I Tried Following A MADEYEWLOOK Makeup Tutorial

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I tried following MadeYewLook 's Makeup Tutorial. Find the original (& actually helpful one) here!
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Datepigeon - Dag siden
I honetly love the uterus neckleace. It really adds to that gorey Bloody Mary vibe
Football Girl
Football Girl - 6 dager siden
I think it looks pretty good... when you lower the light...😅😂❤
Jennifer - 9 dager siden
Lol... That’s a line of rebellion. Love your humor
Liiightgold on ig
Liiightgold on ig - 10 dager siden
I actually just found out about her, still trying to get used to her but I think I like her 😍 sucker for redheads lol
Ruby H.
Ruby H. - 12 dager siden
I laughed so hard when she just slapped her fave then wiped of her eyebrow😂😂😂😂😂it probably wasn't even that funny yet I still laughed😂😂😂😂😂
Lacey Newton
Lacey Newton - 15 dager siden
Me waiting for her to stop stalling and het to the point: 👁👄👁
Alexis Sejnoha
Alexis Sejnoha - 15 dager siden
Mykie! you and Lex should do a collab where you do the same look but one is body paint and one is SFX!
Inc Jo. Ma.
Inc Jo. Ma. - 17 dager siden
You did a greaaaat job here!!
Kings Mommy
Kings Mommy - 18 dager siden
You look like Camren Diaz in the mask
Jasmine Steinway
Jasmine Steinway - 18 dager siden
OMG I love this you did soooooo well!!!
Victoria Miller
Victoria Miller - 20 dager siden
the white base is totally the hardest part!
Tyler Rae Goldman
Tyler Rae Goldman - 22 dager siden
I feel like the eyes and the hair brought it all together
Julicia Morales
Julicia Morales - 25 dager siden
you look like bloody mary's little sister
ehlana nelson
ehlana nelson - 26 dager siden
Mykie is the reason why I shaved my brows 😭😂
Brandon Youmans
Brandon Youmans - 26 dager siden
No matter what you do or how you are trying to do your makeup, you always ens up looking sexy. Not being creepy, you are just beautiful!
Maddy Lastrapes
Maddy Lastrapes - Måned siden
i wonder how mykie would do this now but like her way of doing FX, like with latex and stuff..
Jazmine Sweetan
Jazmine Sweetan - Måned siden
you should like take this and make it 3D version!
lifeorsomething134 - Måned siden
The sperm... got me dyinnnggg
Rabbit TeaPot
Rabbit TeaPot - Måned siden
Blown away by the necklace you painted
alex the human
alex the human - Måned siden
Me: *sees a mirror*
Also me: 3:13
alex the human
alex the human - Måned siden
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Not even Obama:
Glam: I look like a backwards unicorn...
or a *sperm*
Nicole Moone
Nicole Moone - Måned siden
Stop doubting yourself it came out really good
Taffy And Friends
Taffy And Friends - Måned siden
other people: Dang it my makeup is staining my eyebrow
you: Smack Its gone
Giulia Fernandes
Giulia Fernandes - Måned siden
Why does she look like Joey kind in the end?? 😂
Noah Tribley
Noah Tribley - Måned siden
I always think she’s saying “shadow” with a string country drawl 😂
•Derpy_TheCat• - Måned siden
Her: "And her eyes mysteriously turned white!"
Me: I can do that, even without contacts!
Anyone else? No? Just me? Ok.
sam - Måned siden
k but the way she took half her eyebrow off so smoothly..
Ruby Quinn
Ruby Quinn - Måned siden
Love the look, but where did u get that brush from
ѕ α f є • p l α c є
"I'm starting off by getting rid of half my eyebrow"
mykie: bet
Anam Naeem
Anam Naeem - Måned siden
This gave me lady gaga vibes from ahs s5
Yoeliz Santana
Yoeliz Santana - Måned siden
Your natural eye lashes are MAGICAL!! You’re so pretty!
Justina anitsuJ
Justina anitsuJ - Måned siden
You should try and do this again but try to do it in 3D
Sarah Dar
Sarah Dar - Måned siden
I love how people be struggling with their eyebrows and hers is soo realistic
Franklin Senekhamphone
Franklin Senekhamphone - Måned siden
Hold up, I was so blindsided when Mykie just SMACKS her eye brow off at 3:36. Omg you crack me up!!!
ellie namie chan
ellie namie chan - Måned siden
The way she removed her eyebrow 😂😂😂
Lily Walton
Lily Walton - Måned siden
9:37 my eyes starting watering just watching that
Periods and Stuff
Periods and Stuff - Måned siden
There’s no hello zombies 😢😥
Nani Dubarge
Nani Dubarge - Måned siden
Okay, but with Mykie I get a shattered Harley Quinn vibe but I love it. You totally killed this video! I really love both your and Lex's channel! Great job!
Gacha Tuber
Gacha Tuber - Måned siden
I just wanna see lex's comment her
《 Deadass Yune 》
《 Deadass Yune 》 - Måned siden
ngl- her first layer of paint is my skin tone EXACTLY 😹😹