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I took my channel name too far. I have fangs. For now :D Let's do makeup together while I lean into my currently pointy teeth situation with a vampy glam makeup look!
FX Vampire tutorial:

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Tawanna Ayala
Tawanna Ayala - Dag siden
Her teeth are annoyingly perfect
Avalon Zukowski
Avalon Zukowski - 2 dager siden
I had to get 8 (4 both side) adult teeth removed before being able to get braces. Since having two babies, pregnancy hormones have moved some. Side note, bloody love your vide! Xox
CJxLuvly - 2 dager siden
Oh and P.S. getting jaw banded shut in the OR under general anesthesia is absolutely the way to go! And also getting jaws banded and fresh outta surgery and hopping into friends car and driving to Disneyland for a girls trip is a bit miserable and painful but totally worth it. I was hopped up on strong pain meds and rode around in a scooter sipping on Ensure and soda floats and soup the entire trip lol I will say Disneyland is so accommodating and especially when it comes to special diets and food modifying. Thanks to them for blending up some gumbo for me at the Jazz Cafe in DTD. Would totally repeat that trip in a heartbeat lol
CJxLuvly - 2 dager siden
I had braces in high school and it actually set me up for horrible TMJ dysfunction later on in 2018. My jaw kept dislocating itself mainly in my sleep due to excessive teeth grinding in my sleep. When it would happen it would offset my jaw to the left and become stuck CLOSED. I had to get my jaw wired and banded shut about 4 or 5 times within a year and at one point ended up in the ICU because it made my throat muscles spasm and collapsed inward so I couldn't breath during the muscle spasms. I got put on bi-pap and looked like Darth Vader and they used Heli-Ox (helium mixed with oxygen) to help me breath which made me sound like one of the the chipmunks. They were going to put pins in my jaw to keep it propped open a bit permanently, but it turns out that wouldn't have fixed my problem and possibly could have caused me to break my jaw and rip the pins out when it would dislocate. We also tried 2 rounds of Botox ($1200/vial because insurance doesn't cover botox even if it's for non-cosmetic reasons) and it did not work at all. So we happened to find an awesome doctor who does a little unconventional methods by using a slower version of a TENS machine and built me custom appliances/retainers and over a few months and many adjustments and paying out of pocket each visit ($250/visit and I had about 10+) and it finally fixed my jaw. I still have to wear the appliances at night or when I get jaw pain but I haven't really had any major issues since.
Angela 411
Angela 411 - 3 dager siden
Liked solely for ripley's additions lol
Kaelyn Rhea
Kaelyn Rhea - 6 dager siden
so aparently I had a loss tooth in the front and I was eating frozen chicken nuggets and it came out and I cried
Ren Rick
Ren Rick - 6 dager siden
I have fangs naturally lol I used to substitute teach and I heard about them daily lol they called me a vamp, and I told them, obviously you have never met a fairy lol
Mattic Monday
Mattic Monday - 7 dager siden
I have braces and I got 3 tooth’s removed and 9 cavities 🦷
Tabatha - 7 dager siden
The huge smile, the bright blue eyes, such a beautiful potato 🥔 💙
Melissa Trickett
Melissa Trickett - 8 dager siden
morticia whoooo??
Izzie Bell
Izzie Bell - 8 dager siden
When I was younger, my older brother elbowed me in the mouth and I knocked out a tooth, there was blood everywhere.
Wolfi aus Stahl
Wolfi aus Stahl - 9 dager siden
Where are the fangs exactly?!?
Eveleve3 The Nerd
Eveleve3 The Nerd - 9 dager siden
I currently have braces. I have fangs due to genetics which is annoying because I constantly got called vampire pre braces and now I'm called brace face it is so annoying.
Cheyenne Mcbride
Cheyenne Mcbride - 10 dager siden
I have top and bottom natural fangs lmao
Emily Orrell
Emily Orrell - 10 dager siden
One time my brother and I found a coconut at the beach and we were playing catch and then I was looking away while he chucked it at me like a baseball… it knocked my tooth out and it is still lost in the ocean to this day
Sylvia McGowin
Sylvia McGowin - 11 dager siden
9:40 ive had a tumor removed from my mouth
bruna - 11 dager siden
i know this came out a year ago, but Ripley sounds like a very old door hahaahaha :)
Brandon Elliott
Brandon Elliott - 11 dager siden
my orthodontist shaved all my teeth down to be even so..
addison halberg
addison halberg - 11 dager siden
When I was a kid and was losing baby teeth I would rip them out before they were ready
miilkcqkes - 13 dager siden
Get ur self a talking dog
holly brownell
holly brownell - 15 dager siden
I'm planning on getting my tongue split in a couple of years mostly to rebel because my dad hates body modifications but another reason is because I just really want one
Iida - 16 dager siden
When I was in the 5th grade I ran into a door and It knocked out my tooth and the tooth got stuck in the door so they had to replace the door but luckily it was just a baby tooth
Stephanie Palafox
Stephanie Palafox - 16 dager siden
Love her videos
Minellie _
Minellie _ - 17 dager siden
JinaSolo - 17 dager siden
Braces and 4 pulled Wisdom Teeth. And one chipped molar...
Kelsey Waters
Kelsey Waters - 19 dager siden
yes i had full head gear, elastic, top and bottom row braces for 5 years AND I've had stuff put on my teeth so they aren't so sensitive because when i was younger i went in to get my tooths cleaned and the dentist that did it took off like 3mm on all of my teeth so i couldn't have solid foods for almost a year. :')
Kelsey Waters
Kelsey Waters - 19 dager siden
Avea Ellis
Avea Ellis - 20 dager siden
Can you please do a Werewolf one???
Tomika Grover
Tomika Grover - 20 dager siden
My freaking orthodontist shaved one my fangs down I was so mad
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 22 dager siden
10 out of 10 Riply Editting lol
It's Daphne
It's Daphne - 23 dager siden
I love them so much! You are gorgeous! I naturally have "fangs" and even though most of my teeth are pretty messed up, I love those teeth the best, haha.
Love Reptilesforever
Love Reptilesforever - 24 dager siden
She has no eyebrows!
ΣRIΠ - 5 dager siden
Yea it's cool!
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida - 24 dager siden
pissing myself laughing because of the moving Ripely when she was growlin'
Ava Mykols
Ava Mykols - 26 dager siden
i have had braces for 8 years they are the worsted.
Caitlin Speer
Caitlin Speer - 26 dager siden
This makes me happy cuz I’m obsessed with you and i have these naturally lmao
Taylor Sheffler
Taylor Sheffler - 26 dager siden
If those are fangs I’m a fucking saber tooth 😩
Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth - 26 dager siden
I've had braces HORRIBLE.She is so beautiful she's literally a real life Harley Quinn 💓💓💓💓
Føx Frêak
Føx Frêak - 26 dager siden
My dog daisy never howls, buuuuut I have a saxophone! And when I pull out ma brass baby, she reeeaaally howls at the higher notes!
Don't know why I'm commenting on a year old video..
MissDymon - 26 dager siden
This is the first video of yours I watched and I love it. You kinda remind me of Harley Quinn
monique linley
monique linley - 27 dager siden
Love this look