I turned my home into a Halloween WONDERLAND... in March

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I decorated for Halloween in March to make my self-quarantine magically spooky. ^.^
Sorry in advanced for the Creature segment. If you don't know yet, oh....you will.
This was the LAST time I went out unnecessarily. At the time of filming, it was right before reports got really serious and my city began shutting down normal services. Luckily, we ran into virtually no one except workers who we kept our distance from anyway. I do think we already had it, based on the experiences of other confirmed cases, but we don't want to take any chances of spreading it further. We've been self-quarantined since, washing our hands, and doing our best to not touch our faces. Social distancing is extremely important at this time. Here's what you can do to limit the spread:

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Crustacean Nation
Crustacean Nation - 6 måneder siden
Me: wow it’s so clean and put together
Mykie: there’s poop back here!!
Me: ...ok there it is 😂❤️
Juli Patnayak
Juli Patnayak - Måned siden
Andrea Hernandez yassss
Hitler Senpai
Hitler Senpai - 2 måneder siden
༺Ꮶ̸ittie Nail Tutorials༻
༺Ꮶ̸ittie Nail Tutorials༻ - 5 måneder siden
Crustacean Nation yeah lol 😂
Annette Neblett
Annette Neblett - 5 måneder siden
Andrea Hernandez yyyyyeeeeesssssss
Annette Neblett
Annette Neblett - 5 måneder siden
Crustacean Nation yes
Jose Vinicio Conde
Jose Vinicio Conde - 39 minutter siden
How can I date Peter? 😍
Kiana Blossom
Kiana Blossom - 8 timer siden
re watching almost in october
Natalie Frias
Natalie Frias - 11 timer siden
"every single day i wish it was halloween"
me af
Sequoia Oar
Sequoia Oar - 22 timer siden
I recently fell in love with your channel, but I must know: why do you use at least one song from Tchaikovsky's nutcracker suite in every one of your videos??
lbp135 - 22 timer siden
This is genuinely one of my favourite videos of yours💖
Ally Burton
Ally Burton - Dag siden
mykie looks like beetlejuice’s daughter and i stan
Kayleigh Ann
Kayleigh Ann - Dag siden
mykies gonna be such a good mom tho😂
Nourhan Mattar
Nourhan Mattar - Dag siden
Back up.. your dogs are litter trained?! How? What?
StarryKnight - 2 dager siden
The dog gave birth of his poop
Avalon Zukowski
Avalon Zukowski - 2 dager siden
What breed are your furbabies?
StarryKnight - 2 dager siden
Awww I love how she pets her dog
Avalon Zukowski
Avalon Zukowski - 2 dager siden
I would love yo buy some wigs from you!!
treebles - 2 dager siden
☠️🧟‍♀️🕸🕷👻 ⚰️💀
anyone who transforms their home into
✨🖤halloween 🖤✨
any other season deserves a sub!

(year round halloween fanatic + new sub here!)
Bhuvi Bagga
Bhuvi Bagga - 2 dager siden
I didn't watch this video when it came out in march. I was waiting for october to come : D
B 2H
B 2H - 2 dager siden
Just a heads up, birds of paradise are toxic to animals
Grim Leo
Grim Leo - 2 dager siden
Happy Marchween
Name1 - 2 dager siden
I didn't know they were dating until today; I just happened to be watching a bunch of their individual videos lately, and I AM SO HERE FOR ITTTTT
Rachael O’Rear
Rachael O’Rear - 3 dager siden
Where does she get her clothes I love them. She’s emulating what I wish to be
Connie Shadbolt
Connie Shadbolt - 3 dager siden
Mykie: There's poop back here!
YouTube: AD TIME!!
Katryna E
Katryna E - 3 dager siden
Were did you get those pants, there so cute
Amy Abushwisha
Amy Abushwisha - 3 dager siden
I swear if Mykie and Anthony were in the zombie apocalypse, Mykie would survive but Anthony would die trying to spend a day with zombies. Boy be like:
Anthony: So how hard is your life??
Zombie: Brainsssssszzzzzzzzz
Then the zombie would continue to eat him.
Call me mean but it's true, ain't l?
Alisha Marshall
Alisha Marshall - 4 dager siden
Where do u get the wigs from ? Omg
Amanda Berthot
Amanda Berthot - 4 dager siden
Omg what car is that? I love it!
Suomitiare Herrero
Suomitiare Herrero - 5 dager siden
He was eating the cobweb and then he pooped it!
Starfaceorganics - 6 dager siden
If that was Halloween town its pricy
Pam Thomas
Pam Thomas - 6 dager siden
I LOVE IT....y'all did great 🎃👻
Lexi Lemons
Lexi Lemons - 7 dager siden
This look right here....her hair is what finally made me dye my hair 🥰 I went for this color and now im obsessed 🤣😍🤩
Emiko Aliya
Emiko Aliya - 8 dager siden
I like the way that you are a little bit crazy
warm x chai
warm x chai - 8 dager siden
I had to the same thing for my dog mykie so don't feel weird I'm sure every dog owner has had to do that to their dog at some point.
Jamie Hill
Jamie Hill - 9 dager siden
I feel like sometimes Peter is the third wheel and sometimes Anthony is. The dynamic between the three of them is amazing
Dorothy Key
Dorothy Key - 10 dager siden
Soft ball pro And soft ball vlogs
i need a vlog channel from you i need to see your face on my screen every day:)
Eyeliner_Espresso - 11 dager siden
I can only DREAM of having such awesome Halloween-themed hangs with my best guy friend and my boyfriend
Mykie you're life goals
emma quintanilla
emma quintanilla - 12 dager siden
they are literally the perfect couple
unseasonedweed - 12 dager siden
I would love to make my house up like this, but I'm also a minimal effort person and I never end up decorating for any occasion 💔
Funky Monkey
Funky Monkey - 12 dager siden
I like how she casually has scream on her TV
Liiightgold on ig
Liiightgold on ig - 13 dager siden
You should’ve washed your hands in the bathroom sink 🤣🤣 thsts what my grandma would say
Jill Bruton
Jill Bruton - 13 dager siden
Mykie looks like a zombie from zombies movie because she has the green hair and purple eyeshadow and she is KILLING the zombie look tho
Jessieboo713 - 13 dager siden
Im so happy i found you your so pretty and love the vibe