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I stayed overnight at the most haunted hotel in Utah with Spencer Henry and Anthony Padilla. This Salt Lake City Holiday Inn Express has a dark history because it's the scene of one of the most tragic crimes imaginable. Is it still haunted by the spirits of those who have passed here? Or are doors closing just really scary?

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Can you guess where we're ghost hunting next week?

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Runtime: 31:15


LAELLE CHARON - 5 timer siden
U should go to the del coronado
The Fun Way Gogo
The Fun Way Gogo - 11 timer siden
makenna pawson
makenna pawson - Dag siden
So the way the one girl survived is when her and her mom pushed all the other kids off the body's we're down there so she landed on one of her siblings body's and survived
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen - Dag siden
Why do you have gold things under your eyes at the end
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen - Dag siden
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen - Dag siden
This is scary 😮😯😯😯😯😒😯😒😯😯😯😯😯.
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan - Dag siden
It must have been weird to bunk with Spencer with her boyfriend in the other bed just for the sake of the viewers.
Morgan Grace
Morgan Grace - Dag siden
Spencer: "It'd be so much harder to start a cult.."
Unus Annus: "Hold my Brita"
Samantha McKay
Samantha McKay - 2 dager siden
Is it just me or in the thumbnail it looks like spencer has a RLLY big and open mouth?
Audri Guyton
Audri Guyton - 2 dager siden
31:09 she called him honey oop-
Olivia Meehan
Olivia Meehan - 2 dager siden
I would rather have blood on the sealing
Riley G
Riley G - 3 dager siden
If y'all ever get back into ghost hunting you should buy some luminol !! no more sniffing bloody ceilings
Breanna Rauch
Breanna Rauch - 3 dager siden
I love you somuch your the best
Miss Adopt me!
Miss Adopt me! - 4 dager siden
Reply if you are looking at the comments or commenting when you haven’t even watched half the video
Thelilpeanut Sabrina
Thelilpeanut Sabrina - 5 dager siden
What did Spencer drink with his pizza? If it was like koolaid or a red soda it's the "blood"
Blujay ÕwÕ
Blujay ÕwÕ - 6 dager siden
4:37 idk of anyone noticed the fucking audio glitch- I'm very spooked now tbh
Ania Ahsiraf
Ania Ahsiraf - 7 dager siden
My heart dropped when mykie came out of the cupboard oh god
Catherine Guevara
Catherine Guevara - 7 dager siden
imagine if your mom just pushed you off a balcony like imagine being a little kid thinking ohh no my dad died lets just go to his fuerule ohh god please no my mom pushed me off a balcuny OOF!!!!!!!
It's Just Ella
It's Just Ella - 7 dager siden
I’m usually scared of these kind of videos but I enjoy when they do this cause they lighten up the mood
Drawing Dingus
Drawing Dingus - 8 dager siden
Maybe that blood was my ✨mom’s✨ she did shoot herself in a hotel room in salt lake afterall, it was like two years ago so who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Casey Bumann
Casey Bumann - 8 dager siden
“Itd be so much harder to start a cult today.”
*que trump & his supporters*
FaultyFemale - 8 dager siden
I’d rather have blood for sure
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan - 9 dager siden
Fun fact: Danny Elfman wrote most of the Nightmare Before Christmas music while staying at that hotel.
MFM covered this story/cult and it is so damn sad. I don’t believe in ghosts (and if I did, they wouldn’t be the spirits of dead kids who had no choice on their deaths) but I do believe in shitty, selfish people.
And the blood on the ceiling is probably from someone injecting heroin. I used to see it in public bathrooms in Seattle (where there is a huge opioid problem). Users will try to inject but miss their vein or hit it too hard and blood will spray everywhere. Clearly the hotel changed the acoustic tiles but not the grids.
Kathryn Murphy
Kathryn Murphy - 10 dager siden
nobody come at me but I'm a Mormon and would like it if she wouldn't have used that term "formon" but still love you girl
Tawxic Nea
Tawxic Nea - 10 dager siden
20:44 don't mind me. Just doing a replay button a cute noise that Mykie did.
Felicia Rose Arista
Felicia Rose Arista - 11 dager siden
Anyone else notice her lip color from the night before? That's not blood on the sheets, that's lipstick 💄
Matilda Eklund
Matilda Eklund - 11 dager siden
It's pre-chup on the bed
• RavioliRavioli4meoly •
• RavioliRavioli4meoly • - 11 dager siden
Saliva turns white sheets red-
Chaotic Evil これ
Chaotic Evil これ - 11 dager siden
Dont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at nightDont watch at night
kaitlyn steinhoff
kaitlyn steinhoff - 12 dager siden
since we won’t get these videos this halloween you should do creepy makeup everyday and tell a scary story or talk about haunted things for each look
Nicole Walker
Nicole Walker - 12 dager siden
Your like jaystayshion but a girl
Lil Bitch
Lil Bitch - 12 dager siden
Probably rust. It smells like iron
Purple SkyLover
Purple SkyLover - 12 dager siden
My grandpa when he worked on the railroad survived a 7 story fall with no injuries
Tatianna Mann
Tatianna Mann - 13 dager siden
With human spirits the temperature drops, but when there is known paranormal activity in a place and its HOT its known as a demonic hotspot, A place where demons can freely roam
Megaroo 101
Megaroo 101 - 13 dager siden
Is this the same cult as the daybel case??
Kiera Todd
Kiera Todd - 13 dager siden
"It'd be much harder to start a cult today."
... Ha. Right, sure...
ximena Doll
ximena Doll - 13 dager siden
person:wow thats really thick
mykie:thats what she said 🤣🤣🤣
MsKittykatcat - 14 dager siden
I've lived in Utah my whole life and I have never visited this hotel. How have I never been to this hotel?
Peyton Lagueux
Peyton Lagueux - 14 dager siden
Spencer moves in his sleep a lot lmao
Grace Nordic
Grace Nordic - 14 dager siden
Did you know that there is actually a Spaghetti Cult that worship a spaghetti god?
amelia trenkle
amelia trenkle - 14 dager siden
Love it