My EMOtional Return

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I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD! TIME TO GET UNDEAD! (zombies.. we're turning ourselves into zombies. and then some)
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Runtime: 29:12


bruh bruh
bruh bruh - År siden
when I was
a young horse
my father
took me into the stables
Low key Lilson
Low key Lilson - 29 dager siden
When I was a young horse the farmer* took me into the stables
Ava T
Ava T - 2 måneder siden
frankie bode
frankie bode - 5 måneder siden
to see all the humaaaaaanssssss
ell mur
ell mur - 8 måneder siden
@L N1234 you surely cannot be older than 12
Annais Is Awful
Annais Is Awful - 9 måneder siden
EaterOfPotatoes s to see a marching band (horse)
Simplymiracle T
Simplymiracle T - 6 dager siden
This video made me realize how much i miss dressing emo
Syruss Tha Great
Syruss Tha Great - 12 dager siden
I'm jus a pony !
Terrie Moulton
Terrie Moulton - 18 dager siden
2020 here. Really enjoying the going out and shopping without worries, vicariously of course. ***sigh***
Patricia Myers
Patricia Myers - 18 dager siden
A year later and I STILL think Cindi Lauper with that hair!!! LOVE YOU MYKIE!!!
Alys Lowell
Alys Lowell - 20 dager siden
The end song:exists
Me:I can't escape the workout
Chloe Ting fans will understand
Amanda Garten
Amanda Garten - 27 dager siden
BEST ONE EVER!!(in my opinion, don't @ me people)
❤️ you mykie!
That rainbow 🌈 Mohawk was definitely cool. Wish I could be at the most as cool as you. At least I'm a subscriber. 💕 🌟 😈
Courtney Guerin
Courtney Guerin - 28 dager siden
No one else noticed that she said she can’t put the horse mouth on because of the piercing and then literally 2 minutes later she puts liquid latex right next to it...
Stacey Leigh
Stacey Leigh - 28 dager siden
As I watch this my boyfriend is playing games and starts rapping yo yo yo ima bango jingo dying :')
Hailey knauss
Hailey knauss - 29 dager siden
she looks like nessa barret the shart girl in this lol
Low key Lilson
Low key Lilson - 29 dager siden
Uhhhhh I decided to watch this a year later without realizing it 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
R H - Måned siden
Flash warning 27:52 - 28:06 (not strobe but white flashes)
ameliia lil plant
ameliia lil plant - Måned siden
I cant believe this was almost a year ago. I remember crying because I was so excited for her to come back. She kept me going through my worst times. Thank you, Mykie 💖
M - Måned siden
Lmao you should have went to the grocery store like that
Allison Duranceau
Allison Duranceau - Måned siden
Still waiting for more information on her horror movie 0_o
wat3rg0ddess - Måned siden
I think this is one of my favourite gore makeup transfermations. I feel your pain about the glitter too. My mom decided to sprinkle my head and face with glitter for reasons still unknown, but thankfully the glitter has washed away. She also has Glitter hairspray from halloween......i regret buying it for her. After Halloween night was over she took her briad that i had done and she sprayed with the freaking glitter, and smacked me right across the face with it......i had glitter all over my face for months. So seeing the glitter on the carpet hurt. lol Love your videos and keep being awsome! 🖤💙🖤
Iggy Biggles
Iggy Biggles - Måned siden
aaahhhh clever wording there...
Nolan James
Nolan James - Måned siden
R u dating anything because he looks like George micheal I’m careless whisper. Like George micheal looks like Anthony in a blonde wig.
avrillover27 - Måned siden
sorry not trying to be rude, just curious, did she ever do the competition or her new health make up seriese?
Amber *Mommas* R
Amber *Mommas* R - Måned siden
I want to be just as half as pretty as she is. Egh
Amber *Mommas* R
Amber *Mommas* R - Måned siden
I want to be just as half as pretty as she is. Eggh
Lee R.Y
Lee R.Y - Måned siden
I am digging this ginger
To Human
To Human - Måned siden
i puked.
that one sad vegan enby
that one sad vegan enby - Måned siden
TheScarletWolfs - Måned siden
Little does she know about what would happen in 2020.:(
Selena Lin
Selena Lin - 2 måneder siden
Only time you'll probably hear Mykie say ew
Jenny Castiblanco
Jenny Castiblanco - 2 måneder siden
I'm I crazy or she looks like Angelina jolie with the zombie cheeks O_O
Faith Coleman
Faith Coleman - 2 måneder siden
Gliter....... nope go back to the corner I love you but you know what you did
Autumn Chambers
Autumn Chambers - 2 måneder siden
Addie - 2 måneder siden
aww🥺😭 she’s so happy!!! 😁and she’s accomplished soooo much❤️
Alaina Treffer
Alaina Treffer - 2 måneder siden
i love love love how happy she is in this video
Holly Ferris
Holly Ferris - 2 måneder siden
Ok this is one of my favorite looks
Melánia Žihlavská
Melánia Žihlavská - 2 måneder siden
Oliver Langner
Oliver Langner - 2 måneder siden
"My ears are way bigger than my horn..."
Also what he said (tears in his eyes)
Abix - 3 måneder siden
You should do a Patrick star/PatrickStarr mash up. Like do the Patrick ⭐️ silhouette and then do like a glam eye look and put a turban on
tuesday pritchard
tuesday pritchard - 3 måneder siden
woah theres alot going on like an emo zombie unicorn
Milky Way Cosplays
Milky Way Cosplays - 3 måneder siden
Hey Mykie where you get your Mohawk?
Milky Way Cosplays
Milky Way Cosplays - 3 måneder siden
Hey Mykie where’d you get your Mohawk?
Dayana Quintero
Dayana Quintero - 3 måneder siden
Mama zombea is BACK !!!!!!!! It’s to late to say this but it’s ok 🥰🥰❤️❤️
Alicia Stepp
Alicia Stepp - 3 måneder siden
This is what I’d look like as a My Little Pony
Metal Maya
Metal Maya - 3 måneder siden
time to get... EMO