PUPPY Picks My FX Makeup

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Meet my new puppy, Creature, and watch him turn me into a creature by picking my FX makeup! I also do a q&a about my pups and Alaskan Klee Kai doggos. Come for the makeup, stay for the dog vids.
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(for more wild doggo videos)Transforming myself into my dog, Ripley:

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ROBLOX Life - 3 timer siden
Where did you get creature
Bill Weisman
Bill Weisman - Dag siden
I have 9 dogs
Lauren Todd
Lauren Todd - Dag siden
Whenever she says “creature”, I keep thinking she means Kreacher from Harry Potter. Oof.
Mattic Monday
Mattic Monday - Dag siden
Awwwwww I want one
Brooke Stewart
Brooke Stewart - 2 dager siden
Jenna Turner
Jenna Turner - 3 dager siden
You remind me of Tessa Netting
Alex Cleveland
Alex Cleveland - 3 dager siden
Love your yt vids
Charlotte Bergstrom
Charlotte Bergstrom - 3 dager siden
she do be looking like trump when she sprayed that orange
makayla mashell
makayla mashell - 4 dager siden
Can you watch my videos.I'm a huge fan and.Can you do and your next video a peppa pig.
Michelle - 4 dager siden
Your dog is probably just trying to exhibit dominance through humping
Kris Cannon
Kris Cannon - 4 dager siden
Anyone know what brand of airbrush paint she’s using?
Paola Garza
Paola Garza - 4 dager siden
What happens if you accidently airbrush your hair?
Charlise Landry
Charlise Landry - 5 dager siden
Dogs are a pain 😢😢
Kira Puckett
Kira Puckett - 5 dager siden
i also have 2 dogs
kim and catkat
kim and catkat - 5 dager siden
cat and dog
Kat Thompson
Kat Thompson - 6 dager siden
How did you shrink that huskey🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
S B - 6 dager siden
When you buy dogs instead of adoption 🤮
Wolfie Jackson
Wolfie Jackson - 6 dager siden
Creature is so cute!!!!!!
Bailey Casto
Bailey Casto - 6 dager siden
OMG now I want whatever breed creature is because he is so cute like if you agree
Mila Brinegar
Mila Brinegar - 6 dager siden
she looks like a cool mutated oompa loompa
Kimber Lite
Kimber Lite - 6 dager siden
When she put that chin on I could NOT take her seriously
linnea goff
linnea goff - 6 dager siden
i LOVE doggos and doggies and im gonna get a pomeranian
Jasmine Schwensen
Jasmine Schwensen - 6 dager siden
I love dogs lol
Vias WORLD - 7 dager siden
My bday is on Friday the 13
Emily . That’s it*
Emily . That’s it* - 7 dager siden
My beagle is very vocal and is so affectionate that she follows us to the bathroom when we shower sometimes. She always has to be with a person
animal crossing
animal crossing - 8 dager siden
Amelia Dando
Amelia Dando - 8 dager siden
I am way late but you look like a drag queen gone wrong I’m not trying to be mean😂
Gab. Hasty
Gab. Hasty - 9 dager siden
I mean this in a loving way.... 💕
Your end result looks like a comic book villain reject.
I Love reaction time
I Love reaction time - 9 dager siden
that dog was like mmmhhh bacon lets make bacon lmfao
Berkeley Pearson
Berkeley Pearson - 9 dager siden
are alaskan klee kais good first dogs because there sooooooo cuteeeeee🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kelly jones
Kelly jones - 10 dager siden
Solmaria A Zimmerman
Solmaria A Zimmerman - 10 dager siden
Aww they are the cutest thing alive that i've ever seen
Annabelle Harvey
Annabelle Harvey - 11 dager siden
Annabelle Harvey
Annabelle Harvey - 11 dager siden
dude- he's just going to the biggest thing first-
Annabelle Harvey
Annabelle Harvey - 11 dager siden
imagine if people where like cats, like oh look someone with blue eyes, i wonder if they are deaf?
-the puppo's blue eyes made me think of this
2DavisDogs Berkeley&Harper
2DavisDogs Berkeley&Harper - 11 dager siden
This is after Ms piggy and Kermit got divorced so she went on drugs and tried to do drag BEST MOVIE EVER
Briana Shropshire
Briana Shropshire - 11 dager siden
she looks like an oompa loompa that Stephen King would have come up with
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 12 dager siden
Wow, even your dogs hit the bell
potato girl
potato girl - 12 dager siden
i only have a dog for 1 year or less cus day all run away
nezqins - 12 dager siden
21:20 she looks like a mix of Gordon Ramsay and onison