The Power Of Makeup with NIKKIETUTORIALS

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THE QUEEN OF BEAUTY MAKEUP HERSELF, miss NikkieTutorials, helps me put a spin on her classic challenge - Nikkie glams half my face while I do FX on the other side to show the full creative range of the power of makeup! Watch for some Christmas glam or Elf On (off?) a Shelf gore.

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Runtime: 19:18


"can you just stop trying to like, die"
me to my body every day
Jackie xxx
Jackie xxx - 3 dager siden
When Katy said “I learned how to do makeup cause I needed to”
Felt that 😂
nina diamondschovel
nina diamondschovel - 5 dager siden
nina diamondschovel
nina diamondschovel - 5 dager siden
Im dutch
Star Light
Star Light - 6 dager siden
Nikkie brought me here! subbed :)
Wow - 11 dager siden
watches this almost year later
Annie Wright
Annie Wright - 12 dager siden
Wait but why is nikki’s tounge yellow?
Kelsey - 8 dager siden
She was drinking Red Bull
Danny V
Danny V - 13 dager siden
mikie talking dutch = echt geweldig Nikkie you rock
Gülnur Hazal
Gülnur Hazal - 14 dager siden
Duuuuuude how did I miss this one until now!!?
Emma - 16 dager siden
Katie: I learned how to do makeup cause I needed to”
Me: I learned how to do makeup for school and special occasions. Oh wait, I don’t wear makeup.... why did I learn again?
Emma - 16 dager siden
Just noticed that your wearing an office shirt... AWESOME!!! Lol
Erica Folange
Erica Folange - 16 dager siden
Kazune - 24 dager siden
Cuteee im dutch to
jori.with.a Brush
jori.with.a Brush - 25 dager siden
This is my favorite collab EVER💕💕🌸
Raydrays 101
Raydrays 101 - 28 dager siden
I like how she went satan whatever when I have a baphomet tattoo on my forearms lmao
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki - Måned siden
I’m dead inside and outside
Pest Chan
Pest Chan - Måned siden
Holly Lou
Holly Lou - Måned siden
Can you stop trying - to like - di3? 😂
lina Guida
lina Guida - Måned siden
Dude look like a lady
Willow Cooper
Willow Cooper - Måned siden
Yassssssss! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the office.
Safdar Khan
Safdar Khan - Måned siden
a ghost 👻

mykie 2019
Em Leigh
Em Leigh - Måned siden
Alternate title: NikkieTutorials politely roasting Mykie for 19 minutes straight
Em Leigh
Em Leigh - Måned siden
“Kinda went south there” HAHAHAHA
Don't GetVAX
Don't GetVAX - Måned siden
Whats his real name, ijs a lil curious 🤔
I'm Sad TM
I'm Sad TM - Måned siden
Who's real name?
DelilahDaLlama - Måned siden
does anyone know where mykie got that jacket from?
Ella DiCaprio
Ella DiCaprio - Måned siden
Calling unannounced is weird?
I do it all the time-
merle - the - cat
merle - the - cat - Måned siden
“Look I’m touching her!”
People later in 2020: You’re *w h a t* that’s illegal
Dan Geddes II
Dan Geddes II - Måned siden
i don't watch nikkie but she's genuinely one of the coolest cutest most down-to-earth people i've seen on youtube... so enjoyable to watch. yes
Megalodon - Måned siden
17:31 Anthony questioning his life decisions
-Black and Blue -
-Black and Blue - - Måned siden
Anthony coming in at the end looking fricken beautiful, as always, and then Mykie turns around ~iconic~
Kaitlyn Trollinger
Kaitlyn Trollinger - Måned siden
Remember how people used to be able to do collabs without masks😭
White _flower
White _flower - Måned siden
anothy and mykie trying to hide the relashinop
Kelsey - Måned siden
They weren't hiding their relationship. They had already announced that they were dating.
ThatOneWhiteKnight - Måned siden
Goeie dag
Jillian the Lazy Potato
Jillian the Lazy Potato - Måned siden
Mykie:Christmas winter solstice sAtAn
Me:woah woah woah are we just gonna gloss over that ok I’m not judging but 😳😳
Pets pets pets!
Pets pets pets! - Måned siden
Katie is a MOOD
catey phillips
catey phillips - 2 måneder siden
this video reminds me of adults at a family gathering laughing after dinner
Art Geek
Art Geek - 2 måneder siden
**anthony in the background when his name is said** YAYYYYYYY!!!!
Dofly A
Dofly A - 2 måneder siden
I’m loving this collab they should do another one after corona
lions jaws
lions jaws - 2 måneder siden
sees them tuch : ahhh corona
MaReLiZe joubert
MaReLiZe joubert - 2 måneder siden
This language is so similar to mine😹😹 goeie dag (im south African BTW)
catey phillips
catey phillips - Måned siden