I Let Predictive Text Pick My Makeup

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In this video PREDICTIVE TEXT picks my makeup and I don't think I can be the best person in the world (predictive text told me so)
What I think of the Global Glitter Ban:
Jigsaw Billy The Puppet Tutorial:
Full Face Of Glitter Challenge:
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Glam&Gore - 2 år siden
Let your predictive text finish this sentence: I loved this video more than __________________
Abby Bellotti
Abby Bellotti - Måned siden
I loved this video more than the first horror movie I’ve ever seen and it was so good
Sarah Skelton
Sarah Skelton - 9 måneder siden
I loved this video more than the first time ever
anothertinystream - 9 måneder siden
In loved this video more than one
Tori Malott
Tori Malott - År siden
I love this video more than I thought it would look great but I got here a bit too early Oh boy 😬
Kiara Vargas
Kiara Vargas - År siden
Glam&Gore I love this video more than you
Katie Draws
Katie Draws - 10 timer siden
I have an alexa so when you told yours to play careless whisper mine started playing it too😂😂
Potato Dog
Potato Dog - 11 timer siden
I loved this video more than I can say.
-actually kinda turned out nice-
Ruba Al-Kandari
Ruba Al-Kandari - 2 dager siden
i loved this video more than the most of my favorite apps in my iphone
Haley Selene
Haley Selene - 3 dager siden
I loved this video more than you know 😻
Liiightgold on ig
Liiightgold on ig - 6 dager siden
Where tf did you wear that first makeup look to?? Bed?? Lol jk love ya mykie 🤣😭😭
Mathias Szenko
Mathias Szenko - 8 dager siden
I’m miserable, and you make me happy and positive. Thank you.
Tyann Weis
Tyann Weis - 10 dager siden
Her energy is so cute and Im here for it❤
HST - 16 dager siden
Why is hell bleeped?! Do people really consider that a swear word.
Celyn Upcott
Celyn Upcott - 18 dager siden
I loved this video more than the last two days before the show
sapphic_glitch - 21 dag siden
Watching this in 2020 after mykie has been exposed for loving glitter 👀
Excelsior Maze
Excelsior Maze - 22 dager siden
I love this video more than the night king rah
Lissy Argueta
Lissy Argueta - 22 dager siden
I love this video more than the first person I love HAHAAHAHA
Irene Reilly
Irene Reilly - 27 dager siden
Omg u keep setting my Alexa off
Paisli Hamand
Paisli Hamand - 27 dager siden
I lived this video more than anything else I could go to
Amanda Garten
Amanda Garten - 29 dager siden
16:33 hell yeah
That's all I'm gonna say
☆cat edits
☆cat edits - 29 dager siden
I loved the video more than you
☆cat edits
☆cat edits - 29 dager siden
Up or down to the club event at this one event tonight I have to get my mom and then I’ll send her to you get it back in a little while I am not going on
Rose Smith
Rose Smith - Måned siden
I loved this video more than the narrator of a man in my godfather with my friends.
MusicMushi - Måned siden
Phone: Wigs are not really cute
Mykie: *visual confusion*
Nails Are Life
Nails Are Life - Måned siden
The channel was almost at 3m subs when it was made. Now, there are over 4m Zombaes! I love it!
Jacob Lenton
Jacob Lenton - Måned siden
me a boy:*pout intensifies*
IandM Jacobs
IandM Jacobs - Måned siden
Hi baby a good night baby love you bye baby bye bye call me bye bye baby bye bye
IandM Jacobs
IandM Jacobs - Måned siden
That’s my productive text did
* S t o r m y *
* S t o r m y * - Måned siden
Is it just me or her eyeshadow looks like Todorokis hair from bnha? XD
Eve C
Eve C - Måned siden
As. Fucking. If. This was 2 years ago. I've been subbed for about 6 years?? How the eff? I'm nearly 18 wat
Catfood - Måned siden
I loved this video more than *the same movie*
Victoria Hook Riddle
Victoria Hook Riddle - Måned siden
My Alexa went off XD
Taylor Kaufmann
Taylor Kaufmann - Måned siden
Literally Mykie arguing with predictive text for 18:15 😂
Crystal Beauty
Crystal Beauty - Måned siden
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan - Måned siden
Here's a story:
Once upon a time lived a few things. They were so cool that she was jealous. Her name is Max yet she has to say I don't care. Max and the thing were so young and old. They were in my basement for some odd reason. My basement is a good one for Christmas. That's why Max and the things loved it so much that she said Juice WRLD was a bit more professional. The thing agreed indeed. The end.
Writers: my phone and I
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan - Måned siden
Eyeliner is a good idea for you now have a good one
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan - Måned siden
I loved this video more than one person at a time
Cassandra Mae
Cassandra Mae - Måned siden
I loved this video more than just the beginning and end of this world. Lol
Rosalie Hetrick
Rosalie Hetrick - Måned siden
16.23 the realization is the best part. Its so funny!
ingmar Holderson
ingmar Holderson - Måned siden
I love this video more than my own son 😂😂
Olivia M
Olivia M - Måned siden
That voice crack (I doNt 😂😂😂)
prettyfarfromOK - Måned siden
I really need to know what Brown lipstick she is wearing in the intro, anyone? After a year? Could tell me? Please? Help? I need somebody ?
Katrina Rosival
Katrina Rosival - 3 dager siden
Lolita from Kat Von D I think, she says it in a video around this time (her upside down challenge)
Lena Hanson
Lena Hanson - Måned siden
mykie incoherently singing careless whisper is the most adorable thing
Some_Random_Person 159
Some_Random_Person 159 - Måned siden
The punk 80s is calling
Skylar Swarts
Skylar Swarts - Måned siden
I love this video more than I can say