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Hey. It's a tour. of my room.
Katy’s (my roommate) room-


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Runtime: 26:41


ccunicornfarts - 8 måneder siden
Roomtour recap:
Don't judge me
We're all gonna die
Peter bought everything Mykie owns
Sofia Mina
Sofia Mina - 3 måneder siden
Ccunicornfarts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
KATRIN IVANOFF - 4 måneder siden
basicly yes
Caroline Mårtensson
Caroline Mårtensson - 5 måneder siden
Karen Maria
Karen Maria - 7 måneder siden
Can we get a list of where you got stuff? Like the bathroom lights?
Adriah's Vids
Adriah's Vids - 8 måneder siden
@ccunicornfarts I wouldn't doubt it lol 😂😂😂
Brooke Hayley Martin
Brooke Hayley Martin - 5 dager siden
Does the shooting room tour ever happen?
Ember Rene
Ember Rene - 5 dager siden
Back in the day, Woodstock Illinois was the supplier of half the world's typewriters. I got really excited that your typewriter said "Woodstock".
Sierra Rae
Sierra Rae - 6 dager siden
Where do you hid your glam and fx makeup?
Hannah - 7 dager siden
The damn music during the bathroom shots had me thinking my cat was screwing with something and I damn near yelled at him to stop
Sam P
Sam P - 8 dager siden
AA- Amazonaholics Anonymous
Amanda Ramirez
Amanda Ramirez - 10 dager siden
listen. Mykie. Garrett. Collab. i know i'm not the only one thinking it.
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers - 11 dager siden
Like sorry, but Rest In Peace
Caitlyn Cardenas
Caitlyn Cardenas - 13 dager siden
Hey Mykie I've been watching this video a lot recently and I was wondering where you got your bed frame. We have very similar styles, in fact, I'm actually going to but quite a few things that are/similar in the video. I'm moving into a new room and can't wait to have a room all to myself.
Tina Beckett
Tina Beckett - 16 dager siden
Santal 33 is the best!!!
Cstriker - 16 dager siden
love your style
HST - 18 dager siden
Anyone know where I can get pendant lights like Mykie has? I tried Google but I keep getting actual light fixtures rather than plug in lights? Also I'm in the UK.
Sydney Laliberte
Sydney Laliberte - 26 dager siden
Can we just appreciate how cute ripely was being when Mykie was doing the intro
isabella adkins
isabella adkins - 28 dager siden
As she says the rug is uncomfortable it pans over to creature just sleeping like log on it
Ashley Salazar
Ashley Salazar - Måned siden
Unus Annus?
MissSpunshY - Måned siden
Its so funny to me being a florist and you americans call that moneytree, but moneytree here is something else. its a whole diffrent plant. i love it. Crassula undilatifolia is the one we call moenytree in scandinavia.
Ashley Hammerstad-Smith
Ashley Hammerstad-Smith - Måned siden
Mykies’ new motto: memento mori (remember you will die)
Dakota Bullock
Dakota Bullock - Måned siden
You could literally have sex in the shower 👀 just because of the lights
Dakota Bullock
Dakota Bullock - Måned siden
I LOVE YOU MYKIE!!! IM PART OF THE ZOMBAE SQUAD ❤😘❤❤😘 I hope you are safe during quarantine
Leticia Gonzalez
Leticia Gonzalez - Måned siden
looks like quicksilver from the movie x-men. 16.52
afra uzundere
afra uzundere - Måned siden
4:15 she sounds like a teacher
Aleisha Moon
Aleisha Moon - Måned siden
Your dog is so cute
Its The Nicky
Its The Nicky - Måned siden
18:08 in the back of my mind all I hear is unus annus unus annus UNUS ANNUS.
11:30pm samiches
11:30pm samiches - Måned siden
Katy: i have lots of inspirational corny things to motivate me
Mykie: i have skulls to remind me im gonna die
Er7282 2
Er7282 2 - Måned siden
Is love...with mykie?
Anika B.
Anika B. - Måned siden
how do you survive with so little windows. i would freak tf out
Froggy Days
Froggy Days - Måned siden
The moral of this video is were all gonna die.
Emp4th - Måned siden
But did the money in Your “skull fund” go to fixing and healing your actual skull? 😱
yuh yes
yuh yes - Måned siden
mykie really be flexing on us with her toilet paper now 😔
llama_lexi M. Durfee
llama_lexi M. Durfee - 2 måneder siden
Mykie: "Don't forget we're gonna die, all of us."
If you know, you know
Emely cava
Emely cava - 2 måneder siden
18:05 unus annus
Lowri Winston
Lowri Winston - 2 måneder siden
You should do a full apartment tour
Maddy Moore
Maddy Moore - 2 måneder siden
“I paid 32 dollars for a rock?” Me looking at my bank statement every month
Erica McGhie
Erica McGhie - 2 måneder siden
I totally ruined a carpet in an apartment one semester in art school. I had sculpture that semester and we used petroleum based clay, it bonded with the rug. There was no saving it 🤦‍♀️
roxy picasso
roxy picasso - 2 måneder siden
18:13 *m e m e n t o m o r i*
Puppylove001 - 2 måneder siden
did i just spend 27 minutes watching a room tour that is my dream aesthetic while making mickey mouse waffles??

*p e r h a p s*
Amy Boren
Amy Boren - 2 måneder siden
Do a house tour
Alys Lowell
Alys Lowell - 2 måneder siden
Does every person who likes spooky stuff have speak no evil see no evil and here no evil skulls because I have them too
Emily - 2 måneder siden
oooh i wear neroli by le labo
Remiel - 2 måneder siden
Wait I literally have exactly the same crate for my shiba inu