I Tried Wearing Eyebrow Wigs In Public For A Day

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I already wear lots of regular wigs .... might as well try eyebrow wigs!
In this video I put eyebrow wigs to the test ( in public , up close and personal with zombaes , while dancing , sweating , etc.) to see if they might be a good alternative to getting my invisibrows tinted, waxed, and shaped each month.
Click here to watch my brow makeover done by Kelley Baker !
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Otacon86E - 5 dager siden
Too cute!😋
Clark Charrier
Clark Charrier - 5 dager siden
9:30 so the eyebrow wigs are great for 2020😂😂😂
HST - 15 dager siden
I've only seen drag queens use eyebrow wigs so it's interesting to see a normal person use them in a normal day.
Jazz Afire
Jazz Afire - 26 dager siden
I know thid video is 2+ years old, but I can't help it: Why would it be illegal for people to dye your eyebrows? In Germany every hair salon can dyw your eyebrows or lashes if you want them to. Or just go to a store and buy the color and dye them yourself (that's what I do cause it saves me a lot of time and money) 😄
Elayna Wurz
Elayna Wurz - 27 dager siden
Did anyone else think her wig was gonna fall of during the wind test
nicole.jr88 - 29 dager siden
I think your bf said good from far but far from good lol
°•B u b b l y P a n d a•°
Me: I wonder where they get the hair for the eyebrow wigs........

Never mind I don’t wanna know
Kae saysstfu
Kae saysstfu - Måned siden
Came to watch this after the recent vid
Jennifer Gray
Jennifer Gray - Måned siden
Mykie:lets go
*ad pops up*
Anika B.
Anika B. - Måned siden
these wigs are perfect for 2020
Nora Mero
Nora Mero - Måned siden
I rub my eyes way too much for this kind of wig.
Tiffany ward
Tiffany ward - Måned siden
I literally got so worried about her wig when she stuck her head out the window
Tiffany ward
Tiffany ward - Måned siden
So according to spanky these brows would be great for social distancing
Partiallrium - Måned siden

Kaykay brown
Kaykay brown - Måned siden
The eyebrow wigs look good on Camera. Maybe just for videos
Flytiix - Måned siden
I love Spankie omfg
Bhabya Pathak
Bhabya Pathak - 2 måneder siden
"stay far from everybody".. thats wht now everybody is doing.. hahhahahaha... she knows wht going to be in the future
White _flower
White _flower - 2 måneder siden
the thumbnail....i loved it lol
Jordyn Kayy
Jordyn Kayy - 2 måneder siden
Seems to be good brows for the pandemic they look good from 6 feet away which is social distancing so your good 😂😂😂
I’mThatBoleynGirl - 2 måneder siden
13:48 well that didn’t age well
Karm Onion
Karm Onion - 2 måneder siden
i thought that you would be wearing a wig made out of eyebrows
thorns - 2 måneder siden
You eyebrows are perfect for social distancing
cynthia spencer
cynthia spencer - 2 måneder siden
Mykie Mykie Mykie! This teal short bob wig ugggh! It's Perfect on yoou!!!!
Meow Ross
Meow Ross - 2 måneder siden
False eyelashes are eyelash wigs 😎😂
Sydney Vargas
Sydney Vargas - 2 måneder siden
Here in 2020 just happy to see Careless whisper again ❤️❤️
Biscuit Plush
Biscuit Plush - 2 måneder siden
Much safiya
Kylie Coker
Kylie Coker - 2 måneder siden
Mykie: "stay far away from everybody"
The original social distancing expert. She was already living in 2020
stayOnTheBike - 3 måneder siden
Just shut up and leave your gorgeous face alone
joseph vallejo
joseph vallejo - 3 måneder siden
Your funny iam subscribe now
Lookie Here
Lookie Here - 3 måneder siden
Next she wears a merkin.
Sløth_ Løver
Sløth_ Løver - 3 måneder siden
As soon as i click a random video on recommended with my eyes shut and hear Celine Dion...
Bluebell Buttons
Bluebell Buttons - 3 måneder siden
You actually looked like a human doll whilst dancing 😁 very good👍🏽🥳
Quarentined Love
Quarentined Love - 3 måneder siden
I love your eyebrows right now
E L - 3 måneder siden
These are genius
Leya Leigh
Leya Leigh - 3 måneder siden
What a classy neighborhood, providing homeless with a mattress to sleep on.
Americans have so much going for them.
Andries Louw
Andries Louw - 3 måneder siden
You really need to do the worm on freshly cut grass
Andries Louw
Andries Louw - 3 måneder siden
Make it your title and thumbnail. It will be a bomber.
Andries Louw
Andries Louw - 3 måneder siden
Why am I here?
Andries Louw
Andries Louw - 3 måneder siden
I shouldn't be here
Weekend Nomad
Weekend Nomad - 3 måneder siden
I think the wig wig is more obvious than the brow wigs lol
Weekend Nomad
Weekend Nomad - 3 måneder siden
They actually look great lol
Ivet Jimenez
Ivet Jimenez - 3 måneder siden
The ending was my fav😂