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IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME! I ghost hunt with my partner in crime, Spencer Henry, on the most haunted ship in the world, the QUEEN MARY! We stayed in the most haunted room, B340, and looked for spirits, using a Ouija board, tarot cards, crystal ball, EMF reader, dowsing rods, thermometer and our top notch sixth sense. As you'll see... I'm a wuss.
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Can you guess where we're ghost hunting next week?
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Runtime: 39:47


LeLe_457 H
LeLe_457 H - 7 timer siden
Ya'll someone please fact check me cause I don't want to be right but there was someone type of shadow thing at 30:19 that comes from where the mural ends on the right and moves right. You might have to slow it down the playback speed and look at the railings and that step there something kinda looks weird. Now I could be wrong and that could have been the shadow of a person walking by but like someone confirm that they see it and that I'm not crazy plz
Mattic Monday
Mattic Monday - Dag siden
Regular ships scare the bjesus out of me
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams - 2 dager siden
30:23 I saw something moving on the right side of the screen.
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams - 2 dager siden
I believe in ghosts because the energy in our bodies never dies
Neon Dragon
Neon Dragon - 3 dager siden
To anyone who knows Sam and Colby do you guys remember when they knocked on the door and then a little while later someone knocks back imagine that was them knocking
Nadia Puklo
Nadia Puklo - 3 dager siden
Dose he have a youtube channel?😂😂😂
Wonder Lander
Wonder Lander - 5 dager siden
Have to say this is the first time I’ve seen someone run into fans and super chill invite them to their room and argue about ghosts.
_squishy_sarcasm_ - 5 dager siden
29:31 did anyone else notice a second shadow behind spencer..?? It might just be a member of the camera crew but it’s deffo not Spencer’s shadow..
Bella Cortese
Bella Cortese - 5 dager siden
Maison Shinn
Maison Shinn - 5 dager siden
I am halfway a skeptic
Gracie Pagett
Gracie Pagett - 6 dager siden
day one of trying to get pinned by famous people, luv u
crandalllm - 7 dager siden
I am a sceptic
Melian Miller
Melian Miller - 7 dager siden
Spencer: ik now were actually spliting up.
Me: notices a shadow behind Spencer 29:31
Tatianna Mann
Tatianna Mann - 7 dager siden
Just realized that if you divide the last 2 numbers in B340 with the first number like this, 40÷3, it equals 13, and we ALL know the basis of 13
jas nemeth
jas nemeth - 8 dager siden
You can see the tall thing moove
Afra Abdouli
Afra Abdouli - 9 dager siden
Mia Cruz
Mia Cruz - 9 dager siden
They should of used those snap chat filters to try and atlest see if the filter or camra picks up a face that not theres
Goldi Cos
Goldi Cos - 10 dager siden
I believe in ghosts! Or who else who’d be talking to be?
Sina Soltani
Sina Soltani - 10 dager siden
As a german it's so weird for me, everytime you say "Gesundheit" xD
River Lavine
River Lavine - 10 dager siden
When you asked who knows... I love Mykie and Spencer but in the Bible if you’re a Christian it says stuff about demons which is spirits and ghosts.
Jonathan Balthasar Fremond
Jonathan Balthasar Fremond - 11 dager siden
7:33 there is a light abnormally in the left top corner of the screen
Aislinn Gaines
Aislinn Gaines - 11 dager siden
Is anyone else shook about that intro??
luna b
luna b - 12 dager siden
girl reading the tarot cards has no idea what she’s doing /:
Masabah Saeed
Masabah Saeed - 12 dager siden
Mykie to Peter: you're an EMF
Me, a telecommunications Engineer: Yeah, No. 😂😂😂😂
Sawyer Geib
Sawyer Geib - 12 dager siden
NEVER use an ouija board because it is used to contact spirits and demons. Please dont ever use one, people have been possessed after use so DON'T USE ONE!!!!
Potato Master
Potato Master - 13 dager siden
My mom spent the night in that room exactly, and she encountered something but i fauking forgot 🤣
Maxim Brights
Maxim Brights - 13 dager siden
Make Spencer shave.
Kai G.
Kai G. - 13 dager siden
Gesundheit Peter :*
Annabelle Husband
Annabelle Husband - 13 dager siden
I Heard same and colby and instantly smiled cause iv seen the videos of them there and damn they got on the list to be the most famous to visit and shane ofc the queen of haunted places
JinaSolo - 13 dager siden
I am a skeptic, but even I know enough to never use a Ouija Board. They are said to open a Door. You have no way of know what will answer. Also, you have no control over what answers.
If ghosts are real, why take the risk? And if Ghosts are not real, what is the point?
Bambii XVX
Bambii XVX - 14 dager siden
Does anyone have taras Instagram?
Cierra ritchey
Cierra ritchey - 15 dager siden
Sceptical also humans are the scariest
Hannah Wirth
Hannah Wirth - 15 dager siden
Mykie: "A GHOST"
Spencer at the vending machine: "Well, he has to wait"
Hannah - 17 dager siden
mykie: "when peter sneezes its a ghost, sneeze peter, sneeze"
peter: "i guess i can only do it when theres a ghost"
ghost: *am i a joke to you guys*
dead red rose
dead red rose - 17 dager siden
Stop hating on the ouiji bord it works for me
Cora Sommerer
Cora Sommerer - 17 dager siden
Did Mykie just say "Gesundheit" (German for "bless you" ) at 25:15 ?
The Rogue Pirate Smithers
The Rogue Pirate Smithers - 17 dager siden
She can say skeptic all she wants but it doesn't make it true. She just trying to be too cool for ghosts. Shes smoking hot so I'll let it slide and keep watching. YOU'RE NOT A SKEPTIC GIRLY.
MamaBear Danielle
MamaBear Danielle - 16 dager siden
Audrey Haerr
Audrey Haerr - 18 dager siden
I went to the Queen Mary when I was 13. So beautiful, but so ...eerie. I didn't even know it was haunted until I read something about it. And I'm like "hmmm .. well that makes sense." 😂😲
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 18 dager siden
I personally don't believe in ghosts but I do believe I've in "cupcakes" lol