Makeup Artist Tries 5 MINUTE CRAFTS SFX Hacks

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I’ve been doing makeup professionally for 10 years now, so I wanted to try out 5 minute craft’s WILDLY POPULAR SFX techniques using the simplest, most inexpensive, most accessible products possible. Are they actually that easy? Can they really be done in 5 minutes or less? We shall see
26 TV and Movie Makeup For your SFX Look:
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S M - 4 måneder siden
Mykie at the beginning like Moms working from home trying to take a zoom meeting whilst the kids are wrestling in the room 😂
Dawn Vanderpluym
Dawn Vanderpluym - 14 dager siden
this is so funny when u look agin for the second time!:}
Quackie Draws
Quackie Draws - 18 dager siden
@Vedrana Bogasic Ah yes because the letters l,o,l are soo threating and gross, LOGIC. But seriously "ha, ha" is way worse sounding then L.O.L
lovely wild wolf
lovely wild wolf - 21 dag siden
I agree he's from smosh
Sophie Koscielny
Sophie Koscielny - 22 dager siden
LuLu - 24 dager siden
meea carpenter
meea carpenter - 49 minutter siden
U have like 3 million views well done
Haneen Obaid
Haneen Obaid - 2 timer siden
When she first said function of beauty I thought she said f%#$ shit of beauty🌚😂😭
Straining ORDER
Straining ORDER - 4 timer siden
Who else only knows Anthony cause Smosh
Straining ORDER
Straining ORDER - 4 timer siden
I can’t tell if she’s being sarcastic says (earth is flat) 🤔
Sierra - 6 timer siden
WAIT SO THIS IS HER NEW BF? i hear a possible new bf talking and then he comes onto frame and its bANTHONY FROM SMOSH.. WAT
Emmy Bemmy
Emmy Bemmy - 7 timer siden
Hi peeps. Love this video
Sophia DiCecco
Sophia DiCecco - 7 timer siden
Anythony was one of the bananas in annoying orange
April Hardesty
April Hardesty - 7 timer siden
I pushed my Tongue to my Cheek for 10minutes
Jennie Logsdon Martin
Jennie Logsdon Martin - 10 timer siden
Ok. Imagine this... I had something called a choroidal hemorrhage due to a complication of eye surgery gone wrong. When the inside of your eye bleeds, there is nowhere for it to go. So, my eye split due to a build up of pressure. My son freaked out when he saw me. I was in so much pain that I didn’t realize what I looked like, but when I finally was able to get to a mirror, it looked just like this!!!! When I saw your video, I freaked out big time. It brought back the worst memories! Lol. Thank God that I can laugh now but if I would’ve seen this two years ago I think I would’ve gone into a seizure! I just had my son look and he freaked out too. It is very realistic! Almost too realistic, thank you!
tati linscott
tati linscott - 10 timer siden
Me: Coughs
Her: excuse me
Me: coughs
Her: excuse me again
Shreshtha Banerjee
Shreshtha Banerjee - 16 timer siden
Am I the only one who actually looked at Creature's eye when they said, "blink twice if you feel we're touching your paw"😂
Faith Sloan
Faith Sloan - 19 timer siden
i managed to do the tounge thing for 2 and a half mins
Rachel Steinberg
Rachel Steinberg - Dag siden
i love your laugh
Lauren Todd
Lauren Todd - Dag siden
For the tongue-in-cheek one, I don’t think that she was putting her tongue in her cheek, I think she was just pushing her cheek out with air. It’s not as hard and I was able to do it for about 3 minutes.
Killer Koala
Killer Koala - Dag siden
I held air in my cheek for 9 minutes and I am rn
Jo._.Thecringemaster - Dag siden
Ha, I did it 60 seconds talk on my cheek, but also I am 13 years old.
Jesus Trying heh
Jesus Trying heh - Dag siden
Hania Kuzia
Hania Kuzia - Dag siden
Anthony has Julian energy
Val Merc
Val Merc - Dag siden
Omg does anyone know what lipstick Mykie is wearing in this video? It’s perfect
Brione Heart
Brione Heart - Dag siden
Why not get a fan or hairdryer
Brione Heart
Brione Heart - Dag siden
Why not get a fan or hairdryer
Clover's Lucky Piano
Clover's Lucky Piano - 2 dager siden
CaePlayz !
CaePlayz ! - 2 dager siden
I could do the tongue thing for 4 minutes and 27 seconds
lilbluepickle - 2 dager siden
Is that Pauly Shore!?
Maria Camela Bravio
Maria Camela Bravio - 2 dager siden
Hiiiiii im new here
Salama Alhammadi
Salama Alhammadi - 2 dager siden
i did it for 3mins and10sec
Gamer Girl activities
Gamer Girl activities - 3 dager siden
Oh my God Jesus six minute intro
꧁Moonlight꧂ - 3 dager siden
Her eyes- I- I can’t see! “Just go with it”
Paige Crimp
Paige Crimp - 3 dager siden
They call it a chelsea smile in america too?
How To Stuff and Things
How To Stuff and Things - 3 dager siden
Love your hair style😁
narjes tahar
narjes tahar - 3 dager siden
holdddd up there a thingggggg whattttt
The Lexx Files
The Lexx Files - 3 dager siden
Please please please do your eye look as a tutorial. I am in love
Daina Priest
Daina Priest - 4 dager siden
She’s such a cutie and Anthony is so adorable and together they just make me so happy.
Sophia Aquino
Sophia Aquino - 4 dager siden
I got 45 secs with my tongue on ny cheek...SO HA
Jianna Bielby
Jianna Bielby - 4 dager siden
nobody gonna talk abt how anthony’s skin is GLOWING
CutieYokai - 4 dager siden
Theres legit no way they used Elmer glue, she def used liquid latex lol
Kaitlyn Daenzer
Kaitlyn Daenzer - 4 dager siden
honey's actually really good for your skin
Demi Wall
Demi Wall - 5 dager siden
Did the idea of using a blow dryer to help dry never come up..?😅
Lemen303 - 5 dager siden
This was a nice recommend video thanks youtube :3