The Sound Conspiracy Theory That Might Be Real & Happening Right Now

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Glam&Gore - 2 måneder siden
A little additional info! If you listen to the ghost frequency in headphones, you will likely not be able to feel it unless they’re super high quality as most don’t have a frequency range that low. Even so, the waves aren’t affecting your entire body in the same way as listening outside of headphones. The quality of the speakers outside of headphones will determine if you’ll be able to feel it or not, too.
Also, seeing lots of people talk about feeling effects immediately AFTER listening, and nothing noticeably during. Anyone know what would cause that?
Erica Robin
Erica Robin - Dag siden
I instantly felt a sinking feeling in my chest when you played the clip.
cyn russell
cyn russell - 6 dager siden
i experienced nauseas, dizziness, lightheadedness, and anxiety after listening but nothing while listening. i can also still hear the screaming in the back of my head. kinda scared to go to sleep now 😬 i also have an intense migraine but i had a bit of a headache before the video
It’s Private
It’s Private - 12 dager siden
Glam&Gore I had immidiete diahrea after it stopped and I’ve been constipated lol tmi but maybe I’ve found the perfect solution for when I get constipated 😂 I’ll just watch your video haha
Dominique X
Dominique X - 16 dager siden
oh my god no lol. i have shitty amazon headphones that have been remarkably reliable for like 6 months+ now and i use them incessantly. i skipped the first time you played the ghost frequency, but listened on very low volume the 2nd time. My headphones (bluetooth) started to cut in and out and then disconnected altogether and then COULD NOT CONNECT TO ANY DEVICE for over 2 hours. I just got them working again. It seems like nothing but they have never ever done this before despite being pretty crap quality. And yeah I did get the panic response which felt oddly similar to the one I used to get at work!!!! IN THE SAME PLACE EVERY DAY WTIH NO EXPLANATION lol anyway i love this i love this series i love long videos and oh my god more ily
Paula R
Paula R - 19 dager siden
Girl I'm freaking out and I'm using cheap headphones, I can't imagine how would it feel if I listened to those audios outside. And I'm not from the USA, I'm feel so panicked and scared while watching the video and now I still feel so creepy
Aniya Cook
Aniya Cook - Time siden
I felt it with my headphones and literally wanted to die 😭🥺
Angelica Bean
Angelica Bean - 7 timer siden
I'm so glad that didn't happen when I was in Phoenix. I would not have slept for days after hearing that.
kate siefert
kate siefert - 10 timer siden
i’m from south jersey (about 15-30 mins from Philly) and i heard these noises and i heard them all through the night. i’ve never heard explosions from firework shows or anything else in Philly from before this. These sounds were so loud the woke me up scared my dogs and were not fireworks or atms exploding. never in my life have i heard these noises come from Philly until this year.
Kilian Forberg
Kilian Forberg - 10 timer siden
i could literally see sweat forming on my hands when she played the frequency
Shayna Cohen
Shayna Cohen - 13 timer siden
That sound made so anxious and I started to cry and now I’m super shakey
Shayna Cohen
Shayna Cohen - 14 timer siden
Please talk about simulation theory!!!!!!
Lee Suqs
Lee Suqs - 14 timer siden
I'm honestly shocked, i just got to this video and a while ago i was in my sisters room real late and we heard a noise similar to a scream but we were hanging so we ignored it. I was sick a whole week nauseous throwing up and no idea what was wrong with me. Everyone assumed I was sick and left me be til I recovered. I still have no idea what it was
StillDollSyndrome - 15 timer siden
I saw the scream video before this one and was convinced it was the steam valve. That banshee scream is chilling. Never heard of LRADS until this video and that changes things. This is crazy. Wow idk if I have a headache from the sounds or the new knowledge I've just received lol.
Edit: just got to the frequency part and I'm having immediate regrets not skipping. Wtf I had an extreme sinking feeling I had to pause the video and come back.
Heather Martin
Heather Martin - 18 timer siden
This is NOT new information. LRADs have been used for years in numerous situations...disrupt riots or unruly crowds or crowds that won't disperse and obviously, war, interrogation and torture. Intense sound and light aka Physiological warfare has been used thru ALL generations of time. If you don't want to experience it, remove yourself from the area. You're being really dramatic 🙄
everydayisrose - 19 timer siden
Super weird, but that sound activates my tinnitus and instead of being super sacred I feel super comforted
julianna judah
julianna judah - 22 timer siden
As soon as it started playing I felt as if I was going to throw up.
Naomi Biessels
Naomi Biessels - 23 timer siden
Please do these more often, more people need to know about this... btw I love your video’s so much!!
