I Tried Turning Myself Into Squidward Using Only Drugstore Makeup / Products

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I Tried to Turn Myself Into Spongebob Using Only Drugstore Makeup:

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I Tried to Turn Myself Into Spongebob Using Only Drugstore Makeup / products
Leave a comment below if I should make Patrick Starrr into Patrick Star to complete the spongebob/drugstore trilogy
Runtime: 18:09


PatrickStarrr - 2 år siden
I’m ready .....
critter crazy
critter crazy - 13 dager siden
Omg ahhhh
LOL It’s Bree
LOL It’s Bree - 23 dager siden
PatrickStarrr omg hiiii!
Yaralizet Torres Meza
Yaralizet Torres Meza - Måned siden
Omg this just made my day brighter 😁
{{Kitty_ Gacha}}
{{Kitty_ Gacha}} - Måned siden
Lizz-Has-15-Subs - Måned siden
SamLes Creations
SamLes Creations - 4 timer siden
You just gained 50 points with me casually playing back street boys!
Kylie Aaron
Kylie Aaron - 2 dager siden
You keep turning on my Alexa
Kenny Boswell
Kenny Boswell - 5 dager siden
You did good hun.
Libby Mae
Libby Mae - 7 dager siden
She needs to do mr krabs x
Charlotte Bergstrom
Charlotte Bergstrom - 7 dager siden
he looks freaking horrifying I love it
LoonyLuna - 7 dager siden
Random Tip! You can use pajama pants dipped in water to remove your makeup!
P.S. The end looks like two psycho serial killers courting each other...
madinskincareland - 7 dager siden
Jeez, this is terrifying. :-D
2Salty4u - 8 dager siden
2Salty4u - 8 dager siden
What size is that
Kalyn Shafer
Kalyn Shafer - 11 dager siden
Dang it actually turned out pretty good.
Just some Turtle With Internet Access
8:34 she looks like a muffin.
Blossom Tv
Blossom Tv - 14 dager siden
That's fucking horrifying. Very entertaining video tho
Liiightgold on ig
Liiightgold on ig - 16 dager siden
That’s the squidward nightmares are made of lmaoo
Ashton Quinn
Ashton Quinn - 16 dager siden
i got kinda scared when at first she didn't play Careless Whisper....
AubreyAndJayden - 17 dager siden
Does anyone just skip to the ending and then watch it from the start?
Annabel Cohen
Annabel Cohen - 18 dager siden
why r u attractive in the shirt lol
Stormy Skies
Stormy Skies - 18 dager siden
I feel like only mykie could pull something like this off
Ash leE
Ash leE - 19 dager siden
Wheres patrickkkkkk
Nicole Morrison
Nicole Morrison - 20 dager siden
Okay.... who does the closed caption for this😂😂😂 I just saw on my TL that it said *in magnificent Russian accent* "hello zombies" ..... omg hahahahaha
Waffle 370
Waffle 370 - 20 dager siden
Squidward fx is the scariest thing on this channel ever
Tarrah York
Tarrah York - 23 dager siden
I think ypu sould smoke some weed and see....
louisa zebedee-howard
louisa zebedee-howard - 23 dager siden
can you do patrick star please
Elli Peill
Elli Peill - 26 dager siden
I love how she’s sponsored by mental health care whilst she’s looking like this 😂❤️
KarmaKat - 27 dager siden
Her: (idk what her name is) we only need one
Also her: **rips the other o e and grabs another*
Imogen V
Imogen V - 2 dager siden
KarmaKat her name is mykie
Rendon Corbin
Rendon Corbin - 29 dager siden

Kyle McDaniel
Kyle McDaniel - 29 dager siden
Why is there drug store look like Walmart
Isabella Cousins
Isabella Cousins - Måned siden
Is anyone going acknowledge her adorable wolf thing?
Kage Anderson
Kage Anderson - Måned siden
im scarred
Roman Torres
Roman Torres - Måned siden
ABABBAAAHAHAHA “sponge bob” lol
Roman Torres
Roman Torres - Måned siden
So good it’s so funny lol
Unicorn Pop
Unicorn Pop - Måned siden
Patrick snd mr krabs then we gucci
Tammy - Måned siden
You did so good🙀❤️
Emma C
Emma C - Måned siden
the captions made me laugh while i was carving out my eyebrows now i have a line through them
Romina Witschnig
Romina Witschnig - Måned siden
Your makeup and crafting skills are amazing and your creativity is just mind-blowing💥💯🔥
Del Brooke
Del Brooke - Måned siden
It actually turned out pretty good though
BXshadowBoy - Måned siden
... just why?
julie pepper
julie pepper - Måned siden

i saw a condom
oh my gosh
Anna Pskovskaya
Anna Pskovskaya - Måned siden
I thought it was he’s mom 🤭
Sydney Wallace
Sydney Wallace - Måned siden
Ahhhhh she was watching the office!!