I watched the WORST rated HORROR MOVIE on Rotten Tomatoes so you don't have to

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Reviewing the most excellent horror film ever made, One Missed Call, with a whopping 0% on rotten tomatoes, all while giving myself an extra two sets of mouth and nose to fuel your nightmares for the rest of the week!! f U n

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Glam&Gore - Måned siden
And a HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU GUYS FOR FOUR MILLIONNNNNNN SUBSCRIBERS🎉🎉🎉! We hit that milestone yesterday and I could not be happier to have such an amazing group of loving, creative, creepy, fun zombaes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU for being here, whether it’s day 1 or day 2,000.
ray shirogane
ray shirogane - 28 dager siden
I've been watching your channel since I was in 6th grade as a 12 year old and now I feel so old cus iam now in 10th grade and I turn 17 on October of this year
Ashley Ritter
Ashley Ritter - 28 dager siden
We are here for it!!! You deserve it!
phatsewerrat - Måned siden
you. deserve. it.
Magical Lama129
Magical Lama129 - Måned siden
Omg-! OmG OMMMG :D!! I’ve been here awhile now, and this is crazy XD
KinleyJade - Måned siden
I HATED the village. OMG... I remember thinking "what did i just watch"??!?!? LoL It was so poorly made and just didn't make sense.
Charli Barnett
Charli Barnett - Time siden
Miledith - 3 timer siden
I'd really like you to review the Babadook...
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person - 13 timer siden
30:18 Mom's spaghetti
Kristina Marie
Kristina Marie - 16 timer siden
mykie im not trying to be rude but...... i cant see your eye brows
Jennica Bowling
Jennica Bowling - 17 timer siden
I love tht u said it was for 10-13 yr olds cuz no lie everytime id have a sleepover when I was tht age i rented this movie from blockbuster purely for the creepy sfx cuz the story was trash but i still enjoyed its cheesy-ness at tht age
Allie Eaton
Allie Eaton - Dag siden
I actually used to love this movie as a teenager!
Molly Manninen
Molly Manninen - Dag siden
Watching her eyes move under the prosthetics is creeping me out.
MeganEmily - Dag siden
You should critique Antrum on Amazon Prime😂
Ohonna - Dag siden
I remember watching this movie as a kid and not being scared. That’s saying something haha.
Ash - Dag siden
Trying to focus on the tutorial but I keep seeing an image of a person in a ski-mask in the background on the left-side of the screen, perpendicular to her right eye and shoulder. Anyone else seeing this so I don't think I'm crazy....?
Gage Moffatt
Gage Moffatt - Dag siden
Omg Friday the 13th (the first one) is my favourite horror movie. I would love to know your opinion on it!!! Also I love you and all your videos❤️❤️❤️
lioncub of cintra
lioncub of cintra - 2 dager siden
try to watch amityville island xdd
siiri olivia
siiri olivia - 2 dager siden
I have this movie on dvd xD i bought it because it was only 1€
Cynical Sweety
Cynical Sweety - 3 dager siden
pls review ghost ship! i love that movie so much and im curious to see what you say
c.elly.b - 3 dager siden
do more sfx pls 💞 I love your makeup looks
Kate Wolfe
Kate Wolfe - 3 dager siden
watching The Village tho, as a kid, was scary af with the creepy pig costumes. I still to this day dont really understand the movie..
Niki Samero
Niki Samero - 4 dager siden
Someone please help!
I saw this horror movie back in like 2009, 2010 (rented it from Blockbuster actually, RIP) that was absolutely atrocious. I dont even remember the name of it. This is what I do remember, though... A young mother gives up her baby for adoption. The adoptive father was cleaning his pistol or something, and left it on the coffee table. The baby (who is now around toddler age, I guess) picks up the gun, puts it in his mouth, and kills himself. I dont remember much between that and the end, but apparently the ghost baby REALLY wanted this young mom to be his mom. So ghost baby possesses the young mom's boyfriend, and she proceeds to (essentially) rape him to become impregnated by the ghost baby (I guess it possessed a sperm cell, too?).
It was ABSOLUTELY terrible, but I lowkey wanna watch it again. I just cant remember the name of the movie. Any guesses?
Destani Williams
Destani Williams - 4 dager siden
I loved one missed call when I was younger!!😂
Kendra Alexandria
Kendra Alexandria - 4 dager siden
I would love if you did one of the ghosts from thirteen ghosts
Elysia Reeve
Elysia Reeve - 5 dager siden
The scariest thing was you using scarwax
Leticia Arroyo
Leticia Arroyo - 6 dager siden
Definitely nightmare on elm Street
Lydia Benton
Lydia Benton - 6 dager siden
Mykie: No offense if you're thirteen
Me: Hah, jokes on you, I'm fourteen-
Chocochu - 6 dager siden
:( the phone case i like isn't for a Samsung s6
Cyn Here
Cyn Here - 7 dager siden
One missed call is genuinely one of the movies from my childhood that TRAUMATIZED me. I was terrified of phone calls and door peep holes for the longest time. This video made me genuinely so happy now that I’m older and look back on the movie fondly, even if it is terrible lol.
TheClumsyOne - 7 dager siden
mykie, your torturing me, I can't get any of these cases from casetify cause my phone is android T^T
Cecy Stoner
Cecy Stoner - 7 dager siden
You should do one on Devil. Although it has its moments I laughed a lot more than I should have
Mumma Mortitia
Mumma Mortitia - 7 dager siden
Next please watch "Manos Hands of Fate"
Sierra S.
Sierra S. - 8 dager siden
It took me halfway through your video to realize that I had seen this movie years ago, and I just didn't remember a single thing about it. Hahahaha
Shilte Meister
Shilte Meister - 9 dager siden
I remember seeing the trailer for this movie when I was younger and then could never find the movie after I grew up so I honest to god thought that it was a fever dream lmao
Andi Freedland
Andi Freedland - 9 dager siden
KayP0ps - 9 dager siden
You’re reference to The Village made me think of Marley and Me. That was advertised and marketed as PG13 rom com type thing. That fucker couldn’t have been further from the truth! 😭😭😭
Roman - 9 dager siden
I remember hearing stories of people pranking their friends with the voicemail tone after this movie came out.
Imagine paying $4 to call your friend and hope you freak them out.
Hales Kyalynn
Hales Kyalynn - 9 dager siden
The Autopsy of Jane Doe was the only movie to legitimately scare me. please review it!!
Holly Golden
Holly Golden - 10 dager siden
Have to review " it follows" such an under related b movie. Really had some good moments!!! But still corny enough to poke at
Hope Woodward
Hope Woodward - 10 dager siden
Can you give me a shoutout pls
Britney Ball
Britney Ball - 10 dager siden
Watch apostle or 1912 on Netflix!!!!!
Pred Prag
Pred Prag - 11 dager siden
skip the first 5 minutes
Kisha Sio
Kisha Sio - 12 dager siden
I like your video and I like. This one the most 🥰😍
ShortStack Pancakes
ShortStack Pancakes - 12 dager siden
Everyone loves Peter!