HOW I SPLIT MY HEAD OPEN (Storytime With Pictures!)

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This is the story time type video about how I split my head open, without makeup, while doing makeup. It's a long one so get your popcorn and helmets ready.
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Amanda Aguilar
Amanda Aguilar - 2 timer siden
Best way to get through an ER is a head injury. I busted my head on Halloween night when I was 12 and we got pushed through the ER so fast. Had blood all down my shirt. Looked awesome!
Ingrid Rios
Ingrid Rios - 3 timer siden
Glam I got stitches on my leg JUST BECAUSE a boy!!!!but I'm so sorry for u but my stitches were painful I got like 6 I think
America Marquez
America Marquez - 6 timer siden
Ik this is like superrrr late 😂but watching this made me feel old pain that I had when I was like in first grade lol , and that was because I actually cracked my head open in first grade , and it was on picture day , but it was directly after I had my picture taken and I was sitting with my friend by the door and we , for some reason, decided to play a fun game of pushing each other back and forth , I feel the game for a little too aggressive and she ended up pushing me wayyyy too hard and I just remember hitting my head against the door frame , mind you the frame was metal or somethingidk, it was like a sharp sting , I remember having my hands to the back of my head and when I moved them and looked down there was just blood and that’s when I started panicking 😂😂 so ya that was funn
Chloe Bowers
Chloe Bowers - 11 timer siden
Lol i wanna say my story,,Ok soooo i was with likeee 7 friends and we were at the beach and we were all just like swimming around and i don’t feel anything but i go to get out the water and the minute i do i look down bc something was stinging and my wholeee leg was covered in blood and i was like ...what happen 🤨 and sooo they sit me on a towel and were trying to figure out where i’m bleeding at bc i’m like bleeding everywhere. So a friend called the ambulance and it turned some how slit my whole leg open and the crazy part were the cut was just stinging. Which was CRAZYYYY BC OF ALL THE BLOOD 😂
Lianna Parry
Lianna Parry - 12 timer siden
I remember having blonde hair and hitting my head on a radiator and then getting shouted at by my parents 4 dying my hair
It is ME Ok
It is ME Ok - Dag siden
Mine wasn’t worst as i only broke my fingers
When she said she could feel her skull i imagined it and then regretted it 🤮
redcrab1010 oof
redcrab1010 oof - Dag siden
i cut my head open when i was 5
(edit) i got 3 staples i did not hurt
Tiffany Martinez
Tiffany Martinez - 2 dager siden
Thanks God bobby saved your life
Safire Seas
Safire Seas - 2 dager siden
I fell in a shower Once in was not serious but it really hurt because the floor was so hard
Kira Smith
Kira Smith - 2 dager siden
You tell me the truth because I almost broke my leg ones just because I’m trying to do a wheelie on my scooter yeah yeah yeah
s p å c e
s p å c e - 3 dager siden
Yay me and mykie are twins I have a big head scar from a wall when I was 4
Lauren Ford
Lauren Ford - 4 dager siden
I had 20-30 staples in my stomach after my appendix burst and I made them put me out to remove them :) I would die if they stapled my head while I was awake
McKenzie Sanderson
McKenzie Sanderson - 4 dager siden
Are you OK ❤️❤️❤️
Linnea PERSSON - 4 dager siden
Your life is urse a pencil got in my foot
Nguyen Giandara
Nguyen Giandara - 6 dager siden
Lol I don't think Mykie realized 1cm is longer than 1 inch, like isn't it almost 3inches? Girl is kinda deeppp
Stine Petersen
Stine Petersen - 8 timer siden
Erm... 1 inch = about 2,5 cm
honey jin
honey jin - 5 dager siden
isnt 1 inch longer than a cm
Ronneis Mccrea
Ronneis Mccrea - 6 dager siden
I’m super late but.. here’s my story. I was around 23-24 yrs old, I was preparing some fish for dinner was trying to slice the fillet length wise but it was still kinda frozen so I was using some force.... hit a section that was thin and with the force I was using sliced right into the side of my thumb. Didn’t end there though, as I was running water over my finger thinking it was a little cut the water going down the drain was a deep pink. So called my mom, she tells me to apply pressure while she got the alcohol and bandages. I went to sit down because I started feeling dizzy, then my mom calls me over to the sink so she can pour alcohol on my finger. I told her I feel dizzy hold on. She wasn’t having it and told me to hurry up. So I get up, go to the sink and watch as she pours the alcohol... last thing I remember is thinking “hmmm it’s not stinging” woke up on the floor with my head ringing like crazy, I was super hot but cold at the same time, my eyes wouldn’t focus and I had the worst feeling of nausea ever. I remember thinking if I’m gonna die hurry up cause I feel horrible. Mom says my eyes rolled into the back of my head(they stayed that way until I came out of it), I collapsed and started convulsing (around 2 minutes). Went to the E.R and was told it was just a reaction to seeing so much blood. Which I find to be BS because If I was gonna faint 1. Pretty sure it would have happened when I saw all the blood washing down my sink. 2. I started convulsing which they said they couldn’t explain why that would happen if was just a fainting spell. Anyway, No stitches because the cut was in between my nail bed and the flesh of my thumb, it bled on and off for three days.
