how I made this cute fx FACE MASK 😷 (DIY)

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wear a mask. that is all.

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Mongooseodon - 4 timer siden
People are going to start doing “mask hauls”
karanterus - 5 timer siden
I can't were a mask cos is constricts my breathing to much I once nearly passed out cos I couldn't get enough air so I have a sunflower lanyard for when I need to go out.
Da Ha
Da Ha - 12 timer siden
Funtime foxy or mangle
Noah Tribley
Noah Tribley - 17 timer siden
All I can think is mutant furbee
Steph Shaw
Steph Shaw - 19 timer siden
Steph Shaw
Steph Shaw - 19 timer siden
Just an fyi, there ia evidence that masks aren't even good at preventing spread of the virus. There are many reasons people don't wear them. Besides just not feeling like it. For instance, physical and mental conditions. This virus has over a 99 percent survival rate. We have immune systems for a reason. So yeah. If people are vulnerable to illness or scared, they can wear one. But nobody should dictate how others lives. Nobody should be coming that close to strangers in the first place. We lose thousands every year to the flu. And lastly, the so called experts, make millions off of vaccines. I know you said you didn't wanna get into the politics of it. But you said if people just wore them, this would be over sooner. I say, if this lockdown never happened, we'd be over this by now. Peoples immune systems have weakened. People have lost jobs and businesses. And turned to addiction or suicide. It is horrible. And i do feel for those who have died. But you can't hide from a virus. And all these businesses are making bank from distribution of these fancy masks. And almost glorifying a virus. The virus doesn't care how cute your mask is. And only certain ones, will truly work.
Straining ORDER
Straining ORDER - 23 timer siden
Is it just me or is the manakin mask thing scary
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen - Dag siden
Jessica Hurley
Jessica Hurley - 2 dager siden
If only we were like Egypt. They’re doing so good and hardly anyone is wearing a mask there, Even Africa. Weird that the places barely wearing them are doing the best and have very low deaths. 🤔
Linzey Evans
Linzey Evans - 2 dager siden
What kind of foundation do you use???
Kasey Barrell
Kasey Barrell - 2 dager siden
It’s now been six months, and feels like much longer.
Skipper - 2 dager siden
U look like BARAKA’s wife from mortal kombat x 😂😂
Kat Scheer
Kat Scheer - 2 dager siden
can you make a supply list please!
Elena IllyDragonfly
Elena IllyDragonfly - 2 dager siden
I thought about it... the mask makes you look like a Jim Henson's creature, like a pink Fiery from the Labyrinth. 0.o
Chelsey Childers
Chelsey Childers - 2 dager siden
Duane Pretzman
Duane Pretzman - 2 dager siden
Jazz - 3 dager siden
A cute pink dinosaur 🥴 giving me 02 vibes .
Jaqueline Nunez Orozco
Jaqueline Nunez Orozco - 4 dager siden
Wolf a mean dog or huge big dogs
Red_Vibe - 4 dager siden
Nicole Ja-Xs
Nicole Ja-Xs - 4 dager siden
Something I would def wear
You are amazing !♥️
Kjaer Feldsted
Kjaer Feldsted - 4 dager siden
I love this it looks so cool
Megan K
Megan K - 4 dager siden
Evil piglet!! That's who you are. Winnie the pooh halloween edition.
Kelsey Messner
Kelsey Messner - 5 dager siden
You said everything I have been feeling about masks and buying cute ones! Still haven't pulled the trigger.
jeanel guidry
jeanel guidry - 5 dager siden
❗️Video of you going to the store in this please!❗️
Olivia Idibia
Olivia Idibia - 5 dager siden
It’s not cuteeeeeeee but ok Kay Kay
Quinn Ramet
Quinn Ramet - 5 dager siden
you have so much skill its ridiculous
lukas Caro
lukas Caro - 6 dager siden
When this is over im still gonna be wearing masks my head is small and i have many days i wake up and look like a feral rat
sexykysha 91
sexykysha 91 - 6 dager siden
Im excited to see what you come up with for this year considering you cant so ghost hunting.
Pam Thomas
Pam Thomas - 6 dager siden
I love it. You did a great job. It's AWESOME....Stay safe to 💜
Veronica Soto
Veronica Soto - 7 dager siden
Cheshire Cat from Alice and wonderland
Izzy Munchkin
Izzy Munchkin - 8 dager siden
I tried to make this mask bruh I did sum wrong cuz it didn’t look right
Mamipapi Compin
Mamipapi Compin - 8 dager siden
Could i buy one? lol im not talented
Roland With Star
Roland With Star - 8 dager siden
Oooooh if I can only buy one ☝️ lol 😝
Alyssa Nicole
Alyssa Nicole - 8 dager siden
Collab with Baily Sarian !!!!
Robert Dilley
Robert Dilley - 9 dager siden
South Park: swiper no swiping and cartman mnt dew
Robert Dilley
Robert Dilley - 9 dager siden
Green gel
linnea goff
linnea goff - 9 dager siden
im in sweden the best covid place
Lex C
Lex C - 9 dager siden
Honestly. It reminded me of a scarier fire gang. Take off ya head!
Emily Smith
Emily Smith - 9 dager siden
I dont have a life cast- but would like me or a friend laying down on their back with something on their face then i or someone sculpes it, would work?
Secilia Kurtz
Secilia Kurtz - 10 dager siden
I love how she pronounced Gucci lmao
Jessie Curzio
Jessie Curzio - 10 dager siden
I made this and it came out looking great! mine is blue, and I added a purple iridescent nail polish to the top of the teeth :) can't wait to scare small children with this lol