The Next Big Brow Trend

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Brows youtube no further. The next big brow trend is here. Shave off all your brows or you’re a wuss.
Because I know you’re already looking for it-
Fancy can opener:
Katy's video & channel! While you're there, convince her to shave off her brows.
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Makeup artist shaves off all of her eyebrows, missing invisible blonde brows, mykie, glam and gore, glamngore, new eyebrow trends trend, tiger brows, fishnet brows, rhinestone brows, slit in eyebrows, shave
Runtime: 23:26


Glam&Gore - 4 måneder siden

Mine is obviously -$5, cause I’d pay someone $5 to let me shave off my brows.
Ethan Joseph
Ethan Joseph - 10 dager siden
I’d let em shave mine for $0, as long as someone could do those tiger brows on me cuz they were badass
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie - Måned siden
My price is like... 0,50 eurocents it’s not much but somehow you never want to pay it
Ms. Hunter
Ms. Hunter - Måned siden
I feel like if I have enough tequila in me I would do it for free with the same amount of enthusiasm 😂
Becca Kelley
Becca Kelley - 3 måneder siden
$500 lol
Star Laser
Star Laser - 4 måneder siden
Uummm... 100$? I’d probably do it for less than that though tbh 🤪
OG Crazy Cat Lady
OG Crazy Cat Lady - 9 timer siden
I get razor burn just watchin her do this
Mattic Monday
Mattic Monday - Dag siden
Lolitbird - 2 dager siden
I just moved with my parents to KY...if my mom still won't let me dye my hair at 24, if I shaved my eyebrows my mom would literally have an aneurism 😅😅 (I moved in with them to help with taking care of the horses plus we are building my own apartment above a garage for my dad's cars.)
S̥ͦi̥ͦs̥ͦ & вяσ GᗩᗰIᑎG
My mom wont let me shave off my eyebrows 😂
Britany Foreman
Britany Foreman - 3 dager siden
Yes please make that video
Rachael Cahill
Rachael Cahill - 4 dager siden
Mykie it's the end of september and we're still waiting for the JonBenet Ramsey vid ;-;
Lexi Lemons
Lexi Lemons - 4 dager siden
Oof I've been thinking about shaving my brows off so my 31 Days of Halloween this year can be even more awesome and this video is REALLY making me want to do it 🤣😍
004Eva - 4 dager siden
my excuse to not shave my brows: im a natural ginger with white eyebrows and i dye them every month so i could just grow them out and it wouldn't make a difference
S & C Chaotic Cosplay
S & C Chaotic Cosplay - 5 dager siden
i do the fishnet thing for cosplay (the scales are on my face not brows but still) and i have a fishnet wig cap that i put over my face so its covering it and then i put the color. it comes out pretty good so you could do that if you don’t have a friend. you’d need a fishnet large enough but ye
74days - 5 dager siden
The weird thing is that I would 100% shave my head without a thought - but not my eyebrows!
Tobias's pet Lol
Tobias's pet Lol - 6 dager siden
I have already shaved my brows.....
I think it makes shaping them so much easier....
Olivia Buch
Olivia Buch - 6 dager siden
Fun art fact, when drawing a face in a portrait, eyesore technically on the equator line on your face. So, with or without, you’re beautiful. Which we all already knew. 💜
Autumn Southall
Autumn Southall - 6 dager siden
Cilantro tastes like soap. But also smells like stink bugs. 😂
Summer-ruby Videos
Summer-ruby Videos - 7 dager siden
Wait mykie looks so fluffing prettyyyyyyy
Rose Smith
Rose Smith - 7 dager siden
Unless I dye them or physically draw them on every day I don’t have any eyebrows anyway. I’m going with $20 just so I can buy some nice brow makeup 😂
T E - 8 dager siden
When you change your hair and makeup it really changes your appearance.
Kirsty Pollock
Kirsty Pollock - 8 dager siden
As someone who’s been shaving their brows since they were 12/13 I always find it so funny hearing Mykie trying to convince people to shave their brows
Maria Cross
Maria Cross - 8 dager siden
I already shaved off my brows when I shaved my head lol it was a lewk
Lovisa Söderström
Lovisa Söderström - 9 dager siden
Because my eyebrows are my favourite feature
Danielle Laurant
Danielle Laurant - 11 dager siden
it sounds... painful...
stuffandthings - 11 dager siden
i want them gone but my mom would kill me lol
water sheep
water sheep - 12 dager siden
I’m 13 and a model otherwise I would
Cringe Mountain
Cringe Mountain - 12 dager siden
Make a video on how to draw on your eyebrows then I will shave my eyebrows
Fran C
Fran C - 12 dager siden
my excuse is that i have school 😷😂
georgina87 - 13 dager siden
Im crying a little inside. Your eyebrows are so nice
Beverly Ensign
Beverly Ensign - 13 dager siden
I have alopecia, so i already dont have any eyebrows
Domenica Aguilar
Domenica Aguilar - 14 dager siden
My justification for not shaving my brows again is that I did it when I was 7 and my forehead looked bigger that Russia and USA combined, so nop, thats not a look for me Marie
Marisa Flores
Marisa Flores - 14 dager siden
i would totally shave my eyebrows but my mother won’t let me 😭 i did shave a slit tho lmao
Toast Pie
Toast Pie - 14 dager siden
Katey Doll
Katey Doll - 15 dager siden
I shaved my eyebrows off before lock down and I've spent lock down growing them back.
Sammy VonFeldt
Sammy VonFeldt - 15 dager siden
I already shave my eyebrows off every couple days lol
Ash leE
Ash leE - 16 dager siden
Still waiting for the mirror video
JUST NIKKI83 - 16 dager siden
My grandma had two strokes and has her eyebrows tattooed on. I shaved my head! I know the two don't equate, but I understand where you're coming from.
Gundham Tanaka
Gundham Tanaka - 16 dager siden
I don't have one I just shaved my eyebrows lmaO
TAYLA PRUETT - 16 dager siden
ShipWreck - 16 dager siden
I already have an eyebrow slit and it’s not growing back anymore which sucks
Someone weird at failure
Someone weird at failure - 16 dager siden
My eyebrows hurt just watching this video like if you agree
Gowri Krishnadas
Gowri Krishnadas - 16 dager siden
Why I can't shave off my eyebrows?

Indian parents
Robin Courtney
Robin Courtney - 18 dager siden
Watches an entire video about eyebrows
Me: what’s the dip that Katy made?
I have problems