MADLY IN LOVE | Harley Quinn & Joker Cosplay

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Harley Quinn gets a Valentine's day surprise to die for from the Joker.
Special thanks to many friends who helped make this short!
Written & Directed by Peter Macaluso of Nepotism TV, Joker played by Andrew Saunders of Nepotism TV:
Valentina Vee for cinematography:
Alexa Poletti for making & designing the Harley Quinn Mallet:
Alexa's tutorial on how to make the Harley Mallet!:
Brizabot & Hairgod Zito for the wig color/cut/style!:
Wig provided by Bellami
Score by Harrison Ingemarson
Associate Producer - Evan Haigh
Batman played by Ian Phillips.
Sound by Ed Spangler
Shot at Real Deal Studio in North Hollywood, CA
Batman created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane.
Based Upon Characters appearing in comic books published by DC COMICS.
BATMAN and all related characters are property of Warner Brothers and DC COMICS.
An extra thanks to these Patreon Producers!:
Craig Via
Holly Badger
Bridget Jurgs
Alexis Patton
Kristin McKenzie
Faylyn Hillier
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Makeup tutorial for Harley's look in this short to follow in a few days!
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Runtime: 03:04


Glam&Gore - 2 år siden
Watch the tutorial on Harley’s makeup here!❤️
Nora Playz
Nora Playz - 16 dager siden
Who’s watching this in 2020 like if you are
The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman - 7 måneder siden
Nice mallet That Alexa poletti made its pretty classu
OrphicQueen - 8 måneder siden
I absolutely adore this! You guys did a fantastic job! It would be amazing to see a sequel! 😍🖤♦️🃏
JayLO Ferrer
JayLO Ferrer - 11 måneder siden
Only been a zombae for less than a year. Just saw this now and can I just say that you can give Arleen Sorkin a run for her money with your Harley voice!
joseph competente
joseph competente - År siden
I love the way you are so much better than anything in my life and I love the
a gay frog
a gay frog - 5 dager siden
This adds to my harly obsession
tamversuschris - 20 dager siden
I think my favorite part is when Batman starts talking in his Batman voice again.
דניאל שלי
דניאל שלי - 25 dager siden
The amount of times I pressed replay is unhealthy
•ᴛʏᴘɪᴄᴀʟ ᴛɪɴʏツ •
Mykie u sound like Harley Quinn all the time!
Becci Vay
Becci Vay - 28 dager siden
Omg Mykie! That short film is perfect 😍 really can't wait to see a movie by you guys😱🤯
H09 Bees
H09 Bees - Måned siden
Terriot - Måned siden
Plot twist: the bear has a bomb in it
moozimoos - Måned siden
ngl, would watch this over every dc movie. everyone's so so on point!! oh and don't get me started on that harley makeup, it's AMAZING. same with joker's!! and the voices? on point. really well done on this 🥺💕💕💕
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - Måned siden
This is too great! I love it!!!
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - Måned siden
They look incredible! She looks so sexy and badass and I adore her Harley voice! He sounds like Joker too!😍😈
lona west
lona west - Måned siden
This is the cannon I ALWAYS pictured.
Raevyn Night Cosplay
Raevyn Night Cosplay - Måned siden
Mykie for live action harley
Eliza Garcia
Eliza Garcia - Måned siden
I love how she got the Harley Quinn voice on point
Spook _Pxtato
Spook _Pxtato - Måned siden
When your here but Harley and joker broke up
Edward - Måned siden
lol, I knew there was something between Batsy and the clown!!! 😂
Brooklyn Sheppard
Brooklyn Sheppard - Måned siden
WHAT i- how when I'm so ????
Chayse Lempert
Chayse Lempert - Måned siden
Valentina - Måned siden
Mykie needs to voice harley in the future
Hermione can't draw
Hermione can't draw - Måned siden
Why did the joker kinda sound like Voldemort from AVPM
The Black Dahlia
The Black Dahlia - Måned siden
Hey, 2020 here, just thought I'd let yk I love skits and short films would be happy to see more! Still so fabulously done!
Nora Mero
Nora Mero - Måned siden
Lol ,❤️this lol
דניאל שלי
דניאל שלי - Måned siden
I am OBSESSED with this video dot com.
Ayanna Evola
Ayanna Evola - Måned siden
here in 2020 to tell ya to do another short story
Supersonicskyline - Måned siden
this is so great
K Favro
K Favro - Måned siden
bobbilee stofleth
bobbilee stofleth - Måned siden
Polnareff Oreos
Polnareff Oreos - Måned siden
“Omg is that for me.....babe..”
jokers funhouse
jokers funhouse - Måned siden
I luv how she says that then just throws her gift for me.
Jennifer Le Chic
Jennifer Le Chic - Måned siden
This was quintessentially the best Harley & Joker "fan film" I've ever seen! The quality is amazing, looks very professional! This could easily be a scene from a multi-million dollar budgeted feature film! The accents, pitch of the voices and acting were on point!! Especially Mykie!! Amazing work! Keep em coming! ❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤
Diana Bananaa
Diana Bananaa - Måned siden
-• •-GothicBunny-• •-
Now wouldn't this be fun if it was remade (a couple years later) with @JakeMunro as the joker :) just a thought haha
Stacey Machado
Stacey Machado - 2 måneder siden
At first I thought that it meant batman sent it to hardly. Then joker walks in and I thought he'd be mad that batman sent it to Harley and was gonna claim it as his gift to her. Then batman walks in and I'm dead. WHAT A TWIST!
Tom Dodds
Tom Dodds - 2 måneder siden
Thomas Dodds loves. Harley Quinn. Baby.
Harbinger sev-oh-wohne
Harbinger sev-oh-wohne - 2 måneder siden
Minah Raven
Minah Raven - 2 måneder siden
Keeping my fingers crossed for more Harley, in any form!
Randomised000 - 2 måneder siden
Can you make this a series?? Lol
wlliot dot exe
wlliot dot exe - 2 måneder siden
i watched this a while ago and now that i'm watching it and i'm a teenager i understand the whole situation and i legit can't breathe 😂
Freya Dunn
Freya Dunn - 2 måneder siden
Wait but.... who gave you that gun? Pretty sure joker was too busy with, ya know, to give you a present...😂
Via Orb
Via Orb - 2 måneder siden
That was a mega plot twist