siden
Please go to Savannah, Georgia!
melissa sotelo
melissa sotelo - 25 dager siden
Aw man can’t believe you were here. Only 10 min away from me
Leah Quick
Leah Quick - 26 dager siden
21:30 to 21:50 there's an orb on the right but it could be something on the camera lense
Nikki mumford
Nikki mumford - Måned siden
you look like paige michaelchuck from degrassi
Pluviangin - Måned siden
anyone else watching halloween videos during the pandemic? no?
Michelle Raine
Michelle Raine - Måned siden
Omigawd please do a “sleepy holographic look”!
Izuku Midoryia
Izuku Midoryia - Måned siden
Imagine if she didn’t whisper and the video where she did a desert look where she put blood in her eye and , she said she had blood on her hands her neighbor would of been like “WHAT?!”
that one girl
that one girl - Måned siden
I think its funny that my hometown also has a witch story where a woman was frozen to death on a rock.... her handprints are in the rock. its right by a courthouse tho, so no woods treks I guess.
•Derpy_TheCat• - Måned siden
Idk why but the two different looks remind me of the witch from Beauty and The Beast.
Haley Hesterman
Haley Hesterman - Måned siden
go watch the time in the video 5:15
Cristina Sismondo
Cristina Sismondo - Måned siden
Am I the only one that instantly went " noOOOnoNoooOoooo! Not the broom on the bed!" ×_x
Joris Universe
Joris Universe - Måned siden
Did she just say girlfriend....? Is she bi?
Keri Bassett
Keri Bassett - Måned siden
I know this is the wrong video for it but the just I just searched up Jersey Devil and it said that the mother was supposed to be a witch and the father was supposed to be a devil himself
Aj Hyde
Aj Hyde - Måned siden
The ugly witch looks like the ugly lunch lady cuz of da balled cap😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
William afton
William afton - Måned siden
Wait isn’t all of her creepy videos basically “history with mykie” lol
Mulder's Mayhem
Mulder's Mayhem - Måned siden
**Looks terrifying***
"Leaves are scaring me right now."
abby o
abby o - Måned siden
3:00 am is the devils hour 12:00 am is the witching hour
hafsah ehigie
hafsah ehigie - Måned siden
anyone else think the glam witch has has major blonde witch from hocus pocus vibes 🤷🏽‍♀️
Lyquan Scott
Lyquan Scott - Måned siden
And people say we can't wear a mask while were in public places
BerrySweet Drawss
BerrySweet Drawss - Måned siden
no wayyy when they said it was 2:30 it just happened to be 2:30 form me aswell.... weird
Bee Spradlin
Bee Spradlin - Måned siden
After she said ASMR she slurped into the mic and I’m not saying it sounded like she was slurping up a bowl of beans but ... it sounded like she was slurping up a bowl of beans
Brayden Colvin
Brayden Colvin - Måned siden
The music at the beginning is the same music that james uses on deadmeat
Wolf The Proxy
Wolf The Proxy - Måned siden
The headless horseman is also based off of a criptid called a dulahan if you saw them they would throw a bucket of blood onto you
Rockstar Eileen Gaming
Rockstar Eileen Gaming - Måned siden
As soon as the vid started my eyes went straight to the bed frame and I thought it was the silhouette of shred XD
Nightsky_* - Måned siden
Does anyone know what song is at 19:20
Patty F
Patty F - Måned siden
I was literally going to internet yell at Robert Loggia for yelling Mykie, but he's dead. Lol
Patty F
Patty F - Måned siden
I've had problems with M. Night Shamallamashame since Avatar
Quinn - Måned siden
"No good jokes come after 2:30 am"
uhm, i disagree, most of my funniest moments come at like 3 am if not later
Rockstar Eileen Gaming
Rockstar Eileen Gaming - Måned siden
Lol me XD
Madison Williams
Madison Williams - Måned siden
please do more videos like this for halloween this year i love them 🥺🖤
_TES_ - 2 måneder siden
Who's back here bingeing these in 2020
_TES_ - 5 dager siden
maya beau yeet!!!!
maya beau
maya beau - 5 dager siden
Almost October!! 🎃😽🐸🧸
_TES_ - 10 dager siden
Juliette Palacio whoop whoop
Juliette Palacio
Juliette Palacio - 10 dager siden
_TES_ - 20 dager siden
Mads 1000 yasssssss
Tori Jones
Tori Jones - 2 måneder siden
My great great great great great uncle is that very William Irving! And my dads from terry town NY as well!