Mark Dudley
Mark Dudley - Dag siden
Im 35yo and I deff hear the "ghost frequency" with my JBL headphones on....How bout the BROWN note that makes peoples bowels uncontrollable...
Cheryl Browning
Cheryl Browning - Dag siden
Look on chills or nuke five they explain the whole thing it is some kind of a vapor release. You can actually see the steam release in the videos
Danielle White
Danielle White - Dag siden
During the first sound my eyes watered and my vison went slightly blurry
Rosemary Y
Rosemary Y - Dag siden
the second you played the ghost thing, my head and neck felt heavy, my eyes hurt terribly, and i felt week and actually snapped out of it he second I paused it
Carolina Campbell
Carolina Campbell - Dag siden
with the screams they used rain as a way to cover it up and say its a phenomenon or steam so no one gets caught
Courtney Szmergalski
Courtney Szmergalski - Dag siden
I thought i watched 20 minutes this was an hour!
Carolina Campbell
Carolina Campbell - Dag siden
anyone else felt anxious and sick after every sound or just me :0
kaylie andrade
kaylie andrade - 2 dager siden
becca halsey.
becca halsey. - 2 dager siden
My heart started racing out of nowhere when the infrasound started playing I got maybe 3 seconds in when they started playing the sound and my body felt tingly 😳 and I thought I was prepared for it😂
Lexifyification - 2 dager siden
During "the sound" I personally didn't feel anything, however, my kitten freaked right out.
Brianna Diane
Brianna Diane - 2 dager siden
I think the second is an Aztec Death Whistle
Brianna Diane
Brianna Diane - 2 dager siden
Update: I commented this before I finished the video
Tyree Jones
Tyree Jones - 2 dager siden
I got to 7:48 and i heard that too from Michigan
Bakuhoe Thotsuki
Bakuhoe Thotsuki - 2 dager siden
I havent watched this one yet... There was actually an ad wtf XD
monisa Douglas
monisa Douglas - 3 dager siden
I live in the Bronx and twice this month we also heard these boom sounds. And it was a lot right behind each other
Emily Hendrix
Emily Hendrix - 3 dager siden
heard these explosions in toledo, ohio last night
Pauline Jakob
Pauline Jakob - 3 dager siden
I got the the ad right when you said that there would be an ad.
Grace Henley
Grace Henley - 4 dager siden
I turned the volume up on my laptop and heard a little bit of something.
Rachael Cahill
Rachael Cahill - 4 dager siden
after watching this video I had sleep paralysis and 2 nightmares in the same night
Tara Plamondon
Tara Plamondon - 4 dager siden
I’ve never thought about how sounds can affect you so much until watching this, I used to walk my dog in the evenings around my parents acreage and there would occasionally be people driving around in their cars playing their music super loud but from far away you can just hear like the bass and I would just get absolutely terrified of this sound like it just sounded like a booming and I felt like someone was coming to hurt me? Or that I was just in danger and it was just bone chilling and I never understood why it made me felt like that
Karina Wallace
Karina Wallace - 4 dager siden
Man that ghost sound, it gave me anxiety afterwards. All of these sounds are seriously crazy.
Sierra Reyes
Sierra Reyes - 5 dager siden
Idk if this will be seen. Buttt I fell down the Mykie hole at 12 in the morning. But if I’m not mistaken this is actually the 2nd time I’ve heard about this. I’m 24 now and when I was roughly 13 or 14 one of our teachers was big on stuff that the military doesn’t actually tell you. And one of their students who had gone into the military, said that there was a laser/ cannon/ something. That was called like “ brown laser” or “code brown” bc the noise it emitted had frequencies that caused bowl movements/ along with GI problems . I remember him saying that they had started testing the new prototype. I haven’t thought about this In years and watching this made me remember.
Jennifer Addison
Jennifer Addison - 5 dager siden
Gülnur Hazal
Gülnur Hazal - 5 dager siden
Thank you.
Lil Turtleshell
Lil Turtleshell - 5 dager siden
It's weird because I live in Farmington New Mexico between both texas and Phoenix and I never heard anything🤔this leads me to think if it was in both places?? I'm so confused lol
Helena Black
Helena Black - 5 dager siden
Am I crazy? The ghost frequency was actually comforting to me.....*checks pulse*
Btw thank you for this video i'd never heard of any of this before
Leticia Arroyo
Leticia Arroyo - 5 dager siden
The first sound like shot gun shots the sceam one definitely sounds like a death whistle I guess they have a heat ray that they have used in Seattle this is just crazy shit
Zuzdoesmakeup - 5 dager siden
When she played the ghost frequency my body completely zoned out and i felt really heavy and as though i was in a car that was going really fast.