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Watch my best friend and roommate, Katy, nail this fx transformation. .... kind of.
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the fly pinhead makeup halloween challenge tutorial scar wax
Runtime: 36:08


Glam&Gore - År siden
Drink every time Katy talks about socks.

(Also please drink responsibly Katy is a bad role model obvi)
Kelly Woolley
Kelly Woolley - 21 dag siden
There legit was an add as soos as you said "here's an add"
Pixiefly - Måned siden
im gonna drink hot chocolate. (5 hours later) WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SUGER RUSHHHHHHHHH! :D
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw - Måned siden
Glam&Gore just be glad Katy didn’t get out a cordless drill
Sophia Ortiz
Sophia Ortiz - Måned siden
random things I do
random things I do - Måned siden
I am minor so I got a Dr Pepper and it's almost gone what the heck why
IZABELLE MULLINS - 3 timer siden
11 mins
Wren Timp
Wren Timp - 5 timer siden
I haven’t watched the movie but I still know who pinhead is
Erica Bonney
Erica Bonney - Dag siden
Katie is a brat!
Macie Mikota
Macie Mikota - Dag siden
I feel like Katie and Mykie should do an "I try ASMR while doing my FX makeup" challenge.... The soft talking gave me tingles 0.0
Kersten Peaslee
Kersten Peaslee - Dag siden
She said "here's an ad!" and a pop-up ...popped up
Shaunah Schaffer
Shaunah Schaffer - Dag siden
Bro I was crying the entire time 😂
Your local cute husky
Your local cute husky - Dag siden
A new torture video😂
Your local cute husky
Your local cute husky - Dag siden
Katy talk about socks im thirsty😭😂
Susana D
Susana D - Dag siden
Right whenever you said here’s an ad an ad popped up Lol 😂
Madi Burnett
Madi Burnett - 2 dager siden
When she says here’s a add and a add really pops up 🤯😱
Kelsey - 7 minutter siden
NOburnrs can pick exactly where they want an ad to appear within their videos.
Spook _Pxtato
Spook _Pxtato - 2 dager siden
When she said here’s a ad a ad actually came up
Kelsey - 7 minutter siden
NOburnrs can pick exactly where they want an ad to appear within their videos.
Abderrahmane CHENAFI
Abderrahmane CHENAFI - 3 dager siden
Katy: sO dEaCivAtE iT🥴
Althea Dsouza
Althea Dsouza - 3 dager siden
What is that supposed the be on katies mouth in the thumbnail😐
K_BeAr- K
K_BeAr- K - 4 dager siden
Katie is a literal mood! I love her so much
Eva S
Eva S - 4 dager siden
Katy: "My makeup is good from far, but far from good." what a quote ladies and gentleman, what a quote.
nmb. - 4 dager siden
Just the fact she said he’s an ad and I got an ad.
Emma's Dilemma
Emma's Dilemma - 5 dager siden
Where an add plays literally right after she says and here's an add...
Kelsey - 7 minutter siden
NOburnrs can pick exactly where they want an ad to appear within their videos.
E m s y - P O P
E m s y - P O P - 5 dager siden
I SWEAR TO GOD WHEN YOU SAID HERES AN ADD AN ADD LITERALLY PLAYEDDDDDDD OMLLLLL 😱😱😱 (why am I scared and so surprised and weirded out from this XDD)
Kelsey - 6 minutter siden
NOburnrs can pick exactly where they want an ad to appear within their videos.
Gabrielle - 6 dager siden
Mykie: "That's really aggressive blending."
Katy: "You know what's really aggressive, your freakin' negative attitude rn..."
Madison DY
Madison DY - 6 dager siden
Who’s calling me right now 1800 I don’t think so. Mykie 2019
Non-Edible Pretzel
Non-Edible Pretzel - 6 dager siden
There was actually an ad! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tawanna Ayala
Tawanna Ayala - 7 dager siden
Who DOESN’T know who Pinhead is?!
Nishtai Nishtaria
Nishtai Nishtaria - 8 dager siden
Jameson... check
Pickle Juice... check
Whatever Starbucks you were drinking... check
I think my gf and I are in love with you
Nishtai Nishtaria
Nishtai Nishtaria - 8 dager siden
Nishtai Nishtaria
Nishtai Nishtaria - 8 dager siden
I've skipped from 13:32 to 22:13. Still NOT one nail glued. We still love you, Katie
FUN WE’ LIFE!! - 8 dager siden
Omg I literally just got an ad once u said “here’s an ad!”
Jer Bear
Jer Bear - 8 dager siden
Literally she said here’s an ad and then i get 2 ads and then she continues “here’s not an ad **awkward😬😬😬😬”
aaliyah laher
aaliyah laher - 8 dager siden
I feel like Katie is not the type of friend I expect mykie to chill with dk why. But I would love to be mykies friend she’s so cooool ahhajwbbehezn
Mexicantajin - 8 dager siden
I love katys voice
Abby Vanderzwart
Abby Vanderzwart - 9 dager siden
Back to the future is so good
Swag Master
Swag Master - 9 dager siden
I. Don't. Care. About. Hair.
LuminalsJay - 10 dager siden
the fact mykie knew there was gonna be an ad was just great
Catherine Galadzhyan
Catherine Galadzhyan - 10 dager siden
When Mykie said there was an add there actually was an add at 16:10
BiliousBecca - 11 dager siden
To make the nails safer, you could've filed down the sharp end to make it flat and blunt.
Zara Edwards
Zara Edwards - 11 dager siden
Katy is gorgeous!
Bryli Heath
Bryli Heath - 12 dager siden
“Here’s an add” *snaps* - add comes on right then-
Raven Sade
Raven Sade - 13 dager siden
"My makeup is good from far but far from good, back up" 😂
Lauryn’s Forest
Lauryn’s Forest - 13 dager siden
New life hack!! Put whipped cream in your hair to make it silky smooth
YzArtistry - 14 dager siden
There was actually an add when Mykie said, "Here's an add."
Breeze Animates
Breeze Animates - 14 dager siden
I like how she said "heres an ad" then there was an ad 😂