my dogs use bells to speak to me

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My dogs are a step away from telepathy and probably kicking me out of my own apartment. Here's how I made mistakes by teaching them how to ring a bell to use a litter box and generally drive me crazy.
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Qwertyuiop Lkjhgdsazxcvbnm
Qwertyuiop Lkjhgdsazxcvbnm - 5 måneder siden
Mykie is really just trying to train us to hit the notification bell
Katherine Guthrie
Katherine Guthrie - Måned siden
Millie Millipede
Millie Millipede - Måned siden
Been there done that! But the notification bell doesn’t work. 😂
Camdyn Clawson
Camdyn Clawson - 2 måneder siden
Sorry I said that twice 😅
Camdyn Clawson
Camdyn Clawson - 2 måneder siden
That honestly doesn’t work!
•Alexa• - 2 måneder siden
So true
Kimberly Starrett
Kimberly Starrett - 2 dager siden
Such cute puppies!! I have a 2 year old all white Siberian Husky named Luna....basically between the back talk and eating everything she has to be bathed a lot with her special shampoo to keep her fur white lol
Beauties & Foodies
Beauties & Foodies - 2 dager siden
I have a chihuahua named Lil' Bit (her full papered name is Just a Lil' Bit of a Dog lol) she's only 5 lb so it's the perfect name. She's also a service animal because of my health problems, my son calls her the best stress ball in the world. There's pics of her on my IG @ jamiekarolyi sooooooo cute.
Kelsey Messner
Kelsey Messner - 2 dager siden
My dogs ring bells to go outside too!
Nancy Frisbee
Nancy Frisbee - 3 dager siden
What kind of dogs are these? Pomskys?
Megan Cuthell
Megan Cuthell - 3 dager siden
I have a dog named kassie and she is a border collie and I have trained her to run round me three times before she gets her toy.
Becky Martin
Becky Martin - 6 dager siden
I have a dog her name is savanna she is very smart. She is a hairless Chinese crested and she is my baby.
Ella - 8 dager siden
im a dogwalker cus i cant have a dog of my own in london rented apartment lol
Seahammock - 9 dager siden
i have a small dog called harry he is a fox terrier cross Maltese terrier.
Lemuria Rising
Lemuria Rising - 11 dager siden
Omg I just found this channel. You are so freaking cute! I can't wait for more Halloweenie stuff!
asian girl
asian girl - 11 dager siden
"to educate your new dumb dog" i dead HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Danyelle Mullins
Danyelle Mullins - 11 dager siden
Anthony’s snorting 🤣❤️
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks - 12 dager siden
I did this when we lived in an apartment. But the dog started ringing the bell to get let out to visit with the neighbors' dog on the terrace next door, lounge on the outdoor couches, go bark at people walking by, and plenty of other things besides pee! We stopped.
Homo horror erotica Goddess
Homo horror erotica Goddess - 13 dager siden
Omg so adorable
The Lexx Files
The Lexx Files - 13 dager siden
OK so, because of Mykie, I now am the proud owner of a dog bell. Now to train the beast.
Melinda Joy
Melinda Joy - 15 dager siden
yup corn chip feet, its real
Gina Notaro
Gina Notaro - 16 dager siden
It's not that your husky isn't smart. Quite the opposite. She looks at that bell as Stupid and thinks YOU DO IT😂Huskies don't generally repetitiously do the same thing over and over and over again. They figure out that your not doing it so why should they 🤣😂🤣😂🤣Gotta love Huskies❤🌹
Danielle King
Danielle King - 16 dager siden
I have never heard of a DOG being litter box trained, but it's actually quite clever for those reasons!
Savannah Corwin-Hall
Savannah Corwin-Hall - 17 dager siden
I have a Pitbull her names Nala and I think she wakes up early in the morning and drinks all of the coffee because the coffee goes very quickly and she’s always full of energy I also think think she gives the cat and guineapig coffee
_Bleh_ - 17 dager siden
I has 4 furr babies
Name: Shutz (German Shepherd)
Name: Blitz (German Shepherd)
Name Ginger (German Shepherd Lab Dingo mix)
Name: Tougan (German Shepherd)
also love your channel
Lisaiscoolenzo - 17 dager siden
What if your dog is scared of the bell? 😩
I have two dogs, one can hit the bell for treats (I just have it as a treat thing), but the other one just bolts as soon as she sees or hears the bell. I have tried to make it as much of a positive experience as I can for her, but to no avail.
Giovanna Flores
Giovanna Flores - 18 dager siden
bring all the doggy content!! they're so funny!
Sassy Pants
Sassy Pants - 18 dager siden
I'm just over here like.... I want a tour of your plants girl 💚🌱🤞
Britney Durin
Britney Durin - 18 dager siden
Hey, Mykie? Huge fan, btw! But any other stuff you do with training Rippley and Creature - I would love to see! We've been working with Toby for hand shaking and he can't seem to get it. As well as rolling over and such.
Junkabella - 22 dager siden
My dog is a super smart and sassy husky-schäfer mix! She is an escape artist and a drama queen, but so intuitive and well mannered when we are out exploring! :3
Delaine Embree
Delaine Embree - 23 dager siden
I've got a West Highland White Terrier named Chloe.
Foxytrot27 - 24 dager siden
Aww we’ve got 2 doggies toooo. A Maltese and a Bichon Frise. Love them but they’re a lil naughty 😆
Eve yay
Eve yay - 28 dager siden
I have a dog named billy.
E. Hensel
E. Hensel - 28 dager siden
Hi Mykie! Love Ripley and Creature! I bell-trained my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Groot, with some hanging bells. It's just like you said, once they learn to ring them they don't stop! He will ring his bell and go to other closed doors he wants open also, and not just outside 😂. Great video, love seeing the pups! 💚💜
nicole.jr88 - 28 dager siden
My parents have 3 dogs 🐕
Lewis Laverne
Lewis Laverne - 29 dager siden
i have 2 french bulldogs
A person
A person - 29 dager siden
native isn't the best as it uses baking soda which can give you a rash
Landry Reil
Landry Reil - Måned siden
my dog is a 13 year old yorkshire terrier and his name is cash. he goes to the bathroom in the grass and has no skills or tricks. He loves wearing bandanas and playing with bandanas
Wayne LaRose
Wayne LaRose - Måned siden
What kind of dogs are they?
songbirdcosplayss - Måned siden
My friend has a toy Australian shepherd who’s bell trained and she’s literally so smart
Cait - Måned siden
im getting a new dog in three days so im studying up !
Maysun Ring
Maysun Ring - Måned siden
That is actually really really smart and so cool
Ab_Hertz - Måned siden
My brother bought the nut button as a joke and then a few months later we got a puppy and he gave me 20 bucks to train her to hit the nut button and I did and we bring it to our older relatives to show them and they don’t get it but it’s funny for us. Our dog is Winnie and she’s a double doodle and she’s super fluffy and bitey and now we’ve had her for just over a year. She’s getting me through COVID sane.
No13atMayhemMalady - Måned siden
as its not hard at all to protect yourself by not touching a single thing in the elevator etc (gloves, using a little pen/stick what ever...) and dogs are not to be held indoors-only (especially bigger breeds like yours) from a vets point of view: screw you!
Debrah Harper Martin
Debrah Harper Martin - Måned siden
I don't have dogs but I have 2 cats that both play fetch. Jaspurrr fetches a pom-pom (a.k.a meatball) & Doc fetches a hair tie (a.k.a rubber) or a straw.