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I'm constantly asked about how I got into this industry and what tips I'd give people to get their foot in the door. This is how I did it so I hope it might give someone some ideas on where they can start!
If you're looking more for advice on how to get into doing makeup for social media, I have a five-video series detailing a lot of stuff to help with that here!

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Ashley Hager
Ashley Hager - 5 dager siden
anyone know what issue of SFX mag she was featured in? I'd like to try and order the back issue
Ruthanne Whitney
Ruthanne Whitney - 13 dager siden
Genuinely asking: what does being in a union have to do with anything? Why is that important in regards to this subject?
Ninja Gal 911
Ninja Gal 911 - Måned siden
This video is what made me work at a haunted house. I had the pleasure of working with some amazing makeup artist and learned a lot and it helped me get some experience. So thank you.
Misses Potato
Misses Potato - Måned siden
she is so beautiful
Beauty by Valerie
Beauty by Valerie - Måned siden
How did you find your passion? I'm struggling with that
Addie - 2 måneder siden
you know how you guys can help me?? 😌 follow my makeup instagram @sfx_and_glam5
Sløth_ Løver
Sløth_ Løver - 2 måneder siden
I kinda teared up at the end •w•
jubilation thornburg
jubilation thornburg - 3 måneder siden
Coming back to this video, you can really see all Mykies hard work! She looked great before but so proud of you!!
labella 1509
labella 1509 - 3 måneder siden
I'm so glad i found you as iv just done a degree in media makeup and photography and now so lost at what to do as I live in a tiny village in the middle of no were and thinking of moving forward doing weddings and packages like that but love you your work is fab! I hope I can be as good as you one day
Natasha Catt
Natasha Catt - 3 måneder siden
You're AMAZING, TALENTED and HUMBLE!! I've got to admit a lot of your videos have helped me out.
I love to Cosplay, been doing it for 4 years now. I love going to CONS and you've inspired me to try new things!
So THANK-YOU for helping me understand and learn more about SFX Makeup. I'll forever be a fan!!
boneless pizza
boneless pizza - 3 måneder siden
Im getting some stuff for sfx. im super excited :D
Zoe Staig
Zoe Staig - 3 måneder siden
love this vid
Kayla Rabot
Kayla Rabot - 3 måneder siden
“Alexa shut your face”
*my Alexa from across the room*
“I’m not sure what went wrong”
Aw 😭 you hurt her feelings lol
VampySkully - 3 måneder siden
Watching some older glam and gore! My have you changed!!!!
Miss Skellington
Miss Skellington - 3 måneder siden
My god, you looked so different before you blossomed into your current form. I’m glad you’re so happy now.
Anja Hrovat
Anja Hrovat - 3 måneder siden i high or are her eyes red
Sad Clown
Sad Clown - 4 måneder siden
Why did you have a longer chin when you worked at mac
Karen Eastman
Karen Eastman - 4 måneder siden
These facts are exciting.:-):-D Wow!!I love watching the vid.:-):-D Why would a prison have movie Makeup in it??:-O:-O No people were in there. You totally lied???:-O:-O:-( That article is wonderful.:-):-DBye,:-)
Bean Bag
Bean Bag - 4 måneder siden
Ive learned so much about makeup from you. Thanks for sharing with us.
Mathilde Music
Mathilde Music - 4 måneder siden
It’s crazy how much Mykie’s face shape has changed due to her weight loss. You can just see how much she has changed in positive way
Axlin Gardocki
Axlin Gardocki - 5 måneder siden
I only recently got into make up im a sketch and graphic artist and i wanted to challenge myself and i fell in love with SFX. I want to make this into a career. Your videos helped me though im brown skinned so matching my color is a challenge im willing to overcome.
Dany Hasbany
Dany Hasbany - 5 måneder siden
Mikey i love you so much. i watch your videos just for fun although i do makeup so i learn lots of things from you. you're an amazing person such an inspiration. i think that you're a really strong individual. i admire you and your work SO MUCH. and you're about to hit 4 M LIKE OMG wow you deserve so much more. lots of love.
Grace Terrell
Grace Terrell - 6 måneder siden
I just got my certificate in Makeup I want to go into film
Kenzee Kingston
Kenzee Kingston - 6 måneder siden
One of your eyebrows is longer than the other..just saying ...other than that you look beautiful as usual !🥰😘
C. Underwood.
C. Underwood. - 7 måneder siden
So I've scoured the internet and I can't find a physical copy of this issue anywhere! I WANT IT!!!
Erin Marhefka
Erin Marhefka - 7 måneder siden
lol hearing you say "willow grove Pennsylvania" just shook me for some reason. i'm from doylestown so that mall was my jam as a tween
Angelique Slabbert
Angelique Slabbert - 7 måneder siden
I miss this hair
Leah Hakem
Leah Hakem - 8 måneder siden
if it wasnt for Mykie i would probably stopped trying to chase my dreams of going to makeup school, now here i helping out with media makeup working on college productions
Katie Croshaw
Katie Croshaw - 10 måneder siden
Hi Mykie, I've been watching your videos for about 3 years now and I was just curious if you would ever do someone's makeup for their wedding?
MaddieAndDelilahGamez - 11 måneder siden
I have a question if anyone can answer, can I go to cosmetology( if I spelled that right) school for special effects?
MaddieAndDelilahGamez - 11 måneder siden
@Ana C thank you so much for that comment I'll be looking for new classes.
Ana C
Ana C - 11 måneder siden
I'm sure there's specific classes you can take for special effects. But cosmetology as a whole, does not really teach that. I got my cosmetology license a few years ago and they focus very hard on sanitation. You have to learn everything, from hair/makeup/waxing/facials/mani-pedi....everything. We never touched on special effects. :c
Kait R
Kait R - 11 måneder siden
Why does she look so different here? I can’t figure it out
Jessica Chwastyk
Jessica Chwastyk - 11 måneder siden
I am in love with gore! Tbh you are the one who inspired me to get into Gore.... My mom introduced me into your channel.... And since I've been following your channel I try so many different make up types.... Thank you for inspiring me with Gorey make up! And this video is awesome! Very inspiring!
Abi St
Abi St - År siden
You are so fluffing inspiring.
Lillian bright
Lillian bright - År siden
I finally got to visit Eastern State Penitentiary this summer and I loved it
slinkysfx Collins
slinkysfx Collins - År siden
I want to be a makeup artist i luv makeup and glore
bibi dilux
bibi dilux - År siden
Why the hell is there no date on this? Doesn't YT put it up by default when you upload a video?
Tina - År siden
Okay this just showed up on my recommended and it was everything I needed to hear in my life right now. 😭
generic2858 - År siden
Alexa, Play take a chance on me by ABBA. Lol
Alicia Bambury
Alicia Bambury - År siden
The music in the back ground is the cooking mama theme tune !!
Lindsey Russell
Lindsey Russell - År siden
I know that this video is a little older but I definitely owe any and all interest I have in sfx all to you! My bigger passion is dance but it just so happens the studio I work for puts on a haunted house every year and it is because of you I always get asked to do makeup for it. 😊😊😊❤