I Can't Explain What Happened In SALEM

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Salem, Massachusetts is arguably the most haunted city in all of America. Famous for the Salem Witch Trials that took place between 1692 and 1693, the quaint town is quite literally haunted by its dark history. We stayed overnight at the most active hotel in all of Salem, the Hawthorne Hotel, to see if we would have any ghost encounters. What we found instead was something that my little skeptical brain has a very hard time explaining.. and I wouldn't have believed it if not for catching it on camera. What do you think would cause that? Let me know in the comments.
Are you familiar with where we're ghost hunting next week? Stayed tuned to the very end for the preview!
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Glam&Gore - 11 måneder siden

Also, make sure you watch till the very end for the teaser for the next and LAST ghost hunting video of this series! I saved the spookiest location for last and holllyyyyyshiiiipsafj it does NOT disappoint. Something happens there that gives me full body chills every time I watch the footage. That will be up in less than a week! Stay tuned!
George Kristine
George Kristine - 5 dager siden
PONO 800008
PONO 800008 - 14 dager siden
Glam&Gore I thought you was Lucky ( Brittany ) I passed up. The vid for 3 weeks now on my Home page
Ashlyn Rabalais
Ashlyn Rabalais - Måned siden
@Ashley Miller also, closer to the beginning, at like 4:00 the stone next to bishop says Sarah good, and she was one of the first three to be hung and accused of being a witch
Tyler Vugodits
Tyler Vugodits - 4 måneder siden
I love that hat! Where did you get that from?
Olivia Powell
Olivia Powell - 4 måneder siden
@Katoo Peters I saw that two
Ashley Merrill
Ashley Merrill - 5 timer siden
You should check out the Stanley Hotel (once the pandemic is over)
XxBTS ARMY WW3xX - 16 timer siden
Mykie just looks so pretty! her outfits are so cool
r st
r st - 19 timer siden
Some cameras can be activated by commands... maybe that mode was on and someone said a word similar to the word that starts recording... it happened to me all the time when I said sth like smile with my camera on
Your Local Dwight K. Shrute
🤣 I’m Boston and I laughed so hard when you said that in a Boston accent 🤣
Radosveta Uzunova
Radosveta Uzunova - Dag siden
I want this series baaaack it was so fun to watch
Holly Kramer
Holly Kramer - Dag siden
Mykie if you are going to continue doing this haunted location series you should being a handheld recorder. Then you can ask the ghost questions and sometimes when you play it back you'll actually hear them talking.
Maya Kate.
Maya Kate. - Dag siden
I just watched a 5 min ad, youre welcome mykie
lj •
lj • - Dag siden
Okay, Mykie’s makeup, outfit, hair, everything is so gorgeous in this video. Probably one of my fav looks on her.
Nancy Sordello
Nancy Sordello - 2 dager siden
Okay, so, I know that I'm EXTREMELY late to this video. Buuuuuuut I have been to that hotel before and I have a story from it. So my Dad took me to Massachusetts for a family thing, we stayed at Hawthorne because is was a few miles away from the event location, but that's not important. We were staying in the room right next to room 266, the entire night we heard banging on room 266's door. We were wondering what that was so I peaked outside our door to see what was making that sound. When I opened the door I saw a faint white body knocking on the door, after maybe a second or two the figure turned to look at me and vanished. I have always believed that there was more in our world then just us. This event though confirmed it for me. ( I'm sorry it's a really long comment ; - ; )
Tay Ciampa
Tay Ciampa - 2 dager siden
I live 10 min from Salem
Loni Carr
Loni Carr - 2 dager siden
18:40 the HR /fitness band she wears?
Mass Pyro
Mass Pyro - 2 dager siden
Salem is a lot of fun. I live about a 12 min car ride from there.
Chasity Kristine
Chasity Kristine - 3 dager siden
I’m always expecting a clique jump scare or scream, thank goodness it hasn’t happened, because of wonderful myke.
Hailee Lackey
Hailee Lackey - 3 dager siden
26:24 theres a orb on mykie omg
The Lexx Files
The Lexx Files - 3 dager siden
Did anyone see the red light that goes across the table at around 26:08?
Hailey - 4 dager siden
Yall she was in my home town and I didn't know??
K Lazz
K Lazz - 4 dager siden
The only ‘ghost hunters’ I trust are Mykie & Ryan and Shane from buzzfeed unsolved.
Y’all should frfr collab like 🙈
Kirsten Helman
Kirsten Helman - 5 dager siden
Where the fluff did all of these ads come from, they weren’t there before 😂
Charlotte Bergstrom
Charlotte Bergstrom - 5 dager siden
next time you go, go to Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery the owner is such a nice guyand they have REAL death masks
Inspecting Immunology
Inspecting Immunology - 6 dager siden
Would the red light seen around 26:14 trigger something?
J Lib
J Lib - 6 dager siden
Did anyone notice the curtains parting open at 23:10?
Daily Scratchers
Daily Scratchers - 7 dager siden
12 ads though?
Rose - 6 dager siden
Joel Karlsson
Joel Karlsson - 7 dager siden
34:13 Look far above the guy who is walking Ó.ò
J - 8 dager siden
I’m getting Harley Quinn vibes from her and not mad about it :)
Shay Town
Shay Town - 8 dager siden
This is one of the best ghost hunting vids I’ve seen in a while. Good job guys!
Sasha Cervantes Mataix
Sasha Cervantes Mataix - 8 dager siden
why do i do this. why. why do i watch these in the middle of the night.
Tia Schaeffer
Tia Schaeffer - 8 dager siden
Ive been watching for 10 mins w. The sound off just staring at your makeup and prettiness
Isabella Perry
Isabella Perry - 9 dager siden
am i the only one that heard please when she was showing the audio
Danielle Austin
Danielle Austin - 9 dager siden
I love how you can tell they're brothers because they have the same expressions.
Mia Cruz
Mia Cruz - 9 dager siden
33:53 around there did any one else get scared or fliched its either normal for the zombaes (im going to spell it like that for now ) its either that or im the most weird zombae beacuse i got scared of a ghost what ever it is a angel or just a ghost saying please
ADayInMyLife - 9 dager siden
Conspiracy theory: Peter's brother is a ghost
Jess Smith
Jess Smith - 9 dager siden
Mykie: I wanna taste and touch ghosts this episode
Corsage: If you smell apples then theres a ghost near
Rootless Destinations
Rootless Destinations - 9 dager siden
Beautiful historical haunted place. Loved it!
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn - 10 dager siden
I keep coming back to this vid because Mykie is a legit babe and Salem is one of my favorite vibes
Idiot Person
Idiot Person - 10 dager siden
39:09 look at his phone!!! 👻
XIV Century
XIV Century - 10 dager siden
33:22 cam picking up static.
Isla Miller Saucedo
Isla Miller Saucedo - 10 dager siden
Mykie:I know I know were in the world is Mikey Santiago
VAPEGRFX - 10 dager siden
You’re pretty. So I’m gonna subscribe
Sharon Franz
Sharon Franz - 10 dager siden
Love your channel keep doing what your doing, really I interesting......