I Do Holiday Makeup While In Line To Meet Santa

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I like makeup. I like Christmas. So why not do some holiday makeup while in line to meet Santa? I wanted to do this weird sorta challenge (that no one else will ever do) because it seemed like a good way to pass the time in what would inevitably be a very long line. Except it wasn't a long line at all........ so that threw things for a bit of a loop. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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Millie Auslender
Millie Auslender - 2 år siden
Hi Mikey! This is Millie I met you when you filmed this video! You were super nice and cool! I love your channel! Thank you for always making such great content!!!!🤩😋🤗😅🤪
Zoe Boazman
Zoe Boazman - 20 dager siden
Millie Auslender I’m just quoting what she says in a lot of her videos.
Millie Auslender
Millie Auslender - 20 dager siden
Zoe Boazman y’all I was like 12 when I wrote that and she didn’t spell her name out back then 😭
Zoe Boazman
Zoe Boazman - 20 dager siden
Mikey, but spelled funny. M-Y-K-I-E
ell mur
ell mur - År siden
@Chay Xx same ☹️
S McG - År siden
Its la me Mario
Its la me Mario - 22 dager siden
i was cringing at that interaction
Rose B.
Rose B. - 2 måneder siden
anyone else see the green glitter in Mykie's hair at 2:41 hahahaha
Ava T
Ava T - 2 måneder siden
Why is no one talking about Christmahanakwanzaka? That had me rofl for a solid five minutes
Bailey Elwood
Bailey Elwood - 3 måneder siden
There’s green glitter in her left eyelash!! You can see it sometime in the duration of the minute in 12:00
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby - 4 måneder siden
Can some one plz tell me what the name of the green glitter accident is called!!!???
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith - 4 måneder siden
$75 to talk to Santa? Lol what? In my town seeing Santa is FREE.
Kayleigh Rogers
Kayleigh Rogers - 4 måneder siden
I do superstar all the time still!!!
Ilovetoeatyummyfoods - 5 måneder siden
11:17 Me and Mykie have the same phone crack 👌
Shelby Broaddus
Shelby Broaddus - 7 måneder siden
I know that glitter is demonic but... it’s GORGEOUS omg.
Alana Casper
Alana Casper - 8 måneder siden
How dare Mykie even assume I don't know what Superstar is☠️
Funniest damn movie
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson - 8 måneder siden
I waaaaaaaant that wig
devil girl
devil girl - 9 måneder siden
I love your make up for x mas so cute
MElodyMurder1 - 10 måneder siden
Omg I love the superstar reference so great!! You do make up very well and are truly amazing 😌
Abi St
Abi St - 10 måneder siden
When mykie said "f*cked up" my brain immediately shouted "children mykie!!"
Potaterz Juice
Potaterz Juice - 11 måneder siden
Lily McCabe
Lily McCabe - 11 måneder siden
okay, I have looked for a while now. WHAT IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO WITH GREEN GLITTER
vivid duende
vivid duende - 11 måneder siden
lost opportunity to go as the grinch to santa
Jack Shirley
Jack Shirley - År siden
Anaston Barnes
Anaston Barnes - År siden
I love your reference!!! Haha😂
Lizzy Beth
Lizzy Beth - År siden
THIS WIG MYKIE!! Where did you get it?
themoontalks - År siden
That Superstar reference lol
Spoteddy - År siden
Huh, didnt know santa had texan accent.
Kacie Lovell
Kacie Lovell - År siden
I got 5 ads... you’re wish came true 😂
Missy T
Missy T - År siden
Gurl.... you're a SUPASTAR!!
Xx Pluton xX
Xx Pluton xX - År siden
Me: missing Mykie on the break
Also me: Watching in September
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson - År siden
Liked because of that evil, evil piece of glitter in your hair lol
Keiran Murduckie
Keiran Murduckie - År siden
Green glitter 5:42
Cadee Haugsness
Cadee Haugsness - År siden
Santa thought she was part a cult called YouTube and the followers were called zombaes, which let’s be honest is kind of true
The only holiday sweater I own says "Merry Christmas, ya filthy Muggle!"
Chloe Nguyen
Chloe Nguyen - 3 måneder siden
Rhombicosidodecahedron cool!
Rhombicosidodecahedron - 3 måneder siden
@Chloe Nguyen On Amazon a few years ago for a family Christmas card picture.
Chloe Nguyen
Chloe Nguyen - 3 måneder siden
Rhombicosidodecahedron Where did you get it?
Retta Love
Retta Love - År siden
How long have your freckles looked like tears?
nice lemons
nice lemons - År siden
2 year old vid. still get these gd references. //superstar//
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow - År siden
My only thought would be that maybe next time go with red eyebrows and white stripes - but other than that, it's GREAT ! ! !
BakeFace - År siden
Cameron Arredondo
Cameron Arredondo - År siden
Morton and when I was like eight no I was six and I already was watching stupors Superstar I love that movie
Namicatt - År siden
does anyone know what camera is that sony camera?
Lauren Rogers
Lauren Rogers - År siden
Love the many holiday well wishes! I'm watching like over a year later, in heckin spring, but when I heard winter solstyce my heart soared.
Kookie Bean
Kookie Bean - År siden
Evie Belle
Evie Belle - År siden
When she asked if she had lipstick on her teeth at first glance she looked like Cheryl blossom from riverdale also i love you mikes ur content is great ❤️💕
Elizabeth Dull
Elizabeth Dull - År siden
i seen the green glitter its in her hair