How I Lost 28 POUNDS of FAT and 6 INCHES Off My Waist

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This details how I lost over 28 pounds of fat, several inches all over my body, and 6 inches from my waist alone over the course of 6 months through diet changes and exercise. It goes over the rough meal plan I followed, types of workout routines I did, and other things I learned to help me lose the weight. My goal was firstly health, but also aesthetic.
I know this video is super long, but I didn't want to cut out necessary explanation, or the moments early on where I struggled- too often I think these fitness videos online don't paint an accurate picture of how difficult it is to really change bad health habits, and I don't want anyone else going through big changes to think they're alone in that regard.
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If you're looking to feel healthier and you take only one thing away from this video, try eating no sugar for a for few months.
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Amy James
Amy James - 16 timer siden
You’re so patient to make that lengthy disclaimer. It’s kind of sad you have to explain yourself so much though, it reflects how judgmental and sensitive our society is. It boggles my mind that anyone would be criticized for working out and improving their health.
Skitdora2010 - Dag siden
I cut sugar out of my diet for a few months, I didn't loose any weight, however it changed my taste buds so that natural sugars became super strong, so like for with bananas suddenly they seemed very sweet and flavorful and almost candy like when I always found them bland before.
Raven phantom
Raven phantom - Dag siden
did anyone else see Gabbie Hanna in the background, or is the lack of sleep catching up to me
Kris B
Kris B - 2 dager siden
So happy you still have this up 😍. I sort of needed to hear some of this today.
My weightloss/get-fit journey has taken a big pause this last 6 months (covid times 😶 No longer had time to think about me, let alone work on me. I lost at the very beginning due to stress & not eating, then gained back..but didn't loose/gain anything really overall) but I'm back at it now. 😁
Main things that have helped me with food is to eat more (yes, make myself eat More. I even have timers set to tell me to eat) and up my protein % (figured out that I averaged only about 10% of my diet being protein [even with eating a fair amount of meat/fish] & the goal has been/is to get it to 25%). As far as the workouts, we've found that I need low-impact cardio (for example: burpies=motionsickness/vomiting. Runnin/jogging= irreversible damage in heels & joints) & strength training geared towards hypermobility (or with my hypermobility kept in mind).
Yoginirunner - 2 dager siden
I've looked for months for a video like this. She was able to show how much time it took to get there and that helps me a lot because I'm into month 5 of my body recomp and this helps me keep going :)
Elaina Huerta
Elaina Huerta - 3 dager siden
Everytime I have a breakdown about my body and weight I go back to this video! It gives me so much motivation and confidence! I love Mykie so much and she inspires me everyday ❤️
Nancy Strain
Nancy Strain - 3 dager siden
*cries in chronic illness*
Chrissy Posney
Chrissy Posney - 3 dager siden
So true! It’s not right.. I get “shamed” and way more comments then invited, about my tiny size. I’m tiny, skinny, and I don’t really know why. I’m healthy. If I am unhealthy it would be my eating - I eat a lot. But I’ve had ppl tell me things like “here drink this protein weight-gain shake your need it” or, “you need to order the big meal” while being out eating with ppl. My jaw always drops because a) I’ve explained my situation (what I’ve told you) when they asked, and b) would they say the opposite to a large person?!!! No! I don’t see them telling larger ppl “you don’t need that hamburger”. It’s so messed up. Ppl really need to stay in their own lane.
You look great btw!! Happy for you!
randomanonacct - 3 dager siden
Ayyyeee I didn’t know you were from philly! I should’ve known when you said Reese’s the first time & I didn’t blink twice cuz that’s how everyone I’ve ever met says it.
Anyway, this was extremely inspiring!! Thank you so much for sharing. I can totally relate to you—lovingggg sugar & carbs to a dangerous degree and not being able to get a slim waist. I’m gonna save this info to look back on.
I think these tips will really work for me and I’m soooo ready to get into shape for theeee first time in my life. I’ve been wanting to since 3rd grade when I swore I’d get in shape to be on the physical fitness team, but I kept putting it off and here I am almost 24 & just gained about 25lbs over the past few months 😅
Alright I’m over sharing, as always. Thanks again for this video. I truly want to feel good about myself for once in my life and you’ve given me a lot of hope just with this video. Congrats on your incredible progress 🥰
Loni Carr
Loni Carr - 3 dager siden
How much did having a trainer cost you?
