My CAMERAMAN Does My FX Makeup

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Peter, my cameraman & best friend, turns me into a zombie Harley Quinn / Joker mashup by doing FX makeup for the very FIRST time. He watches me do this up close more than anyone else, so my expectations were high! See how he does compared to Katy's brilliant rendition of The Fly and Spencer's juicy turkey.
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My ROOMATE Does My FX Makeup:
My HAIR STYLIST Does My FX Makeup:
My ROOMATE Does My (Glam) Makeup:
Check out Alexa Poletti & how she made this PHENOMENAL Harley Quinn Mallet:

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Glam&Gore - 9 måneder siden
Peter and I are SUPER close & pick on each other like siblings so having us navigate sticky special FX makeup was a joy :D Let me know who you'd like to see do my makeup next!
Linnea PERSSON - 2 dager siden
@Kassies Concepts Yass Queen
Darian Reid
Darian Reid - Måned siden
Where did you get that gorgeous Harley wig!?
Inka K.
Inka K. - Måned siden
Brianna Murray
Brianna Murray - Måned siden
James charles
AK - 05AD 803777 Massey Street PS
lastimosa - 5 timer siden
mykie: so pure so wholesome
me: 😄
mykie: except people from jersey
me from jersey: 😧
lastimosa - 5 timer siden
mykie: so pure so wholesome
me: 😄
mykie: except people from jersey
me from jersey: 😧
XxDragonPlayzxX xD
XxDragonPlayzxX xD - 15 timer siden
You should do peter VRS Anthony!
crissy cattuzzo
crissy cattuzzo - Dag siden
Favorite make up so far!!!! So creepy but yet adorable!!!!!
Wolfgirl48 Wolfgirlr48
Dang they've been friends since i was BORN
ozfiore2004 - Dag siden
I- I wanted the Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy short film for valentine's day fck you coronavirus
Linnea PERSSON - 2 dager siden
I love that hair cut
Hannah - 3 dager siden
Peter is great...
Summer-ruby Videos
Summer-ruby Videos - 6 dager siden
Mykie sounds like draculaura from monster high when she says hyello zombaes
Snow Blizzard Pets
Snow Blizzard Pets - 7 dager siden
You turned crow for a second
Snow Blizzard Pets
Snow Blizzard Pets - 7 dager siden
abie krause
abie krause - 9 dager siden
okay so when is anthony doing your makeup
Terry Potter
Terry Potter - 9 dager siden
Mykie: we’re gonna make a movie...
Me: oh nice!
Mykie: ...unless we die before
Me: ...........................................
Evan Lazo
Evan Lazo - 9 dager siden
Ahhh I’m from jersey
Delaine Embree
Delaine Embree - 11 dager siden
Peter's makeup is the best
GirlyGirt - 12 dager siden
cAnCeL pEtEr!!!!

dolly llama
dolly llama - 12 dager siden
i know this video is old but she joked about doing another short with ivy and i really wish shed actually do it lol shes been harley a bunch of times lets see her as ivy and a little valentine's short film with some harley and ivy
Maria MC
Maria MC - 13 dager siden
The editing at 15:34 👌😂
Robin Reynolds
Robin Reynolds - 13 dager siden
I do love Peter.:)
yep thanks
yep thanks - 14 dager siden
Grace Foster
Grace Foster - 15 dager siden
My birth year 2010
Rev. Run-This
Rev. Run-This - 15 dager siden
Yes beeeeeesshh clothing line please
Aliceia Pitzen
Aliceia Pitzen - 16 dager siden
im rewatching this and oh if peter only knew about the masks now
PinkyChiChi - 16 dager siden
Jerry Lee Lewis except he actually did get cancelled for marrying his young cousin. And saying, “Ing Land can kiss myyyy ass!”
Shannon Norris
Shannon Norris - 17 dager siden
ill be hoping for a part in your movie!!!!
Leo Johnson
Leo Johnson - 17 dager siden
Why isn’t anyone talking about how good looking he is???
Macie Jenkins
Macie Jenkins - 3 dager siden
I have been 🤣
Pearlescent Flower
Pearlescent Flower - 18 dager siden
hhhh, FINE! Healo Zombais!
Kimberlysbookcorner - 18 dager siden
I love that it’s super late and you got my Alexa going lol 😂 glad she didn’t wake my hubs 😂😂😂😂
Wolfie Cutes
Wolfie Cutes - 18 dager siden
When I was born in 2007
Foxytrot27 - 20 dager siden
Oh em geeee you just made *my* Alexa blast Careless Whisper. In the middle of the night. While everyone else is asleep 😂
Aimee Martens
Aimee Martens - 20 dager siden
Wtf how am I 8 months late?! I literally screamed. Stupid bell
annie bremer
annie bremer - 21 dag siden
Where is face off? That’s such a great idea!!!
Rawan Moalla
Rawan Moalla - 21 dag siden
Dublin 😄😄 where
Kayla Starr
Kayla Starr - 22 dager siden
Maybe if you did careless whisper like a nightcore version our something
cerecke - 23 dager siden
I was watching this at one in the morning and my Alexa started blasting careless whisper
Rachel Price
Rachel Price - 23 dager siden
Here’s what I think... I think Peter is so into Mykie. The way he looks at her... 😍 but he’s that guy who just loves her so much that he is willing to stand aside and not talk about it so she can be happy with Anthony! Love story right there!
ATM - 23 dager siden
Peter: it's tacky, no one wears masks after Labor day
Me: well, we're all gonna be tacky this year, cuz we're all wearing masks after Labor day
Erin The Pan
Erin The Pan - 23 dager siden
How da hell is there 1.2 million views and only 84k likes? Does a lot of people not like riply?
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida - 23 dager siden
3:38 his reaction is why we love Peter