I Turned LAURA LEE into an ALIEN (that glows in the dark!)

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THIS COLLAB IS OUTTA THIS WORLD. Cause I turn Laura Lee into an alien using special FX makeup. Not quite a tutorial but you can watch me struggle with a fantasy look!
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Lacey x
Lacey x - 27 dager siden
Hey mykie.. can you do camouflage body painting? (not army camo.. but blend the model into the background?) That would be SO cool to see! I'm sure it's insanely hard. But your talents are abundant. ♡
chillberry icecream
chillberry icecream - Måned siden
Whys everyone hating on laura-

idk who she is but i wanna know
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise - Måned siden
Liv is Patrick
Liv is Patrick - Måned siden
I love how I’m watching this after SO many scandals happened but hey that’s 2020 for you ✨🙈
Cheyenne Harrah
Cheyenne Harrah - 2 måneder siden
I honestly think a cool video idea should be to do a makeup tutorial but color inverted so when it’s normal lighting it looks weird until you flip the color inversion
Candy's Recovery Journey
Candy's Recovery Journey - 2 måneder siden
LarLar looks amazing! Good job Mykie.
Phoebe B
Phoebe B - 2 måneder siden
i don’t like eating or breathing but i’ll like the video just cause you’re my favorite
Charlie Cat
Charlie Cat - 3 måneder siden
Rebekah Hendershot
Rebekah Hendershot - 5 måneder siden
Anyone else notice the orb (ghost) when Mykie asked Laura if she believed in ghosts?
Jetson Austin
Jetson Austin - 5 måneder siden
This chick was fantastic. She had me at "Have you seen a quiet place? How do they fart?" I totally love this one.
Jordin Mitchell
Jordin Mitchell - 5 måneder siden
You should turn Laura into Gamaura plssssss
Christa Hargraves
Christa Hargraves - 5 måneder siden
Love this 😍
PaIgeMasTer *
PaIgeMasTer * - 8 måneder siden
Awwww. I love that u took her back to her original form. So sweet of you. ❤
Elliebritt - 8 måneder siden
😮she dident day “Hello, Zombaes”
Bebeautyxo - 8 måneder siden
Ew Laura Lee.
Røse - 9 måneder siden
2018: hello guys
2019: hello zombaes
KomoMn - 9 måneder siden
Hardest thing shes ever done
*come on tear*
Sekerandmisafir - 9 måneder siden
She doesn't need makeup she already is an alien after dat '' tweet-drama''
lopezfam - 9 måneder siden
I love this look, mykie you need to do more makeup/ gore!!!! Love ya ❤
yo mawma
yo mawma - 10 måneder siden
Omg Mykie I LOVE your jacket! Where did you get it?
Joe Smijohn Jr
Joe Smijohn Jr - 10 måneder siden
Ok where is that Gamora/Nebula makeover? I'm interested to see how you look as Nebula
Hailey :}
Hailey :} - 11 måneder siden
u should have used a bold cap
Jaina Solo
Jaina Solo - 11 måneder siden
Guys. Can we stop with the hate comments? Please. This is Mykie’s channel, not Laura’s. Leave her alone.
Iliana Kaiser
Iliana Kaiser - 11 måneder siden
I'm getting such Dragon Tales vibes
TheHentai Senpai666
TheHentai Senpai666 - År siden
loved the video!! maybe you could try and invite Markiplier over and turn him into a withered rusting away android?
Erin Perdue
Erin Perdue - År siden
laura leech
Willow Gaming
Willow Gaming - År siden
Who noticed that mykie didn't say hello zombaes save me
May, Of Earth
May, Of Earth - År siden
Needs lashes! N
Random Potato
Random Potato - År siden
I don't know what drama happened I'm just here to find out what paints she used
Olivia Sue
Olivia Sue - År siden
Okay. But she already looks like an alien.
Anna A
Anna A - År siden
A video with Laura? Gross. No thanks. Finally a G&G video I have absolutely no interest in watching.
mr. clean
mr. clean - År siden
lol what changed
Madi-the-Slayer7 - År siden
At 9:12 I get the land before time vibes
Bree M
Bree M - År siden
This look turned out stunning! But I must say...aliens are sci-fi. Sci fi is not fantasy. Aliens are not in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Demons (of the 'gore' genre) are much closer to fantasy than aliens will ever be.
Nightmare5434 5
Nightmare5434 5 - År siden
Mikey your eye shadow looks sooo good 👌👌👌
Lorena Santana
Lorena Santana - År siden
U look like a dragon hahahaha ♡
Alex Christo
Alex Christo - År siden
She looked like a dragon
Jordan Baker
Jordan Baker - År siden
I would literally DIE if she gave me a makeover
Rae Everlark
Rae Everlark - År siden
She sounds stoned... like the whole video...
Ellie Scott
Ellie Scott - År siden