Claire Holmes
Claire Holmes - 6 dager siden
I dare you to go to the store with your makeup on.
Mel Gonz
Mel Gonz - 7 dager siden
I fell in the bathroom of the Linq hotel. I was doing my hair and had sprayed it with water to dampen it and slipped while in a standing position and the doors of the bathroom there are not regular, they are like barn doors kind of and I not only busted my ass gloriously but I smashed my fingers in the stupid door. Hated that hotel.
Mattic Monday
Mattic Monday - 7 dager siden
Thank god for bobby
mylifeascassidy rothgerber
mylifeascassidy rothgerber - 7 dager siden
Your awesome Bobby
mylifeascassidy rothgerber
mylifeascassidy rothgerber - 7 dager siden
mylifeascassidy rothgerber
mylifeascassidy rothgerber - 7 dager siden
I skateboard I've been in plenty of concussions plenty of head Scar and because of falling off my skateboard plenty of head injuries like and I have to miss work because of skateboarding it's very very dangerous but who cares
Katie Baer
Katie Baer - 7 dager siden
Doctor:oh what pretty hair dye what is it

nobodys business
nobodys business - 7 dager siden
I split my head open falling out of tree and hitting my on a box of wood
Lily Robertson
Lily Robertson - 8 dager siden
I split my head open to
Emily . That’s it*
Emily . That’s it* - 8 dager siden
Well i mean I smacked my head off a picnic table and split my eyebrow open. Didn’t even realize until blood was gushing off my face. So I mean. Yeah
Ash - 8 dager siden
I totally support having a TON of bath mats.
Lindsay Mangum
Lindsay Mangum - 8 dager siden
My sister ended up falling backwards into our shower tub and took the shower curtain and rod down with her. My mom and I ran in to check on her after hearing the crash and the first thing out of her mouth was “I always wanted to do that” this day any accident gets that response. No ER trip just a few weeks recovery with ugly bruising which unfortunately was on full display when she was in her dance team uniform and she had a major competition two or three days later.
Ashleigh Adkins
Ashleigh Adkins - 8 dager siden
Honestly I hope you filed a lawsuit. They should have had mats in there,
Queen레이시 - 8 dager siden
When I was 8, me and my cousin went to the pool, and I taught her how to backflip in. (Idk if that’s important. But it’s there now.) Well, she did, and when she was trying to come out, she hit her head in the lip of the pool. And cracked her head open. And we almost took her to Urgent Care but some lady freaked out , so at this point, we’re al stressed out, we get to UC and she was *screaming* and I mean it. They took her back almost immediately. She ended up getting 3 staples and screamed *so loud* to the point where the building could’ve flew off its foundation. We were there for hours. Her mom, who lived about an Hour1/2 away got there and left maybe 2 hours later. One of the most traumatic experience in my life.
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones - 9 dager siden
I've never had a concussion I just drop a lot of thing I dropped a statue once
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones - 9 dager siden
Oh AlRiGHt wEre GonNA sTaPlE YoUR hEAd nOw
*staples head*
Da Wolf
Da Wolf - 10 dager siden
When i was like a few months old my grandma had gone to work and my mom was babysitting me she went to go do something and she wasnt watching me anymore and the front door was open my mom didnt think i was smart enough to open it the rest of the way and i did but she had already been gone doing that thing and i went outside and one of my neighbors were driving and had almost hit me then thats when my mom got in big trouble my grandma had come home from work and saw my neighbor in her car and me in the middle of the road she said if i were hit she’d beat my mom to death!
Jordanna Accardi
Jordanna Accardi - 10 dager siden
I was almost thought I was going to die in a car accident I couldn’t move at all but I’m ok it happened a year ago
Xxpurple guyxX
Xxpurple guyxX - 11 dager siden
Auri M.
Auri M. - 12 dager siden
i cut my head to wear you could see some skull when I was like 3, hit is on my dresser. i'm getting sympathy pains from this story XD
Kristin 65 Roses
Kristin 65 Roses - 12 dager siden
I feel your pain, I've gotten stitches without numbing and the pop of your neck skin is just awful. Stitches SUCK
Peyton Huffman
Peyton Huffman - 12 dager siden
We wanted all the details!! Don’t apologize for a long vid
gamer girl
gamer girl - 12 dager siden
if almost dieing from an simple fall count as more horrific story than i guess so