Rina Locke
Rina Locke - 3 dager siden
So we're at 298k likes.... when's the bikini contest? :D
Nancy Frisbee
Nancy Frisbee - 3 dager siden
Is it me or when people lose weight they look older amd their wrinkles are more pronounced? I used to be skinny at amd I looked so much older, now ive gained like 30 pounds but my face looks so much younger and the wrinkles that were very obvious before are nearly gone now. Ugh. It sucks. Like a catch 22. I wish I was still skinny but with the same face as before
Nancy Frisbee
Nancy Frisbee - 3 dager siden
I'm in FL and we say reeses pieces the same way!!! I never knew it was the other way which doesnt even sound right lol
Brittany Eason
Brittany Eason - 3 dager siden
How tall are you? Just to know for weight purposes and work out purposes. To see where I am compared to you. I am 5"4
Suomitiare Herrero
Suomitiare Herrero - 5 dager siden
You look cute both ways❣️❤️👌🏼😊
Amy - 6 dager siden
What heart condition do you have? Loved this in depth video :)
reeendish - 7 dager siden
Can you do an update if you're still working out?
xXStrangeAngelsXx - 7 dager siden
A personal trainer helped her shape her body but she said everything she did diet wise so as long as you’re a fairly active person and change how you’re eating I don’t see how not having a personal trainer means you can’t do something similar. There are personal trainers that post short workout videos on YouTube that have been a big help to me, there are also longer videos for things like yoga. Not having a personal trainer isn’t the end of the world, it would be nice but it’s not necessary
Art &stuff
Art &stuff - 7 dager siden
Me huh, this is new🤔
Her: DRINK everytime I say this time
Me: instantly subscribes 🤣
MARIANA FUNES - 8 dager siden
It’s amazing how bodies are just so different and transformations just look so different on everyone mykie did an amazing job and I love this it inspired me to work out
Eleanor Alexander
Eleanor Alexander - 8 dager siden
I can’t say how many times I’ve watched this, and thank you mykie, this video motivates me so much.
Nighty night ASMR
Nighty night ASMR - 9 dager siden
Up date???
First Timer
First Timer - 12 dager siden
Pass the dribble to 6:35. I commend Steve Zim for being so accessible and willing to go on video with a nobody... Your title should include Steve Zim, for without him, this video wouldn't have happened.
Sylvain Morency
Sylvain Morency - 12 dager siden
At start you where cute now you’re georgeous
Mandy Waynick
Mandy Waynick - 12 dager siden
Wait.... You don't pronounce it "Ree-Sees"???
Lily Brooke
Lily Brooke - 13 dager siden
Her ending wait is less than my weight and I am 11 years old
sugar - 13 dager siden
I think ur so beautiful and love ur character ur so funny.
sheentheexplorer - 13 dager siden
It’s my first time watching her vids. She’s such an inspo and she kinda looks like Cameron Diaz
Tae_WithSuga Kookies
Tae_WithSuga Kookies - 14 dager siden
What made this so much more motivational and inspirational is that Mykie talked a lot about the issues she faced with working out and eating especially. She spoke about what worked for her and that she had cheat days as well which makes you feel less guilty when you have one XD
Gurbanmyrat Kakabayev
Gurbanmyrat Kakabayev - 14 dager siden
Cutie. Whatever u say.
Keldee - 16 dager siden
I have so many eating disorders and I try so hard to lose weight but I spiral and it’s hard.
Lisa Calton
Lisa Calton - 16 dager siden
Ah! someone else who says Reese’s pieces the same way!! Moved from the east coast to the west and everyone ats me for it 😭
Dave Buckman
Dave Buckman - 16 dager siden
thank you for sharing this video about your journey..... i remember doing all those work outs back when i was in school when i was involved with my cross training. only difference from then to this video was proper eating, you and i have a similarity when it came to eating and i totally saw a major difference when i didnt know about how to eat healthy. but i was able to have a healthy looking body. however that was way back then and now i know what will work for me as it did in the past, itll just take longer due to age did my body no justice lol
thanks again for the video, i love your content :)
Amanda Field
Amanda Field - 16 dager siden
I was doing everything just like you. Just when it started to work.... COVID-19 came.... Too scared to go back to the gym and fell off the diet wagon. Thank you so much for this video. I am motivated to start eating healthy again.
Imilie M
Imilie M - 17 dager siden
how did your transformation video turn into a video for those contemplating quitting alcohol because they are struggling with many real-life stuff you talk about!? Thank you for your honesty and transparency
sarcoidosis - 17 dager siden
I watch this every couple months as motivation
D O R K S H A D O W - 18 dager siden
Mykie, you are so strong for putting your measurements out there. 5 minutes in and you are already motivating me. You are the best for this video, it will get me out of my horrific quarantine slump.
Lil’ Bird
Lil’ Bird - 18 dager siden
Love your outlook on this! Plus you look gooood! Yes!
Vicki Alderman
Vicki Alderman - 18 dager siden
It's all a farst coz she's slim your all not seeing the real effects lol hilarious
Maggie Collins
Maggie Collins - 18 dager siden
How tall are you?