THE JOKER DOES MY VOICEOVER + Harley & Joker Cosplay Outfit Details

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Outfit links for Harley---
Nude fishnets:
JT Harness (definitely the most expensive piece but I still highly encourage putting together an outfit with what you have!)
Outfit links for the Joker--
Bolo Tie:
Pocket Square:
MADLY IN LOVE with Harley Quinn & Joker:
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Alex Mager
Alex Mager - Måned siden
Its been 2 years and I'm still waiting to hear about Mykie's time as a gogo dancer
J Potter
J Potter - 2 måneder siden
"Just the other day, I beat a man with a shoe!" 😂😂😂
Kyōka Jirō
Kyōka Jirō - 2 måneder siden
I want the booooots
mia _says hi
mia _says hi - 3 måneder siden
Tye audio is a it messed up
mia _says hi
mia _says hi - 3 måneder siden
The outfit is so cool
mia _says hi
mia _says hi - 3 måneder siden
This looks really cool for a second I thought it was peter
Texas Red
Texas Red - 4 måneder siden
I clicked the link to jokers sit but it didn't come in purple, only different shades of blue, what gives?
Mi- Impossible
Mi- Impossible - 6 måneder siden
"accidental batman lipstick stain" HA
Jeanette Walden
Jeanette Walden - 8 måneder siden
There was a Harley Quinn and joker ad I was so excited
Jane Kemner
Jane Kemner - 8 måneder siden
That moment I realize how old you are from reading comments and I'm just like you're the same age as my sister.
John Crower Doe
John Crower Doe - 9 måneder siden
If anyone wants a male version, look at the original Harlequin character from commedia dell'arte / pantomine. He sometimes battle against the white clown Pierrot to get the white ballerina girl Columbine. His preferred weapon is the slapstick.
Laci Burt
Laci Burt - 11 måneder siden
Is anyone gonna realize that Mykie was once a "gogo" dancer?!
zenda - 11 måneder siden
are they still together??
ScorpionDaddy - 11 måneder siden
You were a go-go dancer??????
Camille Tow
Camille Tow - 11 måneder siden
Hey, hot topic GET ON IT!
Emma Atcheson
Emma Atcheson - År siden
I beat a man to death with a shoe and went to dinner afterward 😂😂
Emma Atcheson
Emma Atcheson - År siden
I love his voice 🙏🏼
The Steph and Steve Show
what is the real joker?
NepotismTV - År siden
Mocha Chocolate Surprise
Joker saying “bitches love me” is all I need
Withdrawn_ Illustrator
What can I say? Bitches love me
Jack Fortuna
Jack Fortuna - År siden
2:21 I saw a meme that said that C4 is just spicy Play-Doh
Jack Fortuna
Jack Fortuna - År siden
I LOVE that you created your own custom versions of Harley and the Joker. I'd much prefer that than another fuckin' Suicide Squad look. Much appreciated.
Samie and Pets
Samie and Pets - År siden
$100+ dollar boots *covers in paint* I'm dead 😂
Xxjoshua lacksxX
Xxjoshua lacksxX - År siden
So your the joker
Sochii - År siden
I love that joker more than jared leto's Joker (no hate) ❤
Alyssa Ramos
Alyssa Ramos - År siden
I'm ded joker should do your voiceovers more often!
madeline c
madeline c - År siden
“i have found that in my experience, the best way to leave a mark is with lipstick or a *_bazooka_* .”
why does this make so much sense for him😂
Esp Mag
Esp Mag - År siden
"Keep ya pants on"
Quinn Ensch
Quinn Ensch - År siden
The "axidental" batman lipstick stain is my favorite part of the whole thing
ArtemisTheWitch - År siden
The hottopic bit made me crack up omfg 😂😂😂 you should be sponsored by hottopic by now lol 😂 the joker is awesome 😂😂
Kaylyn Gibbons
Kaylyn Gibbons - År siden
what ever happened to her and her boyfriend? Chase?
What Name
What Name - År siden
Lmao why “Bitches love me”
A.J. P.
A.J. P. - År siden
This is hysterical!
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel - År siden
what size is the corset? small or medium?
Alyssia R
Alyssia R - År siden
ughh his joker voice reminds me of someone else but i cant think of it and its making me crazy 🤔
Kelsey Capps
Kelsey Capps - År siden
i will never understand why this video doesn't have more views. this is my favorite thing of all time
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones - År siden
What's that? I'm 8 months late? OH NO! You must be mistaken! I'm just COMMENTING LATE! Hehe..
amelia fenerty
amelia fenerty - År siden
Andrew's joker voice is amazing
Wolfblood X
Wolfblood X - År siden
Hello zomboobs!! (Mykie looks looks amazing!!! So jealous!)
Once Upon A Blink
Once Upon A Blink - År siden
Making things busy so they look more expensive big mood I’m adding a corset to my poison ivy costume just to make it look more expensive