taking a break ... but I’ll be back

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How I split my head open (with pictures🙃)
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Glam&Gore - År siden
❤️ this is scary for me cause youtube has been my world since I started, and I don’t know what will happen if I don’t upload for a little, so please know I’m only doing this because it really feels necessary. Love you, zombaes.
michelle love
michelle love - År siden
Take your time my dear. We will be here when you get back 💙
Brookie D
Brookie D - År siden
Even though we all miss you plz take your time until your ready to come back. ILYSM because if you I can now do sfx makeup that I never even thought I was capable of. Thank you❤
Taylor Brooke
Taylor Brooke - År siden
Ok it’s been three months, come back 😢
Marie May
Marie May - År siden
Glam&Gore if we need to well be patient and and support unconditionally we love you mykie
Katie Gallagher
Katie Gallagher - År siden
Glam&Gore hurry back i miss you ♥️
j Tveit
j Tveit - 11 dager siden
So smart Mykie!!!! I needed this for myself, and I am just figuring this out at 50. So look at how ahead of the curve you are to figure this out now. Well then, lol!
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor - 20 dager siden
I am surprised that she didn't mention the issues with the bell icon
Heather Douglass
Heather Douglass - 27 dager siden
No matter what always take care of yourself. It is most important that you love what you do and enjoy it. I know it's been over a year since this was put up but at any point just remember to have fun. Be yourself. Take breaks and be happy.
Lucybeth Brewer
Lucybeth Brewer - Måned siden
Thank you for learning Sign Language 😊😊❤️❤️ even though Its American Sign I'm in the UK you've definitely got Deaf fans Xxx
kayla webber
kayla webber - Måned siden
I’m learning asl too😁
Robin Reynolds
Robin Reynolds - Måned siden
So you are back and I'm happy for that, but I just gotta say. . . Mykie... we are zombaes. Your friends through the screen, we care more about your wellbeing than content. Take a vacation girl. So glad I went back to watch the videos I havent seen yet to get to say this. Do not kill yourself to post videos.
Kalaylah Duncan
Kalaylah Duncan - Måned siden
You can’t say that what’s happening to you isn’t important Mykie it is we don’t need to know what it is but it’s important because it effects your health both mentally and physically which then creates a butterfly effect for yourself and everyone around you.
Please stay healthy for you and everyone else around you Mykie
Miriam Fease
Miriam Fease - Måned siden
mykie! make sure you fingerspell everything forward! (i’m in asl 1 so i’m not completely sure about everything but in my region that’s what we are told.)
laxycat - Måned siden
Why was this Just recommended to me? I watched most of it before I realized this is from 2019 -_-
Cheyenne Harrah
Cheyenne Harrah - Måned siden
Anyone else watching this in 2020
Amanda Fielding
Amanda Fielding - Måned siden
I realize this video was posted last year, but I would like you to know, MYKIE, that I recently found your channel and you are helping me get through my 2020. Plus! All the life advice you gave in this video was really meaningful to me. Thank you!
Husky Flower
Husky Flower - Måned siden
am i the only one who has a crush on Mykie? (:
StellaRhyme3 - Måned siden
Terminators bleed because they’re cyborgs not robots. That’s human skin on the outside of a robotic exoskeleton so they bleed.
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug - 2 måneder siden
“I’m a workaholic, it’s a problem, I’m working on it”
😏 you’re _working_ on it?
Angie Stewart
Angie Stewart - 2 måneder siden
She thought the world was ending then
Abby Boyd
Abby Boyd - 2 måneder siden
who is rewatching this in quarantine?!
Katherine Hibbard
Katherine Hibbard - 3 måneder siden
Hey, a year late. All you guys complaining about three months. One of my favorite creators has been out for seven months and there’s no word on when they’re coming back lol
Sophie Gale
Sophie Gale - 3 måneder siden
I remember this video like it was yesterday I missed your content so much during this break 😂
Toria Aiken
Toria Aiken - 3 måneder siden
U r good say that I'm Death
Karen Eastman
Karen Eastman - 4 måneder siden
Aww,Ripley.I like you a lot.:-):-DHi,Mykie. A makeup Baby.Hilarious.:-):-D:-D It is so good.We totally understand.:-):-(:-O:-D That makes a lot of perfect sense.:-) That looks great.:-D:-D:-)
Marlee Nickl
Marlee Nickl - 4 måneder siden
Wow this happened a year ago, so much has changed, luv you Mykie! 🖤
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce - 4 måneder siden
Did she win her bikini competition??
Marlee Nickl
Marlee Nickl - 4 måneder siden
Jasta Ykotuce it’s been postponed again due to covid
Ama3366 - 5 måneder siden
I just started learning sign language today😂😂😂
Bhuvi Bagga
Bhuvi Bagga - 5 måneder siden
Buse Ünal
Buse Ünal - 5 måneder siden
did she do something to her teeth recently? this is the last video of her teeth looking the way i remembered
Marlee Nickl
Marlee Nickl - 4 måneder siden
Buse Ünal she got fangs there is a video on it
Sydney Borden
Sydney Borden - 6 måneder siden
So I’m 26 and starting to realize how fragile life is and I’m struggling
Lilliyrose Omonuwa
Lilliyrose Omonuwa - 6 måneder siden
It is soo important you have a break ill happily rewatch your video till you come back xxx
Makeup At11
Makeup At11 - 7 måneder siden
Is it just me or does Mikey kinda look grey
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw - 7 måneder siden
I am so glad you are taking time off when you need it. Trust me it’s worth it! I overworked, and started having panic attacks not fun it felt like i was having heart attack!
potato lee
potato lee - 7 måneder siden
Nika Burris
Nika Burris - 7 måneder siden
You are my favorite youtuber and I just got legit to excited when I found out you share the same birthday as my husband. We are even doing a party for him this year on Halloween. I put all the techniques you’ve shown to use during our favorite time of the year. :)
Jeanette Walden
Jeanette Walden - 8 måneder siden
I've watched turminator (idk how to SPELL!!!!)
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M - 5 måneder siden
Jeanette Walden I got you, Terminator 👍
Alexander Priest
Alexander Priest - 8 måneder siden
That is like 8 hours of your day devoted to your physical fitness by the sounds of it
Rachel Gessner
Rachel Gessner - 8 måneder siden
Didn’t even know she went on a break but totally made me tear up for some reason
Random Failed Youtuber
Random Failed Youtuber - 8 måneder siden
This is still the worst birthday present I ever got.
luckkarma19 - 9 måneder siden
You might have body dysmorphia
Skippi 93
Skippi 93 - 9 måneder siden
Four months from this video she and Anthony will start dating and 7 months you’ll announce it 🥺🙌🏻 you’ll definitely be happy mykie 💕
Jenny DeGumbia
Jenny DeGumbia - 9 måneder siden
why did it hit me so hard when she started talking about your mind frame switch between early 20's and late 20's (@21:50). im turning 25 tomorrow and I FELT THAT.
ella elise
ella elise - 10 måneder siden
You have no work ethic. You don't film, you don't edit. You can't sit in front of your computer for an hour a week and work out? Jesus Christ.