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I had 1 minute to pick a head to toe halloween costume from Spirit Halloween, including fx makeup. As you can imagine, it turned out stellar. You could say it was out of this world. Other-worldly. Cosmically cute. Astronomically epic. ........ it turned out awful. Houston, we have a problem.

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alien sfx makeup party city spirit halloween 60 seconds 1 minute challenge fast
Runtime: 28:57


Cap'n Crimson
Cap'n Crimson - 2 år siden
Maybe it would've looked better if you'd had more time to planet.
Chloe Jarvis
Chloe Jarvis - 20 dager siden
NepotismTV has always happened
Allison Ayotte
Allison Ayotte - 21 dag siden
Ember Gordon
Ember Gordon - Måned siden
@Anna Blink omg haha i didn't mean to reply to that persons comment, i meant to comment that to mykie
Anna Blink
Anna Blink - Måned siden
@Ember Gordon Bruh... Thats literally not the pount of this comment... And so what if shes a 17 year old brunette?? Is there a problem with being human...
Anna Blink
Anna Blink - Måned siden
@joseph ryan Its an alien pun... Plan it ↠ Planet
Kiersten Loutensock
Kiersten Loutensock - 3 dager siden
Tbh I would be so broke if Mykie created fx products😅
Justin Law
Justin Law - 4 dager siden
Is it just me or does it sound like she’s describing the premise of Among Us! 😳
OuijaDraws - 7 dager siden
Her alien concept is the dawn of among us and you can’t convince me otherwise
Greg Muir
Greg Muir - 8 dager siden
So the lesson is if/ when aliens come just mist their eyes with water
Sophiya Sawyer
Sophiya Sawyer - 9 dager siden
She made this video a day before my birthday that's so sweet
Liiightgold on ig
Liiightgold on ig - 9 dager siden
Mykie look up the truth behind NASA, you might not like it so much 🥶
kylee Pope
kylee Pope - 10 dager siden
Damon Klaus I see you I know they're not your real names but you're from Vampire Diaries I'm a huge fan
kylee Pope
kylee Pope - 10 dager siden
Do you live in Florida
DarkPhoenix920 xx
DarkPhoenix920 xx - 11 dager siden
Honestly I think it looked super cool before the white highlights and some of the silver
Katarzyna Palubicka
Katarzyna Palubicka - 11 dager siden
Alien: *watching this*
Mykie:'' maybe there's an alien that looks just like this. ''
Alien: '' honey, we're moving to jupiter! "
😂 😂
Delaine Embree
Delaine Embree - 12 dager siden
Why do people think that's what Aliens look like?Aliens could look like u or me
Aiko Smith
Aiko Smith - 13 dager siden
24:03 maybe the alien cut off the hand of the astonaunt and stuck its hand inside of it like a hand puppet... :)
Comara 108
Comara 108 - 15 dager siden
is there an alterative to laytex? I'm allergic and am trying to find a good alternative.
Taylor Laumer
Taylor Laumer - 19 dager siden
"Random & unplanned" - - like a baby.
Alexis_ Harts
Alexis_ Harts - 22 dager siden
I’m rewatching this video because it makes me laugh so hard when she dented her space nubs🤣
°•B u b b l y P a n d a•°
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 24 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought squidward when Mykie first put on the bald cap?
Jamie Zielinski
Jamie Zielinski - 25 dager siden
You could have spit in the lenses and rubbed it around. That’s what we would do in swimming
Charity James
Charity James - 26 dager siden
I used to,go there before I moved I loved all the spooky decorations they were kinda scary cause they were moving and had sounds
Romina Witschnig
Romina Witschnig - Måned siden
Imagine going to a Halloween party with a blow dryer 😂
Nana M
Nana M - Måned siden
Hahahahahahaha nice snapping turtle! Hahaha
Agata T
Agata T - Måned siden
Are we sure that she didn't accidentally get a swimming cap instead of a bald cap?
Gwyn Isabella
Gwyn Isabella - Måned siden
Getting some serious Doc Scratch vibes
Jennycat ZZB okii
Jennycat ZZB okii - Måned siden
“My nubs still feel quite nubby” 😂
Amber Rose
Amber Rose - Måned siden
Spirit halloween is back.
Ellie Lissette
Ellie Lissette - Måned siden
18:29 leaving this here for my future entertainment
Caitlynn Burk
Caitlynn Burk - Måned siden
It was my birthday the day you filmed this
Gaia's Guardian
Gaia's Guardian - Måned siden
I feel the addition of some straws to go through the nubs as breath holes would help.
burningplumbranches - Måned siden
I'm Green Baba Dee Baba dee
Sarah H
Sarah H - Måned siden
ma'am, this is not a bald cap, it's a crappy swimming cap
Deceit Sanders
Deceit Sanders - Måned siden
"He or she or he she..or it" JUST SAY "They" OH MY GOD
abby rose
abby rose - Måned siden
with the tan and the brunette hair, you're really giving me Carla Harvey **butcher babies** vibes, and I'm loving it
Cheyenne Winner
Cheyenne Winner - Måned siden
When you came here from when she got roasted because she wanted tp
Kaitlyn Plunk
Kaitlyn Plunk - Måned siden
That is acerate about Americans 🇺🇸
Kelli Burke
Kelli Burke - Måned siden
The foggy eyes in the montage 😂🤣😂
raeanna boiles
raeanna boiles - Måned siden
I would love a series where you recreate videos like this where everything was against you! 😂
Marne E.
Marne E. - Måned siden
"Everytime I clear my cloudy eyes I get more and more sad at the state of things..." -Emo Mykie
꧁Hawt Trash꧂
꧁Hawt Trash꧂ - 2 måneder siden
Brunettes rule 😏😏😏. Blondes are noice 😊😊😊. And red heads are sweet 🍭🍭🍭
Hayley Hartinger
Hayley Hartinger - 2 måneder siden
I love your videos!✨💕