I Used ONLY THE VOICEOVER to Follow A James Charles Makeup Tutorial

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I tried following a James Charles Makeup tutorial by using/listening to only the audio and voiceover - special thanks to my roommate, Katy, for sharing this new twist on an old trend with me and picking out the tutorial that I would follow!
Let me know in the comments what other beauty gurus you'd like me to try this challenge with!
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Etta Watson-Holt
Etta Watson-Holt - 2 dager siden
who thinks she would look great with a pixie hair cut
Eil Bebe
Eil Bebe - 4 dager siden
SarahhRae Lucas
SarahhRae Lucas - 7 dager siden
The friend looks like Celine Dion
Katie Osborn
Katie Osborn - 8 dager siden
Katy starting YouTube trends before becoming a YouTuber herself. Iconic 🍷
XxIllysaGachaxX - 8 dager siden
I want to be Katy one day.
Zara Edwards
Zara Edwards - 8 dager siden
Your roommate is gorgeous! Pls get her on camera is!!
YT.ShadowWolfy Xx
YT.ShadowWolfy Xx - 8 dager siden
You are soo not cheating😑😑
Kay Pineapple
Kay Pineapple - 12 dager siden
I’m rewatching this to see Katy’s progress
Caroline Photic
Caroline Photic - 15 dager siden
Omg! I want a Katy YouTube channel now! I’m in love! She chugs alcohol like me and also is constantly axious on video! Yes! 😂
Greta Tarnowski
Greta Tarnowski - 16 dager siden
I love Katy so much
syeda aafia
syeda aafia - 18 dager siden
Did James ever react to this????!!!
IT_STEmily ST&IT - 19 dager siden
I love how James never is making sense when he does a vid he like: “ were taking the brush B5 and the shade Cheeto and doing a flipping technique while getting a good amount of colour” 😂😂
Rhoswen Thesz
Rhoswen Thesz - 21 dag siden
Why is Katie my spirt animal?
Paula R
Paula R - 22 dager siden
This was the first video I watched of Mykie :3 and I thought Katie and Mykie were a couple xD
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce - 23 dager siden
katie came up w this trend?? props
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce - 23 dager siden
i cant believe i havent watch this yet
gingie - 24 dager siden
mykie: WhAt Is He SaYinG hE tAlKiN sO fAsT?!
me watching James for years: *understand everything he says and doesnt understand how she doesnt understand*
Tyto tenebricosa
Tyto tenebricosa - 24 dager siden
"Its a straight makeup tutorial, by James Charles"
Never thought I'd hear "straight" and "James Charles" in the same sentence
senpai - 25 dager siden
the kool-aid spirit
the kool-aid spirit - 25 dager siden
Katie looks like an early 2000’s Model who’s slowly dying inside
Gabby Potatos1532
Gabby Potatos1532 - 25 dager siden
Katy kinda looks like my cousin
Maci Vasquez
Maci Vasquez - 26 dager siden
OMG your dog is sooo cute!!
Katie Scales
Katie Scales - 29 dager siden
My name is katie
Beyza Kopuz
Beyza Kopuz - Måned siden
I think he saw this video but didn't comment because you didn't use his palette
xXbaked BeanXx
xXbaked BeanXx - Måned siden
2020 anyone ?
Help me get to 10,000 subs with no Videos
Tara Baxter
Tara Baxter - Måned siden
Who else is wachting this in...
Comment if you are
Pyper Buck
Pyper Buck - Måned siden

Mykie: Looks around frantically when James talked about metallic in the inner corner then gets excited when she has the exact shade.
Charlie Adam
Charlie Adam - Måned siden
Ahhhh..... The days before Katy was a youtuber. And in most of mykies videos. Lol
Yadira Morales
Yadira Morales - Måned siden
Okay but why does Katie look like the WWE fighter 😱
Buggy Toys
Buggy Toys - Måned siden
Christmas music haha
xAlbinopiratex - Måned siden
Another vid like this one! 😁
Alyson Hall
Alyson Hall - Måned siden
who is wachting this in 2020
Rys Batcave
Rys Batcave - Måned siden
You should do this again. This was a really good idea.
Skit master :3
Skit master :3 - Måned siden
I will kidnap Kalvin...KALVIN IS SO CUTE!!!!!!
Unicorn aka Lauren
Unicorn aka Lauren - Måned siden
in the fith grade i shaved off half of one of my eyebrows
Ølivia Le chicken nugget
Ølivia Le chicken nugget - Måned siden
Your friend highkey reminds me of Paris Hilton-
• Clumxy •
• Clumxy • - Måned siden
**me silently trying to find James in the comments**
Naylene Smart
Naylene Smart - Måned siden
From someone with experience eyebrows do NOT Brought back that easily in second grade I shaved off of my eyebrows it took one year to grow both of them back and they’re still recovering five years later!
Avery Pond
Avery Pond - Måned siden
She dose know that if you could not see the video you could not see your own face