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I've seen many brave youtubers leave their hair up to their subscribers, and today, i too shall join them.
I let you zombaes pick both my haircut, and color! Thank you for helping me choose, I think it ended up freakin cute as heck.
Thank you to Spencer Henry for always working magic on my hair.
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I let my subscribers pick my hair cut and color haircut spencer henry mykie zombaes choose
Runtime: 25:56


Glam&Gore - År siden
Every like on this video = one pet for Hotdog
Ana Nirnberger
Ana Nirnberger - 19 dager siden
Omg I love you so so so much and you inspire me always
CatMEMES - Måned siden
*Makes 1 million different accounts*
Pastel Goth
Pastel Goth - 3 måneder siden
I love that hairstyle in the end
Karla Quintanar
Karla Quintanar - 5 måneder siden
try whatsapp for texting ;)
Emma Catherine
Emma Catherine - 11 måneder siden
Ginger’s actually have a high pain tolerance but even though I’m a ginger to I’m still a wimp
Karina Solano
Karina Solano - 5 timer siden
I wonder what they said when it was censored
Scarlet M
Scarlet M - Dag siden
I honestly really like the first one
v binkk
v binkk - 3 dager siden
Short hair just suits your face so well, the long hair overpowers your small face
Esther King
Esther King - 9 dager siden
mia pothakos
mia pothakos - 12 dager siden
she looks god in every thing
liv equine
liv equine - 15 dager siden
Lmao, I’m watching this for the first time exactly a year later 😂
WhyDontWe Stan
WhyDontWe Stan - 15 dager siden
I didnt realise but im watching this exactly 1 year later-
Elyssa Brown
Elyssa Brown - 16 dager siden
i feel like im being left out of the convo during this whole video
Josiah Myers
Josiah Myers - 17 dager siden
Half of this video bleeeeeeeeeep
Anthony Vick
Anthony Vick - 18 dager siden
I love ur hair blonde!!
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 22 dager siden
Just wondering, what happened to Guy Tang
Babigamer 8
Babigamer 8 - 22 dager siden
Mykie: Leave in the coments if oyu are a FaceTimer or a texter
Me: * *laughs in anti-social* *
Britnie Page-Hope
Britnie Page-Hope - 26 dager siden
I never related more until Spencer was trying to distance himself bc I’m a strawberry blonde and I try to distance myself my making excuses for why it looks redder sometimes
Victoria Piazza
Victoria Piazza - 26 dager siden
Aye shoutout New Jersey
Kenzie Livingston
Kenzie Livingston - 29 dager siden
Just realized that tje forth pic was savanna chrisly
Marie Cometdawn
Marie Cometdawn - Måned siden
“Are you done eating hair?- but there’s so much to eaaaattt!” Take that out of context, and it sounds so wrong 😂
Jakayla Bathie
Jakayla Bathie - Måned siden
Omg I just realised when Katy said "you have 5 seconds to plug whatever you want", it was in reference to mykie dating Anthony, because they started dating on the 9th, and the was posted on the 15th 😱😱😱😱
Kins Kelly
Kins Kelly - Måned siden
Which I had treunds in Boston:(
Vocanimeify - Måned siden
Arent you like 30 no pigtails for you
Claudio Maldonado Salvador
The best part was when she * beeeeeep *
Romina Witschnig
Romina Witschnig - Måned siden
Welcome to the "piep show"🤐🤣
Lauren Patton
Lauren Patton - Måned siden
I've been binging all of mykies videos and I watched the boyfriend reveal with Anthony and remembered they started officially dating on 9-9-19 so this was probably filmed around then. so is Katy referencing Anthony at 25:12 ????????? so obvious looking back lol
Piper Sings
Piper Sings - Måned siden
Just play the full bleeped conversations on Cult Liter so we can UNDERSTAND!!!
Remington Van Daele
Remington Van Daele - Måned siden
I really really wanna hear what they bleeped out oml
Em Leigh
Em Leigh - Måned siden
Katy is cracking me the FUCK up lmao
“It’s so cute you little baby” 😂
Kris Cannon
Kris Cannon - Måned siden
Mykie it’s about time you put the uncensored version of this on Patreon
Iridescent Aurora
Iridescent Aurora - Måned siden
I definitely prefer texting over anything else.
Hermione can't draw
Hermione can't draw - Måned siden
The striped wall and red sign gives me beetlejuice vibes
Slider 27
Slider 27 - Måned siden
I’m a texter BIG TIME!
iiSushistiel - Måned siden
Ok, but in the time lapse removing the extensions you really look like the actress who plays Cheryl in riverdale and I love it
Μιχάλης Σκούφος
The conversation has the words f***cked v****a c**k
Fay Hunter
Fay Hunter - Måned siden
Still one of my favorite videos youve ever done
Trixie Pixie
Trixie Pixie - Måned siden
I loved 2! Why did you say that 2 was everyones last choice!
Gemma Hirst
Gemma Hirst - Måned siden
Julianne Woody
Julianne Woody - Måned siden
i loved this video with the whole gang. so much fun to watch.
Psycho Chick
Psycho Chick - Måned siden
I preferer to talk on the phone on speaker so I can mulitask
Bela Torres
Bela Torres - Måned siden
Did Katy just spoil Anthony?
Cat Mom To Autumn and Moose
Can we have a second channel where all your bleeped our convos go there and you know it won’t get monitized
Stella Jane
Stella Jane - Måned siden
Y’all never fail to make me laugh! Thanks guys💕
Vanessa Newbold
Vanessa Newbold - Måned siden
“Gingers feel more pAiAiAiAiN!!!”
That is my interpretation of that and it was adorable