I Went to Hot Topic and Turned Myself Into a PASTEL GOTH

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I'll take any excuse to go to Hot Topic & be extra in some sort of emo or gothic way. This time the style of pastel goth won, as requested by many of you! So here's a pastel goth makeup tutorial, even though I HATE pastels, just about as much as I hate scar wax. Still not sponsored SADLY HOT TOPIC.
GIVEAWAY WINNER: royalnola16 !
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Most everything is from Hot Topic except my wig which is from here:
& my shoes which are:
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Glam&Gore - 2 år siden
THE GIVEAWAY WINNER IS ROYALNOLA16!!! royalnola16 please check the description to claim ya prizeee! Everyone else, don't fret! There will be more giveaways in the future cause I have a lot more I want to give!
Alexus Brown
Alexus Brown - 25 dager siden
Riley Tesarski
Riley Tesarski - 3 måneder siden
Congratulations 🥳
Isabella C
Isabella C - 4 måneder siden
You made a mistake you wrote my mistaken
Pastel Goth
Pastel Goth - 7 måneder siden
Imma be honest. You look absolutely beautiful and stunning as a pastel goth
DL Queen
DL Queen - 10 måneder siden
Carolina Campbell
Carolina Campbell - 2 dager siden
omg do this again in 2020 XD
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 2 dager siden
You know. I've said that Easter colors were dull and ugly to like, everyone i know. And the only person who agrees with me is this youtuber who I will probably never meet and I can only relate with from afar. You are the best. Just for the little joy you brought me from hating Easter colors as much as me.
Arianna Maxwell
Arianna Maxwell - 3 dager siden
I don’t think we would be good friends....my fav colour is pastel yellow😂😂🥺
Lailha Killion
Lailha Killion - 5 dager siden
Me sitting here in my pastel pink room like, 😳
Sophie Watkin
Sophie Watkin - 7 dager siden
Cute miyke
Sierra S.
Sierra S. - 7 dager siden
This makeup look is AMAZING on you
Ariel Ironeagle
Ariel Ironeagle - 8 dager siden
If rainbowdash was goth
bEat RiCe
bEat RiCe - 8 dager siden
Her eyeshadow doesn't really end up pastel tho
Lia Draws
Lia Draws - 8 dager siden
No one:
Mykie:decides to do a pastel goth look
Mykie again:maybe I’ll try this loom again...
Kiki Ramos
Kiki Ramos - 8 dager siden
You should do a video with James Charles where you do his fx makeup
Darryl Johnston
Darryl Johnston - 12 dager siden
I thumbs down when you said you hated pastel but then I realised that i was being childish so I thumbs up
Laura L Morris
Laura L Morris - 13 dager siden
You have to collab with Liza Koshy!
Anthony Vick
Anthony Vick - 15 dager siden
I love your look!!
Dynasty moon
Dynasty moon - 16 dager siden
I would do this 😀
Kendra Mallette
Kendra Mallette - 16 dager siden
This is so cool! I wish I could dress like that everyday!♥️🖤♥️
Singing Sisters
Singing Sisters - 16 dager siden
When you like Pastel yellow the best 😞😞😞
여왕VICKIE - 17 dager siden
This is the first video I saw from her 😅
Mitchie Lewis
Mitchie Lewis - 17 dager siden
It’s not holo!!!!!
Junkabella - 19 dager siden
Pastels are atrocious!!!!
Junkabella - 19 dager siden
Well, mint is nice. But all the other ones NOT!
zabrianna menachio
zabrianna menachio - 20 dager siden
Ok but Christmas is definitely the ugliest color scheme for a holiday, green and red?? ew
Em K
Em K - 20 dager siden
I wish I could look like this 😩
jackelin sanchez
jackelin sanchez - 21 dag siden
U look so beautiful i love it so much ❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida - 21 dag siden
the makeup reminds me a lot of DisocialDID
markel cobbin
markel cobbin - 24 dager siden
Why cant I find that glitter anywhere??😭
izumi midoriya
izumi midoriya - 24 dager siden
You look super cute in that look and outfit. Also i just wanted to point out that the stars in a circle is actualy a witch pantagram that is used for protection. Satanic symbols are completely different. Hope it helps .
Keith Vannamee
Keith Vannamee - 26 dager siden
I did all of it
Amanda Garten
Amanda Garten - 27 dager siden
3:15 soooooooooooooo freaking tuh rue!
Trinity Lilly
Trinity Lilly - 29 dager siden
i like it, looks kinda like a gothic my little pony
Paedyn Hysell
Paedyn Hysell - 29 dager siden
this is absolutely gorgeous 😍 ❤ i love your goth looks!!
Rea x
Rea x - Måned siden
MoJo - Måned siden
ya you're a scorpio
Bebe - Reine
Bebe - Reine - Måned siden
You should do a podcast hehe
XxWeirdoFromSpacexX - Måned siden
4:29 *vrreeeh*
Traci Wolfblood
Traci Wolfblood - Måned siden
I think next you should do a devil goth now that would be cool
Laura Frightful
Laura Frightful - Måned siden
Okay but you look AMAZING!
Victoria E
Victoria E - Måned siden
Mad Cheshire Cat vibes.
Bree Smith
Bree Smith - Måned siden
I've re-watched that montage at least five times because it is SO GOOD
Alexis Shallberg
Alexis Shallberg - Måned siden
I'm Kylie I love you but just when you completed that sentence yes yup now just aaaaahhhhhhhh😯😯😠😡😬😅
Kaanzarasusy - Måned siden
can you plssssssss make a Video with jake munro❤️❤️😂😂