I Let TINDER Pick My SFX Makeup

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Stephanie is BACK on the dating app Tinder with EXTRA SASS this time for a part two of ' I Let TINDER Pick My Makeup '. This time, we find out what men want out of SFX makeup and truthfully.... it's more beautiful than I could've ever imagined.
WATCH THE ONE THAT STARTED ALL MY REGRETS HERE- I Let Tinder Pick My Makeup (Part 1- The Glam):
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Ariel Fullerton
Ariel Fullerton - 13 timer siden
Where can I get an important babe shirt, still wondering to this day
Colourful pup
Colourful pup - 14 timer siden
The guitar started playing and my kitten started rolling around
K_BeAr- K
K_BeAr- K - Dag siden
I’m from TX and that accent was gold! So funny! Love you vids! And grammar corrections I do that too!
Charlotte Bergstrom
Charlotte Bergstrom - 4 dager siden
why do you actually look adorable with all the makeup minus the teeth
broken wolf
broken wolf - 6 dager siden
With out the teeth it looks so cute on you mykie
Lauren Alt
Lauren Alt - 10 dager siden
why do i think that u look cute in the end result
Kari - 10 dager siden
I work at a party city and I am shocksd at how much Halloween stuff they had in June. The one I worrk at just started to get their Halloween stuff in late August
RobloxGXL - 10 dager siden
Do fx with dollar tree
Ellexa Allen
Ellexa Allen - 11 dager siden
I’m chewing gum

What a unique comment
Acatsdog - 12 dager siden
Were do you get all your special effects stuff from. I'm trying to get some to become a special effects makeup artist 🤗👍
Riley Stephens
Riley Stephens - 13 dager siden
Imagine if she met one of the guys in the store
HST - 13 dager siden
I had to Google DSL. 😂
Salina - 17 dager siden
I’ve been in a relationship for six years now so getting to live vicariously through Mykie in this is very entertaining and comforting knowing men are very cheesy and nothing much has changed. 😂😂
Caitlyn Sharp
Caitlyn Sharp - 20 dager siden
"I'm getting demonitized soo...." Pampers ad
Sierra D
Sierra D - 23 dager siden
MYKIE you're not a bunny...you're a jackalope!!!
ATM - 24 dager siden
mykie: correcting ppls grammar
mykie earlier: I want a pizza DAT
edit: people's*
Moumita Sarkar
Moumita Sarkar - 25 dager siden
hey you know what the hole entier story you got from tom the first line was ("hiya" i am new to tinder) and the word hiya is my name
yeah my name is hiya and i am ten years old
April Komar
April Komar - 26 dager siden
"Do you want to screw or bone" 💀
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 26 dager siden
I can just imagine all the kids in the store just confused and having to ask there parents what some of those things that you said mean
Pixiefly - 28 dager siden
Mykie: I might meet the love of my life on here I guess
Anthony: *sweating in the backround*
natalie figueroa
natalie figueroa - Måned siden
Love watching this and knowing that she’s with her perfect man. Mykie + Anthony= OTP 🥺❤️
Lost in Space
Lost in Space - Måned siden
The movie z-o-m-b-i-e-s stole the word zom-bay
Ryleigh Kutz
Ryleigh Kutz - Måned siden
“Scary pic” “is that a mask” “No jerk, that’s my face”😂
Eden Vause
Eden Vause - Måned siden
Okay but what happened with Henry? 😂😂
Fabian Heider
Fabian Heider - Måned siden
"I'm getting demonetized sooo" *Ad plays* "quick in this video!"
Yep, apparently so... Not 😂😂😂😂
Eri Aziawa
Eri Aziawa - Måned siden
My mom asked what I was watching and since we are music fans I said…come on come I’m watching a girl but some FX Makeup on and she just slowly walked away nodding
Prisca Villarosa
Prisca Villarosa - Måned siden
"Do re mi fack you" 😅
Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson - Måned siden
this is one of my favorite videos on this channel so i like to sometimes just go back and watch it so i can laugh at how funny it is but every time i always get do re mi stuck in my head 😂
Danielle Langford
Danielle Langford - Måned siden
"I'm getting Demonitised so quick"
Midnight Mares
Midnight Mares - Måned siden
Imagine going to pride and seeing this.
Kati P
Kati P - Måned siden
"I'll still meet the love of my life"
*Anthony enters the chat*
Michaela Jennings
Michaela Jennings - Måned siden
I like the idea that 2 years on, some of these guys now have girlfriends that watch your channel... & then everything falls into place!!!
Barbara Berman
Barbara Berman - Måned siden
Mykie: I'm gonna get demonetized soooo-
-Ad plays-
Me: uuhhuu suuuuure
Cringe Mountain
Cringe Mountain - 2 måneder siden
Shes almost at 4 million!!!!!
Helany Sofe
Helany Sofe - 2 måneder siden
ok im NOT going to lie soooo honestlyyyyyyyyyyyy i like that ranbow bunny dear clown?? IDKKKKKK
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff - 2 måneder siden
this killed me😂😂😂
What's Inside
What's Inside - 2 måneder siden
That bunny just screams gay rights
Rebekah Geier
Rebekah Geier - 2 måneder siden
When the dude used the pickup line with a whole bunch of cheeses you said it was cheezy. I don't think the pun was intended, but I caught it
Aesthetic Alice
Aesthetic Alice - 2 måneder siden
I’m re watching all of mykie’s videos in quarantine 💖
Fizzy Goth
Fizzy Goth - 2 måneder siden
Lmao I have the SAME onesie as her in the beginning before she takes it off to the important babe shirt